UM in ‘dangerous terrority’ versus Concordia

Posted: December 7, 2010 by Jared Field in College

I’d stop short of saying The University of Michigan was on the ropes last night at home against Concordia, but the Wolves’ weren’t exactly comfortable.

From the Detroit Free Press:

Michigan’s youth movement has hit a rough spot — and for much of Monday night, it was in dangerous territory. The Wolverines hosted local NAIA school Concordia as a way to say thanks for the Cardinals sharing their Ann Arbor gym with U-M when Crisler Arena had a conflict. Midway through Monday night’s game, Concordia looked awfully comfortable, trailing by only five points with 11:28 left.

Instead of decrying how mediocre Michigan’s basketball program has become, I’d rather concentrate on the fact that a local NAIA team gave a Big 10 school all it could handle for 30+ minutes.

Or, how about this storyline: Concordia’s big man Rocko Holmes (6-5, 275 pounds) treated UM’s frontline like a JV practice squad — 29 points on 19 shots. It was so bad that UM coach John Belein said, if he had to do it over again, he would double-team him. (What’s Jared Sullinger going to do to these guys?)

Or how about our local guy, Andrew Patrick of Goodrich, who dished out six assists against Big Blue. Not bad for a freshman who was relatively unknown in recruiting circles as a senior.

It’s hard not to like Concordia and its Michigan-exclusive roster. Nice work guys.

  1. Andrew Patrick will be a steal for Concordia. One of the smartest, most competitive players the Flint area has produced in recent years.

  2. […] as a freshman at Concordia, averaging 7 points and 2 assists per game off the bench. He also had a solid showing vs. University of Michigan earlier this […]

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