BV’s George Goodman putting some distance between himself and the competition in area scoring race

Posted: December 19, 2010 by patrickhayes13 in High School

The latest list of area scoring leaders is updated, and as the pace begins to slow in the Metro League, some of those gaudy scoring numbers from a few Metro players over the first two weeks of the season are slowly falling back to Earth a bit.

But Saginaw Buena Vista’s George Goodman is holding steady, still averaging over 30 points per game (scoring 40 in a game helps with that). It’s hard to imagine anyone catching Goodman this year, but scoring as a whole seems to be up overall this season.

As always, if there are errors, please leave them in the comments and I’ll look into them. These stats are based on MLive, and lord knows that site is riddled with mistakes. Also, the weather cancellations/make-up games may have caused a few results to get left out, so if I’m missing a make-up game, let me know. — Patrick Hayes

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