The GLH jinx: Steve Repichowski blanked by Perry in ugly game; LCC still gets victory

Posted: December 18, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

Andrew Robeson, Lansing Catholic

PERRY, Michigan — I can’t really come to any conclusions about Lansing Catholic Central’s star forward, junior Steve Repichowski after my first brush with him this season.

The 6-4 small forward is among the top shooters in the state and one of the leading scorers in Mid-Michigan.

Of course all that goes out the window when I make the 35-minute drive to watch the Cougars in Perry on Friday night. Repichowski scored 0 points against the Ramblers in LCC’s ugly 59-28.

This experience with Repichowski won’t color what I already know about his game: He’s really good, deceptively explosive and a big-game performer — just ask Okemos.

The Cougars all-conference point guard, senior Zach Hurth, had at least six assists for the Cougars with only two points.

The Cougars’ top player on Friday night, no surprise to those who have seen him more than once, was 6-0 senior center (yeah, a center) Andrew Robeson.  He might just be the most unique high school player I’ve seen. He scored 14 points with 12 rebounds.

How he gets off shots in the paint and out-rebounds much bigger opponents is truly something to see.

Some Lansing notes from Friday night:

  • Coming off a loss against class B power Lansing Sexton last week, Lansing Eastern got blitzed by Okemos, 79-57,behind 25  points from junior guard Chris Harrison-Docks. I don’ think anyone expected the Quakers to have two losses this early in the season. Steve Haney can’t get eligible soon enough.
  • East Lansing under new head coach Steve Finamore remains undefeated after a come-from-behind win over Jackson. The Trojans were led by their point guard Tracy Edmond, among the most underrated guards in the state.

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