Flint C-A’s Anton Wilson gets first high-major offer

Posted: July 29, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

Anton Wilson, a 6-5 junior-to-be swingman at Flint Carman-Ainsworth, has earned his first high-major offer from Baylor University in the Big 12. Wilson, a long and wiry scorer/shooter, has had a solid AAU spring and summer and will probably land some high-major offers closer to home in the coming months.

Before Baylor, Wilson already had offers from Cleveland State, Central Michigan and Rhode Island.

  1. REaL TALK says:

    Man fuck tick bro real talk

  2. Ty says:

    Is he better than Hawkins or do they have similar games?

    • P. Hayes says:

      Not as explosive or polished as Hawkins yet.

      • Jared Field says:

        I’d say he’s as polished as Hawkins, but only because Hawkins isn’t particularly polished yet.

      • P. Hayes says:

        It’s hard to gauge “polish.” I guess I’m basing it on the few times I’ve seen them over the summer, Hawkins seemed to be a bit stronger putting it on the floor than Anton.

        And both played on really veteran HS teams — Hawkins with O’Brien, Sanders, PLP as the primary options and Wilson with Cosey, Chapman, Larry. This season should tell a lot, as both teams will need them to become primary offensive options.

      • Marcellus Miller says:

        I am a fan of both having coached them both the last couple summers in CANUSA and watching them play over the years. Anton is a more pure shooter, while Hawk is a better attacker and defender, especially from the help side. Both are good athletes, but Hawk is a bit more athletic and stronger. Both have frames that can and will eventually put on weight and miscle as well. They will lead the charge to put the real Division I buzz back into the city hoop scene.

  3. Marcellus Miller says:

    Anton’s mental grasp of the game is extremely high as well.

    • lmao says:

      @Marcellus Im from flint but moved i try to keep up wit flint HS sports but i read about it alot to keep up wit whats going on..It seems to me that Anton & Hawkins & Burnett are the same type of players…I kno u have watched each players..Can u brake down each players GOODS and BADS 4 me…THANKS!!

      • Marcellus Miller says:

        Those three players are very similar in their games. The most glaring difference is that Hawkins and Wilson have 2 more years of growth in high school ball, whereas Burnett will be a senior. That is likely why Hawkins’ and Wilson’s ranks are so high based on potential. Here they are in my view:

        Good- Athleticism, outside shooting, defense (especially help side), work ethic outside of practice/games, straight-line attack ability, rebounder, runs floor, good finisher at the rim, high ceiling

        Improvment areas- Decision-making (primarily shot selection especially he won’t have the same top notch talent around him this year), ball-handling (handles well, but dribbles a bit high and that should ALWAYS be worked on for the next level), shooting on the move, on ball defense, breakdown moves off the dribble, strength

        Good- surprisingly good outside shot, can score many ways, decent handle, pull up jumper has been consistently improving, decent rebounder, runs the floor well, straight-line attack, good finisher

        Improvment areas- still transitioning to guard position (after playing in the post at Hamady), handles (see above), dribble attack, shooting (needs more consistency), decision-making, hustle, defense, strength

        Good- best shooter of the three, better athlete than one might think, patient, high basketball IQ, humble, fits into team framework/unselfish (good and bad sometimes more below)

        Improvement areas- strength, finishing at the rim, leadership/selfishness (meaning learning to control game when necessary and take over), attacking the basket, on ball defense, ball-handling, “dawg” (just being purely aggressive, ya know?)

        -As you can see, all three have many similarities and are all very good.

  4. SBell says:

    Because he’s pretty smooth and likes to shoot, I think Hawkins is underrated athletically, he can do some freaky stuff around the rim.

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