CITYBEAT: Flint City Hoop Round-up; Northwestern

Posted: December 31, 2010 by Marcellus Miller in Citybeat, High School

By Marcellus C. Miller| Great Lakes Hoops

We are through the first quarter of the 2010-2011 season and the best word that I can find for the city teams is “interesting.”  I haven’t seen a year quite like this ever.  One team has an “incomplete” on their record according to the MHSAA, but it’s counted as a loss everywhere else.  One team has a school full of kids and no ball-handlers.  The final team had four legitimate college prospects that has mysteriously been reduced to three.  Like I said, interesting.  But, let’s dig into each team with a bit more detail…shall we?  We will start with the favorite Northwestern Wildcats.

Flint Northwestern- I will start with the team that is the best in the city right now.  In compiling my preview of this season, I included four players from this team in that 10-man list.  In a victory against rival Flint Northern, they proved their worth in scoring 69 of the team’s 71 total points.  The most complete of the bunch is Jaylen Magee.  This shooting guard can beat you off of the dribble and from deep.  He finishes at the rim well and shoots free throws with prowess.  He is a tireless worker too.  He needs to develop his point guard skills for flexibility at the next level, but the Wildcats can trust him each game.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, the most lethal assassin on the team has to be Deondre Parks.  Against both Northern and Beecher, he stroked 4 three-pointers in the decisive 3rd quarters.  When he gets hot, it’s white-hot!  He also has a propensity to hit a little leaner moving to his right which is odd for right-handed shooters (for those who don’t know).  Like Magee, he needs some PG skills to go along with that to have as much success as possible in college.  But there are many coaches that would give a lot for that jumper on their teams.

Ahasuerus McDonald is the glue that sticks it all together though.  Without him in the game, the teams takes a decided turn downward.  A guard who is busy taking many people by surprise for some reason (they should know by now), Syrus continues to impress with his defense, offensive savvy, and passing ability.  He is the definition of what hard work in the gym can do.  His summer with the Mid Michigan Lakers AAU squad gave me a personal glimpse into this season beforehand.  A true PG, his biggest need, and it’s not huge, is a more consistent jumper.

I said four players and that’s what I meant.  Dominez Burnett, the Hamady transfer, was fitting right in with the group nicely.  A big man with guard skills is a coveted in the high school game and Burnett fit that bill.  The interesting development is that he is no longer playing with the team at this point.  There are rumors circulating why (which I will not include), but no concrete story has arisen.  Whatever it is, it is sad to see him missing from this team.  With him, they could beat anyone.  Without him, they can beat most, but will struggle with any inside threats.

The team in general has to find something, anything off of the bench to be truly successful.  The most logical help there may be sophomore Raheen Dudley.  A star wide receiver on the football team, Dudley has shown some promise on the hard court as well.  Without a bench, foul troubles will doom them in the long run, especially in a very tough regional after a soft district.  I see them finishing at 3-1 in the city to win the crown yet again.

  1. how can yall steady say northwestern is the best school in hoop when they cant even get passed the districts. honestly the two best teams in flint are flint powers and my team flint beecher. they are a good players but not a team so please quit praising them like they are the best.

    • Jared Field says:

      Durrikeo: Flint Powers and Flint Beecher are not in the city series. Northwestern is the best team of the three (NW, SW and Northern). That’s no disrespect to Beecher or Powers.

    • In addition, didn’t NW just beat Beecher without its best big man? Also, NW won its district last year and will do so again. Finally, the comparison of districts between class A, B, and C schools is invalid at best. Further, both Beecher and Powers rarely claim that they are representative of Flint.

  2. BTW, I happen to be very high on Powers and relatively high on Beecher this year.

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