Grand Blanc blasts Goodrich by 20: Nathan Sauvola and Bart Williams show out

Posted: December 15, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

By Gavin Raath | Great Lakes Hoops

GOODRICH, Michigan — Reports of Goodrich’s demise were not greatly exaggerated.

This is not a team that can beat Powers and it is probably not a team that can beat Beecher for the GAC either. On first brush, this appears to be a two-man unit led by junior Nathan Landsgaard and senior Trevor Lucus. The Martians had no answer for Grand Blanc at home Tuesday night, losing 78-58.

Landsgaard will remind you of the Andrew Patricks and Derek Warners that have characterized the Martians for several seasons now, but he kind of looks like the last, yet perhaps the best, remains of that group. He’s just a tough kid that can do a little bit of everything at a pretty high level. He could play anywhere. He led all scorers with 23.

Lucus is a lot stronger than he was this time last year and it shows on the court. He’s much tougher inside and looks a lot more skilled with the ball. On one possession he brought the ball down the court and ran the offense. It looked funny, but that very plan gave Saginaw High a lot of wins back with Draymond Green playing point forward and forcing teams to abandon their man-to-man sets. Goodrich however probably won’t see too much man coverage in the GAC, save for Beecher.

Carter Goetz is supposed to be the other cog, but I have yet to see a big game from him. That’s not to say he hasn’t had big games. I remember he gouged Flint Northwestern last year at the line for 20 (mostly from the foul line), but I’ve just never seen him personally take over a game. Goodrich has to have him become that player on a more consistent basis. He had five points tonight.

The rest of the team looks okay, but definitely not what I’ve come to expect from Goodrich, but maybe I’m making too much out of just one game.

Or maybe I should just credit their poor performance to Grand Blanc.

Grand Blanc is a fun team to watch. They love the long ball and they’ve got great creators in the backcourt.

Junior Jordan Fields is a fantastic floor leader. Very good defender, particularly in the passing lanes, and a heady guard with great vision. He and Nygel Randle are fantastic point guards and after seeing them play, I’m a little puzzled how Flint C-A blew them out in the opener.

Brandon Hill and Will Wheat bring the energy at the other guard spot. Both defenders take a lot of risks, but often come away with big plays. Senior Hill provided a spark that carried GB to a comfortable first half lead. Hill, who is at his best when a game becomes chaotic, picked off several passes and came up with what seemed like every loose ball then converted at the other end, whether it was finding the open man spotting up beyond the arc, or forcing a desperate Goodrich foul at the hoop. If he can learn to finish the way Marcus Tucker did last season, then he could be in for a big senior year.

Usually spotting up was 6’4” senior Nathan Sauvola or 6’5” sophomore Bart Williams. Sauvola might have the best touch in the area. I just feel like if he puts the ball in the air, whether in close or deep, it’s going in. And Williams already looks like Patrick Haggin, connecting on six triples in the game. Sauvola gave GB an early lead, and Williams closed the door in the second half. Williams scored 20 points and Sauvola added 17.

Williams at this point should be on every recruiters short list for players of note in 2013. He was outmuscled by the senior Lucus inside, but he wasn’t completely out of his league, especially considering his real long-term value is as a wing forward. He handles the rock well enough for a big sophomore and that shot…my gosh.

Coach Belcher has a nice crew from top to bottom, but probably not quite as good as last year’s group, yet that is. They are extremely young, and will get exponentially better each week. Not sure I can say the same for Goodrich.

  1. Beecher won’t play man likely either…

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