Buckets: Early picks for Michigan Mr. Basketball

Posted: June 26, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

I know it’s really early, but it’s the weekend. What else do you have to do? Let’s have some fun with the 2011 Michigan Mr. Basketball Award.

Here are my finalists:

1.) LaDontae Henton, Lansing Eastern: His numbers as a senior are going to be downright sinful. He’ll win it.

2.) TJ Buchanan, Kalamazoo Central: Just a great all-around player. He might be the most underrated player in the state based on his ability to affect the outcome of games with stops and points.

3.) Brandan Kearney, Detroit Southeastern: Odd that his name had more currency in this state two years ago. Going to MSU certainly helps his chances.

4.) Carlton Brundidge, Southfield: A shooting guard (meant to be a point guard) who is probably more 6-1 than 6-2. Brundidge has been a beast this summer on the AAU circuit. He will be a physical presence in the backcourt at UM.

5.) D’Waun Anderson, Suttons Bay: He will have the numbers, the Youtube clips and the MSU backing to get him in the top 5. An “up north” Mr. Basketball would be unique.

Dark horses: Jordan Myrick (Holland West-Ottawa), Jaylen Magee (Flint Northwestern) and Dante Williams (Ann Arbor Huron).

Editor’s note: Save your e-mails about why I left out Amir Williams and Percy Gibson. I think BCAM voters will probably put a moratorium on big stiffs for a few years after the Derrick Nix debacle.

  1. Coach RG says:

    Dante Williams is a stud

  2. jblack says:

    What about Tommie McCune from Saginaw? Coach Dawkins will do everything he can to showcase his star player.

    • TBuford1 says:

      I have played with tommie mccune in a couple open gyms around the Saginaw Area I believe he has the size and potential. But his ego and nonchalant shooting habits plays a FACTOR in his basketball future.

      • Jared Field says:

        McCune has size and potential. I expect to see him at the JUCO level to start.

      • TBuford1 says:

        However if he has a strong senior year he might make D1 like Prairie View or somewhere like that!
        But JUCO is best to learn and grow!

        Thanks for the email also

      • Jared Field says:

        One cannot make D-1 without the grades. Well, unless you’re really good and in the Detroit Public Schools.

      • TBuford1 says:

        Absolutely Correct!
        My buddy from SVSU Tevon Conrad prepped at Pershing and was being recruited by MSU and fell out of that category! But turned out to be good at offensive tackle

      • Hoopsguru says:

        I agree 500% – I have not played with him but have watched / observed him and he seems like one cocky /non-chalant kid.

  3. gregjohnson says:

    I know you like Jaylen Magee and your a Flint guy and all……but; he doesn’t stand a chance to make the top 10 on that list. I’m a Flint first guy too….but let’s keep it real.

  4. gregjohnson says:

    G.Cosey…..you just showed your ignorance. What a shame. If you disagree that is fine, we are all entitled to our opinions. J. Magee is a talented young man and probably the best in county but in my opinion not a top 10 Senior in the state. Keep you ingnorant street language on the street!

    • TBuford1 says:

      I totally agree! Just because you are good in the CITY doesnt mean this stands true for the whole state. State wise I believe no city player will impact hs basketball as a senior besides PLP(Pat) and he still has alot of growing up to do! as well as G Cosey for his rude comment. I just hope thats not the G Cosey who scored 45 points in the Bruin Classic! If is that just shows the city basketball maturity level and why only one person went D1 from the city in 2010!

  5. P. Hayes says:

    Provided Jay doesn’t frequently see officiating like he did last season in Goodrich he’ll be just fine and put up big numbers.

    • Jared Field says:

      Yeah. Totally agree. I see him as a 20+ ppg kid with major team upside.

      He has the work ethic, too.

      • TBuford1 says:

        Hey Mr. Field I emailed you!

      • gregjohnson says:

        Hey, just spoke to Jaylen and Cyrus, (at SWA during summer ball) both of them attended the “Elite” camp at SVSU. (You created a separate article about) Both of them said it was WEAK. They couldn’t even name another top prep prospect in attendance. I know your trying to prove a point with that special news bulletin article. Give all the facts. They are great kids and very good athletes, I wish them all they deserve. Just don’t think Jaylen is top 10 in the state.

      • Jared Field says:

        A Flint kid was named MVP at a camp at SVSU. I wrote one paragraph about it.

        Get a grip.

        I guess the inference is that Jaylen couldn’t win MVP of a camp with good players.

  6. SBell says:

    The funny thing is, Anderson probably won’t have the #s that some would expect. He is the most talented player in the class and playing Class C in Northern Michigan, but doesn’t shoot enough to be a 30 ppg scorer.

    • muthguy1 says:

      Thank you for starting the discussion. I love LaDontae’s game, so it’s hard for me to be objective.

      These all are good players, but I’m hoping LaDontae can take the individual title and maybe even get Eastern past the regional this year.

      I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone as strong as LaDontae with as soft a touch around the basket before.

  7. Roland says:


  8. TBuford1 says:


    This list should serve as performance booster, as yu see there are no flint athletes posted. With that said this should give them/you the jumostart to take your game to the next level! Mr Basketball is judged on your senior year 20 Games Regular Season. If you want to make your basketball resume’ a notch better! SCORE more Pass Efficiently Crash Boards and keep a level head!

    If you really got talent whats hard about scoring 7-10 points a quarter while dishing 3 assists a quarter and rebounding both offensively and defensively AT LEAST 2 A PIECE each quarter! Consistently all season

    In the end yu will have at least 28 points 12 assists and 8-16 rebounds! Now thats D1 stats andMr Basketball potential!

  9. ITK says:

    Jared, you’ve seen McCune’s report card? How do you figure he won’t qualify?

  10. sp says:

    Amir Williams a big stiff??? The kid has an offer from Duke and is one of the top bigs in the country. Have you seen him play this spring in AAU? He absolutely dominated Zach Price (Louisville committ) and All Ohio Red 17’s at King James.

    Also Jalen McGee doesn’t even get playing time for the Mustangs when they have their team there. He can score but you could put 20 guards from 2011 on next years NW team and they would look just as good if not better.

    I would say Brundrigde (numbers, UM) Buckets, (Numbers, Winner), Amir (best prospect), Duwan Anderson (numbers, msu) and Tommie McCune (great program, big name, hype job by staff) will probably be the top 5.

    If Amir commits to MSU then I believe that he might win it.

    You could put about 10 others players on the bottom of this list that are talented enough to be on it, but won’t get the votes, (TJ Bucanan, Dante Williams, Jalen Reynolds, Brandon Kearney, PLP, and other big number guys like Juwan Moody, George Goodman, Jalen Mcgee, etc.)

    Just my opinion


    • Jared Field says:

      Who plays and how much with respect to the Mustangs means absolutely nothing to me. The next time they dole out playing time based on merit will be the first time.

      As for Williams, he is a GREAT prospect because of his size and build. That being said, more often than not these bigs aren’t all too skilled in high school. It’s much harder for them to win this award. Keep in mind that DaShonte Riley had offers from big schools all over the country, and he was W-E-A-K.

      In the past 15 years, there have been two centers who have won this award. That’s counting Nix, arguably the worst Mr. Basketball winner in the award’s history. The other went to Paul Davis, who was way more skilled than Amir Williams — even though the award that year should have gone to Anthony Roberson.

      • Ty says:

        Alright, I have to chime in. I’ve seen Amir Williams play several times and he is definately a lot better than DeShonte Riley. Skill wise, effort, intangibles, everything. No comparison. From what I saw, he is more of a player than just a prospect.

        By the way, Roberson should have won Mr. Basketball that year. I think Paul Davis had a good summer and that kind of pushed him over the top with all the hype he had.

      • Alphonso says:

        Nix winning the award has something to do with the lack of talent in Michigan’s 2009 class.

        Amir Williams is no where near as skilled as Riley he just has a little bit better motor.

      • Jared Field says:

        Why didn’t Nix win Mr. PSL?

        Also, Riley is among the most overrated high school players I’ve ever covered. I remember watching him score seven points against a very average team in Davison whose biggest guy was 6-4 and 165 pounds. It was just pathetic.

      • Alphonso says:

        Instead of asking why Nix didn’t win Mr. PSL perhaps you should ask your BCAM members why they didn’t have DeAngelo Hailey on the Mr. Basketball ballot.

        Riley’s better than you’re overrated non-playing Herzog.

      • Jared Field says:

        Who said anything about Tom Herzog? Riley wasn’t better in high school than Herzog, that’s for sure.

      • Marcellus Miller says:

        Coached against Riley and Williams (twice). First play of the game against a team where we started a 6’3″ players at Riley has his shot pinned to the glass by the “power forward” who was 6’0″. He also had less than 10 points for the game. Williams is better than Riley, but let’s not make him great yet. I believe he had 12 against a team where no big has even signed to a JUCO, let alone Duke.

  11. Gavin Raath says:

    I think Brandon Kearney will win it. MSU, PSL and better than people think.

    Amir WIlliams is the most talented guy in the class, by a good margin, but I don’t like seeing the award go to bigs.

    Jalen Reynolds may be a potential pick.

    Dwuan is a sick athlete, but he can’t hit and takes too many shots to prove it.

    Henton will be the biggest competition for Kearney, and he’s a safe pick.

    I’ve never seen anyone work harder than Magee. I wouldn’t be surprised by seeing his name in there.

    Carlton didn’t impress me this year, but I guess he’s been tearing it up this spring. He may not be a good fit for HS ball.

    McCune has a ridiculous amount of talent, but doesn’t appear to take the game seriously.

    George Goodman is a GREAT dark horse pick. That kid can light it up. I would love to see he and Magee get some votes.

    I’m surprised by no PLP love, but I saw enough of him last year to realize he is not on a Mr. Basketball track.

    Lots of talented bigs in this class beside Amir, like Gary Cooper, Ben Lanning and Trey MacDonald. I’d like to see their names added to the convo.

    Love TJ Buchanan, but not sure if he’s Mr B material. That kid is a worker.

    Dante Williams is definitely in the convo. Sick, sick, sick. Where is he playing travel ball?

    I still think Jordan Myrick is the state’s best point guard — he’s just so small.

    Two shooters in Matt Poches and Kody Chandler will put up numbers that deserve attention.

    • Hoopsguru says:


      You confused me – first you said (with respect to Williams) “I do not like seeing the award go to Bigs.” Then later on you said “Lots of talented bigs in this class beside Amir, like Gary Cooper, Ben Lanning and Trey MacDonald. I’d like to see their names added to the convo.”

      Why do you not like to see the award go to a Big?

      If you do not like seeing the award go to a big, why do you want the other bigs names added to the conversation?

    • SBell says:

      Anderson can hit (6-of-7 3s in quarterfinals) and doesn’t take too many shots if you look at a legit sample size. Most of the season he rarely shoots after the first quarter. His coach is son of BCAM president, so that doesn’t hurt his cause.

      No way BK wins it, he’s never put up stats. Would be surprised if he makes the ballot, knowing who does the ballot.

      Myrick plays at a school that has never won a district and is going to CMU, so rightly or wrongly he won’t be on ballot.

      Reynolds is a legit sleeper. He could end up the best player in the class.

      Cooper isn’t because few have heard of him and now their new coach plays Grinnell-style offense.

      Dante is playing for Dorian’s Pride.

  12. Ty says:

    I was a Carlton Brundrigde basher and I saw him play in H.S. and was not impressed. But after watching some clips of him on ESPN and on the internet, I have to stay he is a player and I kind of agree with Mr. Raath.

    • Jared Field says:

      I differ on Brundidge. I think his best days will be over after AAU. I just don’t see him as a position player in college.

      And don’t get me wrong with respect to Williams. He is better than both Kirk and Riley.

      Buchanan is going to be a flat-out stud this year. I thought he was better than Oliver this past season and he was a Mr. B finalist.

      I’d take Myrick over PLP any day.

  13. Gavin Raath says:

    I think those guys deserve press. Everyone talks about Percy Gibson and Amir Williams, but those guys may be just as good or close. I would just like to see them get some ink.

    I should rephrase that bigs statement. I don’t like seeing tall guys win the award. They have such a genetic advantage that to dominate their position may not even require skill or effort. I’ve seen it a hundred times. Most of Amir’s opponents will be 6’4″ so he better average 25 and 10 or better. Now at guard, everyone is roughly the same size so skill and athleticism [which is enhanced with work] become the factor. It’s hard to find productive guards that don’t work, but I see it all the time with bigs.

  14. SBell says:

    Counterpoint: Bigs by definition work hard, since they have to run end-to-end every time. Most high school coaches are former guards and don’t like to take the time to work with big men and don’t incorporate them into the offense (the sad thing is they don’t really prepare the guards for the next level either, think of all the 5-10 shooters putting up high scool #s who we’ll never hear from again). Big have to work hard to get points because often plays aren’t run for them and guards ignore them. If you hate bad basketball, 99% of that is on the guards, they’re the ones controlling the games. Bigs are just innocent bystanders to the selfishness and bs of the guard play. Aesthetically, high school big men aren’t the most appealing, but if you want to play basketball the right way they have to be involved. In Michigan especially we should be appreciative of our bigs, in the end they usually turn out being the best we’ve got — Webber, Haywood, DeBusschere, Harding, Daniels, Kaman.

    • SBell says:

      Addendum, not to say there aren’t a lot of lazy bigs who are only out there because they’re tall (to quote our 6-5 P45 PF last year, ‘I’m not afraid of 7-footers anymore’), just meant the guys who actually want to play.

    • Hoopsguru says:

      Wow – that was well said and so true. They are the only ones running base-line to base-line

  15. Alphonso says:

    Nix only got to half court because Pershing’s offensive machine got up and down the court and scored at the blink of an eye. I don’t know of a big in high school that could keep up with that pace. oh wait you’ll say Luke Sorenson. lol

  16. B Easy says:

    Good one Alphonso…you clown…come harder than that. Atleast J Fields was witty.

  17. Alphonso says:

    Rather be right than witty

  18. Brandon Hill says:

    Jay Magee would get my vote, That’s my boy and he works hard and deserves RESPECT. Even though he plays little minutes with Mustangs he is maybe the most skilled player on the team, And hardest worker.

  19. KJ says:

    Aphonso, do you have any children who play high school or aau basketball? what is your problem with the bigs in this league ?l

    • LJ says:

      Dante Williams has got to be in the top 5 for the state. He is definitely a Big Time player. He lit it up at Finals weekend at the Breslin. To be 6’6″ at the high school and be able shoot as well as he does is not something you see very often.

      • Jared Field says:

        He is certainly top 10 in my mind.

      • LJ says:

        Well Dante didn’t even make 10th team All-State on Stephen Bells list.

      • Jared Field says:

        I understand Steve’s concern with his lack of strength. Having said that, I watched him twice in one week and he looked extremely impressive both times.

      • LJ says:

        Yes your right he strength definitely needs work. Him and the River Rats will be exciting to watch next year, they return almost all of their best players and in my opinion are the favorites in Class A next year. By the way what colleges are interested in Dante? It seems that he should be getting D1 looks.

    • Alphonso says:

      no problem at all. you got kids that need some hype?

  20. Ricky says:

    Dante Williams is an absolute stud. Anybody who saw him play at the Breslin knows that he is capable of anything at 6’6″: Three-point shooting, Blocking shots, dribble penetrarion, he can do it all. He may be a little underweight but he is a “Big Time” player and his a major sleeper. It might be hard for him to gain a lot of attention because Huron’s AJ Matthew \

  21. waddman says:

    I am not sure if I post my message in the correct place but oh well. I am responding to people talking about no talent being at the SVSU camp. Do any of you know how difficult it is to get players to exposure events? I am speaking about players who are recruit able at the D1 level.. Too many people are in kids ears telling them they are better than they are. Then you add cost to the equation and it’s out of control. Add in how colleges recruit and wow. Players work on your game. Grab the 5 Star or Better Basketball workouts and live in the gym getting better. But that is not enough. Visit a few schools and play at their open gyms, and send out a resume. It’s crazy reading about players who can’t play thinking they should be recruited.

  22. […] a team with state title aspirations that also includes Dayton commit Percy Gibson. Kearney also has a shot at this year’s Mr. Basketball award, which is wide open right now with a lot of potential […]

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