Cullen Turczyn shows out in win over Linden

Posted: December 8, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

By Gavin Raath | Great Lakes Hoops

After a quarter that ended 7-5, I thought I made a huge mistake attending last night’s game between Linden and Lapeer West.  I initially made the decision because I wanted to see how two of our u-15 Lakers looked going into this season, and to see how Cullen Turczyn would impact West, but I was quickly slapping my forehead after a miserable first quarter.

For most of the game, Linden was just too athletic for West.  Their roster, which resembled more of a football team than basketball one, out-hustled everyone on West, save for Zeshawn Jones, on most plays and held a nice lead most of the way.

Beyond the athleticism differential, West was WAY too in love shooting the three.  Every chance they had, they were firing.  Memo to West: The only person who should be shooting is Cullen Turczyn.  West had two players that fired probably ten triples, and connected on zero.  Turczyn was probably an exceptional 50% from the line.  In fact, he may have been the only West player to connect from downtown.

The other hindrance to West was the premature benching of Turczyn and Jones.  In a tight game, like this one, they should probably never leave the floor.  If they need a breather, use your timeouts.  But with it being early in the year, I guess you have to see what you have.

But in the fourth it was clear what West had: Cullen Turczyn.  The sophomore caught fire hitting big shot after big shot.  On one play, he made a coast-to-coast lay-up in traffic, then picked off the ensuing inbound pass and drilled an NBA range three, to bring the game within striking distance.  He was far from the best athlete on the floor, but he was easily the most skilled.  His play allowed the Panthers to pull the game out late in the fourth to win by two.

As for Linden, they have some nice athletes for the Metro.  I would try to run teams in the ground the way Beecher does, with a high-paced, frenetic style of ball.  It could work in the Metro, especially with their lack of height.  Sophomore Shaye Brown, a bulky 6’2” post could be nice down the line, and Brad Farthing, Kevin Baker and their little point guard are all athletic and serviceable.  It will probably be another down year for the Eagles, but they have some nice pieces.

West will go with the sophomore duo of Turczyn and Jones.  They combined for 30 of the team’s 52 points.  Jones probably led the team in both rebounds and assists.  He’s a nice passer for a forward.  He has to grow or develop an outside shot to play at the next level.  After these two, West’s cupboard is pretty bare.

  1. Coach RG says:

    How is Turczyn able to play? he doesn’t have sit a semester?

  2. Jared Field says:

    I think it all depends on if you actually move into the district.

  3. Patrick Hayes says:

    Yep. If you actually move, you don’t have to sit a semester. Same reason Burnett is able to play at NW right away, I believe.

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