Fenton can earn some respect with win over Flint Southwestern

Posted: December 27, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

Every Flint Metro League coach struggles with the fact that the competition level inside the conference is never particularly good. Wins against conference teams often do little to prepare good metro teams for districts. One way of earning some respect and a few preparation points for the playoffs is to schedule good non-conference teams.

Tonight, Fenton will take on a good, not great, Flint Southwestern sqaud at the Coca-Cola Classic at Flint Northern. The Knights gave Northwestern all it could handle last week, so they will be the favorites. One concern for the Tigers has to be Southwestern’s ability to match up against their high-scoring tandem of forwards, juniors Ryan and Dylan Hickoff.

Senior point guard Eric Mowery will have to limit turnovers against the Knights who will likely put a lot of pressure on the perimter. He has been the starter at that spot since his sophomore season, so he should be up to the challenge.

Southwestern will counter with seniors Marquez Poole and Kendrick Roberts along with junior Cory Jones in the middle. Roberts, a recent Western Michigan signee for football, is a poor man’s Tyrone Ward. He’s not as skilled as Ward, but he’s every bit the athlete.

Southwestern is bigger (with the exception of Fenton’s 6-8 senior Charlie Herzog) and more athletic.

Prediction: Southwestern 72, Fenton 66

  1. Skywalker says:

    I’ll take Fenton. They remind me of last years Goodrich team that handled Southwestern and Northwestern. The good suburb schools don’t get the respect here in my opinion…… unless it is talking about GLH favorite Swartz Creek.

    • Jared Field says:

      How many times have I picked Swartz Creek to lose to the other suburban schools that I apparently don’t respect? Numerous.

      If SC were playing Southwestern, I’d have the Knights winning by 15-20 — and SWA is pretty average this season.

      And just for the record, the good suburban schools get plenty of respect here — Goodrich, Grand Blanc, Carman-Ainsworth, etc. The Metro League, generally speaking, does not get much respect because it’s arguably the worst class A basketball conference in the whole state.

      Last season Swartz Creek won a share of the league title with very little overall talent — certainly less than Fenton and Holly. I thought that was pretty impressive, so I covered them. I’m not sure why that seems to bother you. I haven’t covered Swartz Creek this season and, barring a miracle, I won’t have a reason to. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve picked a Jeremy Trent coached team to win the conference, either GAC or FML? Zero.

  2. Jared Field says:

    Fenton won by 10. I left at halftime due, primarily, to boredom. The first half of this game was among the worst poorest I’ve seen. Fenton didn’t score a basket until seven minutes into the first quarter. Southwestern wasn’t any better, either.

    Let’s just set aside the fact that SWA let Fenton come into Flint and take home a victory. What’s more troubling for Flint basketball is that SWA played a zone basically the whole game and didn’t press (at least I’m told) until very late.

    That’s embarrassing to anyone who has become a fan of Flint’s particular brand of basketball over the years. I can see playing a zone against a couple teams on the schedule, but why not man up on Fenton? This is just a hunch, but I’ll bet Holly and Swartz Creek will play man-to-man.

    I wasn’t impressed by anyone for SWA. I thought the Hickoff twins played decent for Fenton, but the tandem hoisted up way too many shots in the first half. Eric Mowery, their senior point guard, played a great game. He’s a lot more important to Fenton than what he’s given credit for.

    Finally, I must say that Southwestern is far too big a school to not have ONE ballhandler.

  3. SO WHAT says:

    lol i knew southwestern wasnt gonna win and the reason why is because they let all that hype go to their heads.I heard before they played saginaw arthur hill and northwestern, they was in practice focused and working hard but then after the win over arthur hill and how well they played against northwestern, they let all that get to their heads.Southwestern is a good team but they have to stay focused.And you were definitely right about how southwestern needs to quit playing 2-3 all the time.

  4. SO WHAT says:

    o yea and the city isnt gonna be dominating again until all these coaches and players quit being too friendly with each other

  5. SO WHAT says:


  6. […] most vital player: Jared already mentioned Mowery a bit the last time he … uh … “covered” a Fenton game in that unique way that only Jared […]

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