In with the new: Mott Community College’s 2010 class

Posted: September 9, 2010 by Jared Field in College

FLINT, Michigan — The incoming freshmen class didn’t have to be spectacular to keep Mott Community College among the elite JUCO programs in the country. The Bears went 17-1 in conference (26-4 overall) and won the state championship last season with a freshmen-laden squad. The Bears eventually lost at the buzzer in the semifinals of the regional tournament by a point. It was the 15th straight season of 25 or more wins for the program, but that’s not enough for the average spoiled Mott fans — they want more titles.

This year, Mott’s highest impact players will primarily be sophomores, but not for lack of talent in this class. Hall-of-fame head coach Steve Schmidt has once again ushered in a solid group of prospects for 2010-2011.

The Mott freshmen:

Walter Davis, 6-4 g/f Memphis (TN) Southwind High School: Long and lean jumper with an improving perimeter game. Davis is active on defense and runs the floor with speed and athleticism. He spent most of his high school career as a frontline player, but he has shown an ability to knock down mid-range jumpshots since coming to Mott. He’s an exceptionally quick jumper, which should translate to rebounds. Davis could mirror the hybrid guard/forward role that sophomore TJ Cameron played last season for Mott.

Brandon Wright, 6-5 g/f – Memphis (TN) Hillcrest High School: An all-region performer and consensus top 20 player in basketball-rich Memphis, Wright is a smooth scorer who won’t overwhelm you with athleticism. Deceptively quick with great touch in traffic, Wright should be able to play multiple positions at Mott. Once he gets in basketball shape, I expect him to be competing for starter’s minutes as a freshman.

Joemar Black, 6-3 guard – Flint Northern High School: A known commodity in Flint for several years, Black played at Northern for three years and Mount Zion in Raleigh, North Carolina, during his season season. Black was considered among the top players at the Elite 75 camp in North Carolina last year. He is exceptionally athletic and will compliment Davis as a transition scorer. Black has tremendous upside as an on-the-ball defender as well. In 2009, an ESPN recruiting analyst called Black a potential “steal” for a mid-major IF he can develop a reliable jumpshot. That’s a big “IF,” of course.

Robert Littlejohn, 6-8 Forward – Memphis (TN) Mitchell High School: Littlejohn is Mott’s tallest player, but he’s somewhat nimble for his size and shouldn’t slow the Bears’ tempo much. He will be counted on to take some defensive pressure off the Bears top returning player, 6-6 sophomore forward Mike Brigham. He was ranked as one of the top 40 seniors in the state of Tennessee last season.

Jamal Dantzler, 6-3 guard – Chicago (IL) Von Steuben High School: Dantzler is a quiet playmaker who is at his best slashing to the basket. He has a prototype build for a shooting guard. Dantzler was recruited by smaller-level D-1 schools and projects to be an impact player as a freshman for the Bears. Dantzler graduated from Von Steuben, the alma mater of Mott’s former national player of the year and two-time national champion winner, Jeremie Simmons.

Darryl “Boo” Marshall, 5-9 point guard – Memphis (TN) Ridgeway High School: An all-tournament performer as a senior and considered to be one of the best pure point guards in Memphis, Marshall led his team on a collision course with Joe Jackson (McDonald’s All-American and Memphis commit) and White Station last season. After dusting WS in the regular season, Williams’ team lost by a point after a pair of Jackson free throws. Marshall is a unique player at the JUCO level. He’s a pass-first point guard which, at this level, is an endangered species. He is the consummate team player and probably the best-prepared to contribute early of this class. Marshall will challenge sophomores Demetrius Miller, Sam Burton and Marshawn Norris for a starting guard spot. I think he’s that good.

Laron Rodgers, 6-3 g/f – Romulus High School via Western Wyoming CC: Rodgers, the only transfer on this year’s team, comes by way of Western Wyoming where he averaged nine points per game as a freshman. Rodgers comes from one of the top high school programs in Michigan and should fill out the roster nicely with his strength and energy on the defensive end. He might be the strongest player on the team in the weight room, but seems to lack the offensive polish of some of his teammates. He can, at times, be wildly explosive to the basket.

* The final roster usually includes a local walk-on or two, but I will leave that for later.

  1. fatman says:

    Mott=Memphis? I guess that is what passes for “community” college hoopers at Mott.

    • Jared Field says:

      Funny how I’ve never heard anyone complain about players from other states being recruited by our state colleges.

      Please enlighten us with the difference.

      • fatman says:

        Oh I’m sorry, they did take a local guy. I must have missed that.

      • Jared Field says:

        Shoot. I thought you might share something profound about the difference between Mott getting players from outside the local area and state universities recruiting outside of their respective states. Should I keep waiting, or are you going to punt this one?

  2. Hoopsguru says:

    I think he is just making a play / joke on the name of the college – Mott “Community” College. Community meaning local.

    • lmao says:


      • P. Hayes says:


        I assume you are talking about tax money going to the public community college (although I tend to believe that people who type in all caps and use multiple explanation points are probably not contributing much in the form of paying taxes).

        First of all, Mott’s basketball program brings in revenue for the college. Yeah, they give out scholarships to athletes, but I would guess the money the program brings in covers a good portion of what those scholly’s cost.

        Your tax money (assuming you pay taxes, and as I said above, I’m not assuming you do) goes for things like professors, facilities, security, maintenance, technology, support staff … you know, education costs. Remember education? The whole point of having a college?

        Mott has built its basketball program into a respected national program. Anyone who can’t see that that is a very good thing for the Flint community is not really smart.

      • Jared Field says:

        Again, our “state” universities are funded by state taxpayers. Do you also have a problem with UM, MSU, WMU, EMU, CMU, UDM, etc. recruiting out-of-state players? If you do, then fine. I take your point.

      • P. Hayes says:

        Alright, I admit, that was out of line on my part. That was unnecessary, so I apologize for that.

        But I still disagree with your view on this. As has been pointed out by others, if you pay taxes, your taxes go to every public college in the state, not just Mott. No one is clamoring for those colleges to only take their local kids. I don’t know how interested Mott was in any local Flint area seniors this year. I know some (Cosey, Marcus Tucker, Travon Mitchell) all had invites to come in for open gyms, and all of them decided to take opportunities at other colleges. Great for them, they are nice kids and good players and will do well.

        I think it’s a mistake for everyone to assume that every Flint player wants to play at Mott. There are a lot of Flint players who would like to get out of Flint and experience college.

        Mott’s program benefits Flint kids even if they don’t play there. There are many, many players who have grown up going to Mott’s camps. Former Mott players like Lamar Rice and Kevin Tiggs, who are now professional players, come back and work out with Flint kids all summer. Mott winning three national titles brought really positive attention to the Flint area.

    • flinthooper22 says:

      yeah I dnt think he actually had a bone to pick with Mott just was throwing in some irony lol

      • lmao says:


  3. HoopDreams says:

    I guess the biggest question I need answered is how did mott end up with all this out of state talent? My guess is because (I also heard through sources) EVERY SINGLE top player (who had to go juco) in the state who they recruited didnt want to play at mott.

    • Jared Field says:

      Who are these top players?

      They missed out on Derrick Barden, who opted to go to Texas.

      Do you have any more names? Ask your sources and get back with me.

      • Hoop Dreams says:

        Well lets see…Matthew Hunter-Det. Henry Ford, Dimitri Abner n Kendrick Ward-Academy of Oak Park, Barden n Brandon Williams-Det. Denby, Travon Mitchell-F. Northwestern Just to name a few. Every single one of those kids had offers from mott!

      • Jared Field says:

        Mott lost Barden to a school in Texas. It happens. Brandon Williams was not in the picture, to my knowledge.

        Abner is a very nice athlete, but looked pretty average in the open gym I saw him in. I don’t know the level of interest in Abner, but he wasn’t near the top of the list — neither was his teammate. I can assure you that neither is better than Joemar Black or Walter Davis.

        I like Travon Mitchell a lot and I know him pretty well. He was not a Mott recruit and for you to use his name in this manner is dishonest. He was invited to some open gyms and that’s the extent of it. He was not offered a scholarship. Check your “sources” again.

        And, if you want to know the truth, I actually encouraged Coach Schmidt to look at Mitchell.

  4. Theshow says:

    Well I bet all these freshmen cats make some noise this year. Just watch.

    • Hoop Dreams says:

      I know for a fact all of the kids mentioned above were offered by mott with the exception of Mitchell, I had heard that but wasnt for sure. He got the other kids from out of state when these group of kids decided not to come. There wasnt a chance Barden was even considering mott or any juco in the state either. I have some pretty reliable sources. From what I gather you just go to their open gyms and dont really ever know who gets offered until you see them on campus come fall or when someone involved with that program informs you.

      • Jared Field says:

        If Barden had no intention of going to an in-state JUCO, why did he come on the visit? And the fact that he wanted to play out of state, how does that reflect poorly on Mott’s ability to recruit? Find me a JUCO anywhere in the Midwest that wins more or recruits better than Mott.

        Here are the facts: Mott never offered Mitchell. Mott neither recruited nor offered Hunter. Abner, who was offered initially, had his offer pulled because he wanted a package deal with a teammate. Mott never recruited or offered Brandon Williams.

        I guess I don’t understand your point. Memphis is a basketball hotbed no different than Detroit. How do you know these players aren’t actually better than the guys you mentioned?

        I also know that Mott hosted WMU transfer Austin Harper and declined to offer him a scholarship. That’s a pretty good player who wanted to come to Mott and was passed on. He’ll probably be the best player Glen Oaks has ever had.

        Again, I guess I don’t understand your point. Coach Schmidt offered these kids from Memphis because they’re good. In addition, he must think they will compliment the six returning freshmen from last season. I’ve seen all the guys that we’re discussing — you haven’t. I’m not sure that qualifies you as knowledgeable.

  5. Hoopsguru says:

    Question about Mott recruits. The young men from distant states that Mott recruits and gives scholarships to – where do they live when going to Mott? JUCOs normally do not have residence halls and meal plans etc – so where do they stay? Do they receieve a lodging / food stipend. Just curious how this part of JUCO ball works.

    • Jared Field says:

      I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on this, but I do know that Mott has lost numerous recruits over the years to JUCOs that do have dorms and can offer a lot more. That’s just life. What Mott does offer is a very good college experience and one of the best programs in the country for basketball.

      Historically, Mott has gotten its recruits from Michigan — almost expressly. In the last three or four seasons, they’ve recruited less from the Flint area and more from Detroit (long a breeding ground for talent) and Chicago (Johnson, Simmons, Drake, Dantzler, Smith, etc.)

      They’ve also had a few players from elsewhere out of state: New York, Washington D.C, Indiana and Ohio.

      The sad fact, for me at least, is this: Basketball talent in Flint has been lackluster at best over the last few years. It’s not like it used to be. And it’s not just talent, either. It’s a lack of discipline and coachability as well. I think things in Flint are starting to turn, basketball-wise, so we should see more locals in the coming years.

    • Hoop Dreams says:

      Let me start by saying this…I have never questioned motts ability to recruit or what they have done as a program! I just put in my two sense becuase others were talking about mott getting out of state kids. From my own experience with the juco level and from kids and reliable sources that kids dont want to play for mott/schmidt and what they have done in the past doesnt mean what it used to. When the players at mott are telling kids not to come, there is something very wrong. Also, when kids want to leave and wont be released there is something wrong with that as well.

      Barden simply visited because of the people that was around him and of course just to see what all the “hype” was about up there. Kids visit schools just for the experience with no intentions a lot of the times.

      I said you were probably right about mitchell because I had heard that through the great vine. I know for a fact that schmidt wanted/offered hunter, so there is no arguing with me about that one. If brandon williams wasnt recruited or offered why was he at an open gym? kinda weird dont you think.

      My point is that mott/schmidt has to recruit outside the state because kids dont want to play their anymore. Once again the kids he has now might be better than the ones mentioned or maybe better than the ones in flint but he has to go recruit further than usual because their history doesnt mean much in this day and age.

      I can assure you that my stuff is quite accurate and very knowledgeable Mr. Field. I think what you do for that program is great, but I think sometimes you should let the kids prove something before you hype them up. And when someone kick the snot out of them (@ henry ford) give that team credit instead of making excuses.

      • Jared Field says:

        I don’t make excuses for Mott. Never have. They got their tails kicked on the road at HFCC last year and I wrote as much. In fact, I wrote that I thought they’d lose to them again! That doesn’t sound like an excuse.

        Further, I think anyone who’s honest would agree that I know as much or more about Mott’s program than anyone on or off this board. It’s my hometown program. I don’t just post assumptions about players. I, for instance, wouldn’t pretend to know for certain that a player was offered a scholarship only to post an hour later that I’m no longer sure (Travon Mitchell). I will leave that to “insiders” such as yourself.

        I know for a fact that Hunter was not offered, and I know more about the program than you do. That’s not me trying to be haughty, either; I can tell that you know basketball in your area. I’m just stating a fact.

        Mott doesn’t have to recruit out-of-state. When they won their back-to-back titles a couple years back, he did it with primarily in-state kids. Coach Schmidt chooses to recruit wherever he thinks he can get talented players who fit the program. This year’s starting lineup, in my opinion, will look something like this:

        Miller (Michigan)
        Norris (Michigan)
        Burton (Michigan)
        Anderson (Michigan)
        Brigham (Illinois)

        Last year the starting five consisted of FIVE in-state players.

        Look at the rosters of the top JUCO programs across the country. They have guys from all over the place. Is that a reflection of their inability to recruit in their own state? Of course not.

  6. sp says:

    Should be a very interesting year this year for mccaa hoops. Mott has a solid recruiting class as well as Delta, St. Clair and Henry Ford.

    Jared, what are you’re predictions for the Eastern conference this year? St. Clair is coming off the best season in a while, and Mott and Henry Ford have a lot of talent returning? Or do you see an upstart program like Delta making any noise?

    • Jared Field says:

      St. Clair will be decent, but I’d be shocked to see them get back to the national tournament. I think Delta will be the surprise team in the MCCAA. Mott has the most talent, and I think Henry Ford has the most to prove. They lost a lot of good players.

      • flinthoops22 says:

        ehhhh idk . Iwas at an open gym of theirs back in july . Best player by far was aj from heritage. They’ll be a decent team but im sure about surprise

      • Jared Field says:

        Being a decent team, honestly, is a surprise at Delta. They haven’t been able to get recruits the caliber of AJ Thomas since I’ve been covering JUCO. This might be their chance to turn a corner.

  7. JucoJunkie says:

    Every community college/junior college that wants to be competitive will try to recruit the best players they can, either locally or from outside the immediate area. Lots of young student-athletes, each with their own unique situation. Mott has built a great program and set the standard for other schools to try to follow. I’m an SC4 fan and I think they’ll have another good season, but Mott has to be the favorite going into the season based on the talent they have coming back from last year and also Coach Schmidt.

  8. Flintdog says:

    I’d say Mott has the most to prove because Field talks about them so much but they’ve struggled in the playoffs the last two years.

    • Jared Field says:

      I suppose, since I live in Flint, I should probably talk about Alpena or Glen Oaks. How does that sound?

      For Mott, it has been a struggle: A loss in the regional finals and a loss in the regional semis. State championships in both the last two seasons. 25-30 wins.

      Since that’s a struggle for them, I guess that’s why they get the most ink. For most any other program, that would be pretty good. Wouldn’t you agree? Mott has set the bar so high that what happened the last two years have become disappointments.

      Let’s face facts: The only other program in Michigan that really hangs with Mott, at least during the last two seasons, has been Henry Ford. I mean, St. Clair made it to nationals without beating Mott. The two times they played Mott during the season they were handled rather easily.

      • Flintdog says:

        I’m saying Mott has the most to prove and I’ll also say HFCC did a great job of replacing their talented players. They also have the best juco player in Michigan. Ever hear of Jamie Stewart?

      • Jared Field says:

        Jamie is an excellent player. I think it’s a toss-up about him being the best player in the state. I think college coaches might vote for Mike Brigham but, as you know, it’s all in what you’re looking for. Mott had a tough time with Stewart last year and Henry Ford struggled with Brigham. Mott’s leading scorer was actually Doug Anderson last season by a hair over Brigham, but Anderson has more to prove.

  9. Gavin Raath says:

    If there were available student athletes that Coach Schmidt could win with in the “community” then Coach would probably recruit them. There’s not, so he’s going outside. Big deal, go cry about it.

    And the ones that spurn Mott will want to join the team next year. Mark it down, it seems to happen like clock-work.

    Plus, a majority of the Flint kids that I know want to get out of Flint after high school. It’s tough to sell kids with that mind-set, and I can’t say I honestly blame them.

    Looking forward to the season.

    • Jared Field says:

      The 2010 class was, to be honest, pretty weak. The best pure prospect in that class was Black, and he’s at Mott.

      I honestly wish Cosey went to Mott, but they chose not to offer him. I think that’s probably a mistake, but the Bears are almost never lacking in the backcourt.

  10. sp says:

    I would put St. Clair’s and Henry Ford’s recruiting classes right up there with Mott. Actually I probably wouldn’t have Mott’s first, but they do have a lot of talent back.

    A lot of subplots this year, should be exciting to watch.

    • Jared Field says:

      Can you name them please? Just give me three players from SC4 and Henry Ford’s recruiting classes. I’ve been out of the loop on JUCO recruiting, except for local guys.

      Also, where did Renaldo Wallace, Terrance Tubbs and Marcus Knott end up?

      • sp says:

        Marcus Knott is at Charleston University. Terrance Tubbs received a medical redshirt and is back for another year.

        Sc4 has Taron Boose from Saginaw high, Travon Mitchell from Flint Northwestern are both solid recruits.

        Henry Ford got Asaad Robinson from Detroit Northwestern, Devin Braswell from CMA (Originally at San Diego Univ.) and Johnnie Lindsay from Detroit Southeastern. Along with some other talented players.

        With Tubbs, Stewart and Moon back HFCC has 3 players as good as anybodys.

      • Jared Field says:

        I’m just curious how you could possibly think SC4 has the best recruiting class with those two names.

  11. coach says:

    The best prospect in the 2010 class is DeMarco Sanders just wait and See He will have the best college career

  12. Mr.Kegs says:

    Henry Ford: Assad Robinson 6’4 Bouncy Athletic Wing did pretty good this summer at saint cecilia along side Jamie Stewart

    6’10 Charles Gibson: Older brother of Percy Gibson

    And Suprise Suprise 6’0 Bulldog Devin Braswell Via San Diego, Saddleback CC, He’s a flat out beast at this level

    • Jared Field says:

      Isn’t Braswell that kid from Detroit Central? If so, I’d be surprised if he were a beast at this level since, as far as I can tell, he wasn’t even a starter at Saddleback. In his last game, he played two minutes.

      I’ve never seen Charles Gibson, but his brother is a monster.

      Is Robinson that really skinny leaper?

  13. Bob Denning says:

    Percy Gibson’s brother is not Charles Gibson, it’s Bobby Gibson who played at Northwood.

    So what if Braswel played in 2 minutes in his final game. Unless you were there you reasoning is dumb. How many points did Oglesby score in his last game? Oh yea that’s right and he’s at BGSU. And Braswell didn’t go to Detroit Central. What do you even know about Saddleback? Field’s answer will consist of what he read on the internet. What do you know about the juco scene in California? Nothing

    • Jared Field says:

      Bob Denning/FlintDog: First off, posting as different people using different (albeit fake) e-mail addresses doesn’t actually create an extra person to back up your opinions. It’s still just you, and now everyone knows it.

      Now then.

      I think it’s fair to point out what is obvious with a little research. It’s a stretch to call a player at beast who barely saw the floor at another JUCO. In the games before his final game, he didn’t play at all. If I had a beast on my roster, I’d play him.

      Call my reasoning “dumb” all you want, but Torian Oglesby played and started in almost every game at Mott. He’s also 6-7 and averaged 10 points and nine rebounds per game in a great program. I’d say that has a little to do with why he ended up going D-1. I’m sure you’d agree that it’s hard to equate a guy who played (and produced) a lot to a guy who didn’t. Even so, I wouldn’t have called Oglesby a beast at this level. (And yeah, I know it was the other poster who called him a beast.)

      If Braswell got pushed out of Saddleback and is trying to resurrect his career back in Michigan, I say good for him. Maybe it wasn’t a good situation for him or, as in often the case, maybe they just had better guards coming in. I’ve seen highlights of him and he looks like a solid player — reminds me of the power guard at Pontiac Northern a few years back. I don’t think he needs anyone making things harder on him by manufacturing hype on a message board about his “beast” status..

  14. wil p. says:

    come cee the show.

  15. wil p. says:

    just watch. danville.

  16. Mike Helms says:

    So former Mott guard Joshua Smith from Washington DC was a straight beast why didnt he play much his last games at mott? Right, just because braswell didnt play mch doesnt mean he’s not good, he destroyed the saint league this summer and he’s very good, you will see. Braswell may have gotten into trouble or anything could have happened for him not to be playing.

    • Jared Field says:

      Mike —

      I never said he wasn’t good. I just questioned the wisdom of calling a player who barely played at his last JUCO a “flat-out beast” at his new JUCO. That just doesn’t make any sense.

      Josh Smith played in 33 games. He averaged six points and three assists per game as a freshman. That’s underachieving, for sure, based on his talent level. The problem with Smith wasn’t talent, but work ethic. He didn’t play hard enough and he would not get in shape.

      In order for your comparisons to make sense, you need to use another player who is a “straight beast” and still barely played in college. And, again, Braswell being encouraged to move on as Saddleback brought in some good guards is no knock on Braswell. That’s a really good JUCO program that can get some major recruits. The same goes for Chatavius Turner at Mott. No one can blame him for transferring to St. Clair. With Burton, Norris and Miller returning, he wasn’t going to see much of the floor. He took advantage of an opportunity to play, so I say good for him.

  17. Mike Helms says:

    But the fact is Braswell came from D1 so there’s no question that he has the talent, and there’s no question he shouldnt be able to dominate the d2 juco level, I believe there’s more to his situation for him not playing much at saddleback, he came from a D1, he is a D1 player.

    • Jared Field says:

      D-1 JUCO?

      The difference between D-1, D-2 and D-3 at the JUCO level is not analogous to NCAA D-1, D-2 and D-3.

      • Bob Denning says:

        Please! Put Mott in Texas, the Pan Handle, or Kansas and they’re a .500 team. Now run n tell that, homeboy!

      • Jared Field says:


        You’d have a lot more credibility if you didn’t post comments with fake e-mail addresses and names. That’s really childish. Just be honest about who you are and where you’re coming from. Don’t be fake about it. Don’t make up new identities to then agree with yourself. I’m actually surprised that you posted again. I figured you’d be too embarrassed.

  18. Mike Helms says:

    No No Devin graduated 2008 and from there he went Division 1 San Diego University and had an injury and red-shirted, then he went to Saddleback and played

  19. JucoJunkie says:

    Before moving to Michigan in 1997, I watched two of the top D-1 juco programs on numerous occasions as I grew up in Moberly, MO (MACC Greyhounds) and later lived near Burlington, IA (SCC Blackhawks). They hold most of the D-1 records and continue to recruit nationally and frequently go to the national tournament at Hutchinson, KS. After watching a lot of juco games here in Michigan during the past 13 years, I will say that most of the D-2 jucos would not be a match for a good D-1 team. However, Mott and a few other D-2 schools can compete and have competed very well against good D-1 schools. The only real difference between the divisions is that sometimes a D-1 juco can attract a talented big man whereas a D-2 school seldom gets one. But a team like Mott can definitely play with any of today’s top D-1 schools, such as Chipola, FL; Howard, TX; etc.

  20. Bob Denning says:

    Embarrassed? who cares? I made a point and you should be embarrassed to make such a weak response. Mott should be embarrassed that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Jared Field says:

      Your “point” is pure speculation. Saying that Mott would be a .500 team in Texas is simply an opinion backed by little to nothing.

      Here’s my point: The difference between the divisions in the NJCAA versus the NCAA aren’t as stark. Mott has routinely beat D-1 schools at Jamborees over the years. How often do NCAA D-1 schools lose to D-II schools? I contend it’s far less often based on the caliber of players NCAA D-1 schools can get versus D-II. In truth, there probably aren’t many D-1 JUCO schools that have put as many players into NCAA D-1 programs over the past decade.

      And yes, you should be embarrassed. You’re posting anonymously under different names in order to agree with yourself. That’s cheesy. Pretending to be from Flint is cheesy too. Don’t hide behind multiple names. Be real. Mike Helms, a hell of a player at Oakland, is posting under his own name and making an argument. Try that.


  21. Mike Helms says:

    Mott would compete, but they would have trouble with teams like Hutchinson(KS) Sheridan(WY) Casper(WY) Midland(TX) Indian Hills, Three Rivers, Southern Idaho I dont think they could beat teams like that.

    Those teams look like high major d1 teams.

    6’4 Point Guards
    6’7 2 guards
    6’8 forwards and legit 6’10 6’11 centers who can actually play

    • Jared Field says:

      I can’t disagree with that. Mott almost never gets anyone taller than 6-7, and that’s not just because of their uptempo style of play. I remember watching Mott play against a team with a starting five that hard more size and talent at Schoolcraft some years ago (Minnoy, Spates, the shooter that went to U of D, etc.) and they beat them every time. They played better defense and competed at a higher level. That’s how it’s done.

      When Mott won its third national title in 2007, the starting lineup looked like this:

      Kevin Tiggs (D-1)
      Terrance Watson (D-1)
      Thomas Kennedy (D-1)
      Lamarr Drake (D-1)
      Jeremie Simmons (D-1)

      I’d say that’s pretty good recruiting/player development for even the D-1 JUCOs.

  22. JucoJunkie says:

    You may be right, but it’s like saying that those teams you mentioned would have trouble playing against 4-year colleges. Some D-1 jucos could compete against some 4-year schools, but in general they can’t. Ultimately each school determines which division they want to compete in and the best of each division should be recognized as such. But it does make for a lot of fun speculating if a “David” can defeat a “Goliath”.

    • Jared Field says:

      I respect your opinion because you’ve seen a lot of D-1 JUCO ball. I really only basing my assessment on how Mott has had success sending players to 4-year schools, especially NCAA D-1 schools. I’d say they’ve had more success than the average D-1 JUCO.

  23. JucoJunkie says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. Plus, the X-factor is having a Hall of Fame coach in Steve Schmidt. His record speaks for itself and shows why his teams can play with any of the top D-1 juco teams. The really successful programs in D-1, like Three Rivers (MO) with coach Gene Bess who has won more games than any other college coach regardless of level, are fortunate to have a great coach for a number of years. Mott is very fortunate to have coach Schmidt.

  24. sp says:

    I think it’d be cool to compile a list of players from the MCCAA that played last year that went on to four year schools.

    Here are the ones that I know of, I know I’m missing some so please chime in…

    Torian Oglesby Mott (Bowling Green)d1

    Bobby Lewis Mott (Northwood)d2

    Marcus Knott HFCC (Charleston University)d2

    Demario Robinson HFCC (Florida Tech)d2

    Devin Pankey HFCC (Concordia, IL) d3

    Kieon Arkwright St. Clair (Texas Pan-Am) d1

    any more out there?

    I know that Glen Oaks send 5 kids to a d3 in West Virginia but I’m not sure which one

  25. Hoop Dreams says:

    I was on the MCCAA website today looking at schedules and I was shocked to see that mott plays virtually nobody besides the teams in their conference and lansing and grand rapids. If they have all this top talent coming in along with their guys coming back why arent they playing the top competition?

    • Jared Field says:

      Hoop Dreams:

      Top competition like the Skippers are playing? Olivet College JV? Rochester College JV? Mott is the only program I know, at least since I have been covering JUCO in Michigan, that hasn’t scheduled a small school JV team.

      You’re probably wondering why I brought up the Skippers’ schedule in reference to your comment. The simple answer is because I know you’re an assistant coach at St. Clair. Good luck explaining to your players why you’re on a message board bagging on a program you haven’t beaten. To be honest, I know coaches read this stuff. And that’s OK. Just be a little more up front about it. Don’t hide in anonymity or try to pretend to be something that you’re not.

      Good luck this season.

      • Ty says:

        Dang man. Just undress the guy on the message board. I hope you are joking about him being a coach on this message board. He should be recruiting or coach, but that is just my opinion. Is St. Clair Community College any good anyway? Last year, Kieon Arkwright led them but are there any other years that they were pretty goood? Just wondering?

      • Jared Field says:

        St. Clair has always had a pretty good team since I’ve been following JUCO hoops (five years). They haven’t beaten Mott in that time, but Mott has averaged like 28 or 29 wins a season during that stretch. The best player I’ve seen at SC4 is Thad McFadden. They had a guy a few years back who had a lot of potential (Damone Pledger), but he didn’t pan out.

        Honestly, I like that coaches care enough to read this stuff. I do not, however, think anonymity is a right. I don’t care who you are as long as you’re not pretending to be someone else to run interference on the site.

      • Hoop Dreams says:

        Mr. Field, I can assure you and gurantee you that I am not a coach at st. clair (information may be misleading). So I do feel that an apology is needed.

        Back to our discussion. I never said anything negative about motts schedule. My comment was meant to YOU! You are the one bragging up this roster which I am ok with because you are a reporter (right?), but like I said earlier let the kids prove something before you create this hype. I seen their schedule along with everyone else’s and its not as tough as usual. I agree with you that they ALWAYS play a tough schedule and for the first time in many years they are not. So if they have the talent that you say they do, then why didnt mott/schmidt schedule like he usually does? Once again this is a question based on your postings about their talent not who mott/schmidt scheduled so please dont turn a question into a “bagging” as you mentioned.

        I look forward to some interesting debates on here about basketball.

        Good luck to you too this season Mr. Field!

      • Jared Field says:

        My information is not misleading. Trust in that. Just be grateful that I didn’t give your name. Be straight with people.

        You’re an assistant coach at St. Clair trying to take shots at Mott’s schedule, one that includes Owens, Morain Valley and Triton. Those are three pretty darn good programs for the non-conference. I merely pointed out that your program plays at least two JV teams from small D-3/NAIA colleges. If Mott scheduled cupcakes like other JUCOs do, they’d have averaged 30 wins a year for the last five.

        And no, I wasn’t bragging up the roster. I did a post on the recruiting class based on how they played in high school.

  26. JucoJunkie says:

    Will Wayne County CC field a team again in the coming years? They had a pretty good team a few years ago.

  27. Ty says:

    Kieon Arkwright? Went to Texas Pan-America’s website and he was not listed on the rosted. I thought he went to a D-2? Please confirm.

  28. Mike Helms says:

    Damone Pledger was very very good, I thought he was D1 for sure, but it didn’t work out obviously, he is playing still, at a D2 in ohio called Central State, he is in his junior year now I believe.

  29. JucoJunkie says:

    Damone Pledger was an incredible talent and a very personable young man when he was at SC4. I’m glad he’s still playing somewhere.

  30. WB says:

    People have to realize that eventhough mott is a powere house that other schools are starting to come up in the world without recruiting out of state players and beating mott with the in state players that coach schmit passed up on like henryford community college. They beat mott in 2008 with a former mott player and a whole bunch of freshman that came from ok highschools, then the following year beat mott with that same group of guys so does it really matter if mott recruits because i think there wasting money by going out of state for guys that he can find in state but wont take the time to coaching because of the skill talent.

  31. don says:

    Mott has done an outstanding job staying competitive nationally while other Michigan area C.C’s haven’t stayed in the hunt. Schoolcraft wasn’t always the program it currently is. The state of Michigan has had a decline in talent. To compete nationally you have to go outside the state. I was a huge supporter of JUCO ball but I stepped away. HFCC doesn’t offer scholarships and they are competitive. I would love to see other C.C’s make the same commitment to winning but there are a ton of factors involved. This is a topic that can be discussed forever and is always discussed.

  32. Michael Thompson says:

    Bobby Fizer was offered to my knowledge , but he another good recruit turned down the offer for Jackson instead.

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