Freep publishes list of top 100 players in Michigan

Posted: December 10, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

Lansing Eastern's LaDontae Henton (Freep photo)

The Detroit Free Press recently published its top 100 list, regardless of class, in Michigan.

The News beat them to the punch but, as it turned out, it was more of a open-handed pat. The News named Amir Williams, Detroit Country’s big man, as its top player in the state (cue the resounding gong.) Calling a 6-11 high schooler the best basketball player in Michigan lacks the creativity of an inclined plane.

For the Freep, it’s LaDontae Henton (Lansing Eastern) who, in my humble opinion, is clearly the best player in Michigan any way you slice it. His numbers are gawdy, his team is a contender and Lansing basketball is as good now as it has been in many years.

Who do you think is Michigan’s top player?

  1. Ty says:

    I would have to say it is Henton based on the fact that he has been voting to the all state team every year of high school (even freshman year). I am not saying he has more potential, but he is dominate at the high school level.

  2. WEH says:

    I’m by no means saying he is the TOP or even necessarily in the top 20, but it just amazes me how little attention Tyler Ellis out of Bay City Western gets… the first game of the season he had 12pts, 10rebs, 5asts… not to mention the blocked shot and 2 or 3 steals… he is a 6’1″ guard with a shot, and you’d think you’d see him at least mentioned if you’ve seen him play.

  3. julius says:

    Lansing Eastern has 3 players in the top 35 of the list, Henton, Tucker and Haney Jr. Haney Jr. and Tucker are the two best Sophmores in Michigan and with Brian Morton will be state title contenders for the next 3 years. Haney has grown almost 2 inches since this summer and is pushing 6’7 and Morton is the best kept secret in Michigan. Good luck to all teams this year..

  4. KRH says:

    Both hickoffs from fenton should be on there.

  5. WEH says:

    Check out this link from Tuesday, obviously it’s against weak comp. but I still feel like Ellis (#1), Costello (#24), Havercamp (#44), and Tithof (#34) are a pretty great group of 4 to have on a team. And that Ellis needs higher recoginition. (#’s of jersey, not rank)
    With that said, I realize that Lansing Eastern, at least IMO from what I hear, they are the best team in the state without a doubt.

    Also I do have a question, considering this is a mostly Flint-ran site. How good would you compare to sophomore Monte Morris, to a sophomore Anthony Crater? It’s been on my mind, but realistically Flint is a little to far for me to go to a basketball game without ever even witnessing the kid play. I guess I would also put out the same question for Charles Tucker and Steven Haney Jr. … I hear a lot about these guys, but most SVL teams never play them north of Flint.

    • Jared Field says:

      I’d put Morris ahead of Noopy, apples to apples. In fairness, though, Noopy didn’t have to score for SWA as a sophomore. He was a pass-first PG. Morris really does it all for Beecher.

      As for Haney and Tucker, it’s another situation where you have a better player (Tucker) alongside a better prospect (Haney). I think when it is all said and done, Haney will be Mr. Basketball. By then, he will be a legit 6-6 shooting guard going high major.

  6. WEH says:

    Wow. That’s really all I can say. I’ve heard many good things about Monte Morris, mainly on this board, but I remember people who played against Noop that said he was the best passer they’ve ever played against. How he would just be looking straight at you and throw a back door that nobody even had a clue was coming. So to say that, I mean I definitely will have to see this kid play.

    Was there any reason not really known about why Crater didn’t quite “live up” I guess you could say? I remember going on seeing that he was ranked as the #3 PG in the nation behind Brandon Jennings, and Kemba Walker. That was at the start of the summer before his Junior year. And then by the time the high school season rolled around senior year (at Brewster) he was down in the 70’s in the point guard category alone.
    I realize this is way off subject of the FREEP100, but I already gave my 2cenrs about Tyler Ellis, and BCW.. now I really just want to know what happened to Crater… and his younger brother, who I know plays for St.Vincent-St.Mary’s now.

    • Jared Field says:

      Crater never developed a legit offensive game. He didn’t improve from his sophomore year on as much as one would expect. When he got to college, he couldn’t create his own shot. The era of the pass-only point guard is over.

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