Mott’s ‘scary’ sophomore forwards ready to start final season

Posted: November 5, 2010 by Jared Field in College

FLINT, Michigan — Mott’s pair of high-flying, highly-recruited forwards are back for 2010-11. Sophomores Mike Brigham (right) and Doug Anderson are two of the most exciting JUCO players in the country, have both been named among the elite in the nation at a national JUCO exposure camp held this summer in Las Vegas.

“We are really excited about the development of both Doug and Mike,” Schmidt said. “They have both elevated their game from where they were last season.  Mike was our best all around player on last season, and Doug has really improved in all areas.  He’s practicing and competing as hard as anyone in our program.  They are generating quite a bit of excitement for our program.  We are pleased with how they are maturing and developing as players.  I love coaching them.”

As much as Schmidt loves coaching them, there are many more who loathe coaching against them. Steve Finamore, former head coach at Jackson Community College coached against Mott twice last season. He called his experiences with the tandem, “scary.”

“They’re so active…they play with passion and you worry so much about boxing them out that you forget to do other things,” he said. “They are a nightmare for opposing frontlines. Doug reminds me of a young Shawn Kemp.”

Finamore also said that Doug Anderson’s outrageous in-game dunks are worth far more than two points.

“His dunks get everyone juiced up — it’s contagious,” he said. “His dunks really excite teammates and the crowd.”

Anderson and Brigham led the Bears in scoring last year and, with the return of their top three guards Demetrius Miller, Sam Burton and Marshawn Norris, teams cannot place undue emphasis on the pair. Add sophomore forward TJ Cameron, a versatile wing, into the mix and opposing teams may just have a “pick your poison” problem.

“They draw a lot of attention, which is a bad thing for an opposing coach because Mott’s other players will burn you,” Finamore added.

Two sophomore transfers will also figure into the equation. Sharpshooting guard Ricky Rowse (Flushing) and behemoth forward Leviante Davis (Flint Southwestern) will be vital to the team’s success this season. Rowse will be counted on to be the team’s zone “buster” while Davis has the potential to be the conference’s biggest and most athletic matchup problem.

  1. sp says:

    Why even play the games this year? Just hand them the trophy right now. They have the best players ever and the best coach ever and they have no weakness. I guess all the other teams will be playing for second place after mighty Mott. Just like last year, oh wait…

    • Jared Field says:

      Rick —

      Mott did win the conference and the state championship last year. That doesn’t mean they will win it this year, of course. Your boys at Henry Ford will be tough, as will Grand Rapids. We cover Mott on this site Rick. I’m sorry that bothers you so much. Start your own and I will be your first commenter.

  2. sp says:

    Hey just trying to lighten the mood a little bit fellas. Keep up the good work, I think that the state of Michigan has the strongest d2 juco teams in the country and it will be extremely difficult for all teams to make it to Danville.

  3. Muthguy1 says:

    Between what you guys and a former poster have to say, I’m going to try to get to the Mott vs Lansing Community College game on Nov 20.

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