Great line from arguably the greatest big man of all time

Posted: July 8, 2010 by Jared Field in Professional

I was reading Coach Steve Finamore’s blog today and I came across his ranking of the top 10 Boston Celtics of all time. I was struck by his abstract regarding Bill Russell, arguably the greatest big man in basketball history.

From Coach’s Chronicle:

One of the greatest center’s of all-time, right? He won 11 championship rings as a player. He also won in college. He was 10-0 in Game 7′s. Explain this one: In 1958 and 1961 he was voted Most Valuable Player but failed to make 1st team all-league?  Great defender, great rebounder, great team guy. I once heard him tell Jim Rome, please don’t introduce me as a Hall of Famer, introduce me as the former captain of the Boston Celtics.” Being the captain of the C’s obviously was more important to Russ than being in the Hall of Fame.

Bill Russell had one thing figured out that so many young players never do: Basketball is a team game, and not all about personal accolades. I know well a young player of promise in Mid-Michigan who has the physical talent to be a great player — a division one player; he, however, has failed to understand what the game is all about. He only cares about his statistics and “getting his” on the court. I was overheard him bragging about scoring 40 points in a game that his team lost by 30. It’s a mindset that’s taking him nowhere, and fast.

Coaches coach teams first, individuals second. Be about your team, win games and you’ll get noticed.

    • muthguy1 says:

      It’s interesting to see how human nature and character can shape the result of developing athletic ability.

  1. ddawkins says:

    This is just like LeBron, or Dwade. They would rather be known as winners on a great team other than just being the ‘MAN’ on their own teams.

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