Henry Ford CC beats Mott at buzzer, 75-73

Posted: January 5, 2011 by Jared Field in College, JUCO, Mott
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Henry Ford had the ball with nine seconds left. Sophomore forward Terrance Tubbs took the ball the length of the floor and scored in the paint with less than a second remaining.

Mott led by seven with less than four minutes remaining, but couldn’t hold the lead. Tubbs led Henry Ford with 20 points. Jamie Stewart, HFCC’s leading scorer, had 16.

Demetrius Miller scored 25 points for Mott.

  1. A. Biggers says:

    I was going to cover it, but gas is expensive! I’m sure this will be a game Schmidt uses at motivation.

  2. sp says:

    Mr. Biggers,

    Seen that you have covered a lot of road games for Mott this year. Maybe you just knew it would be a L since that’s 4 out of the last 5 for HFCC so you didn’t wanna waste the few hours of your life. Not a bad decision, if you came you would’ve only scored 3 less points that your beloved Doug Anderson, LOLOLOL

    • Jared Field says:

      That was a great college basketball game. Stop being childish Rick.

      • A. Biggers says:

        And actually, Rick, I’ve only covered two road games for Mott this season. Both were at the Lansing Classic. And why would say my “beloved Doug Anderson?” The guy is a phenomenal athlete. Have you seen him play? I cover the team, I’m not a fan… just call ’em like I see ’em. Anderson is the best athlete I’ve covered on a regular basis during my short career as a sportswriter.

        Bar none. Hands down.

      • A. Biggers says:

        I actually wish I would have made the trip, Jared. It sounds like it was one to remember, especially after the Bears had a double-digit lead late in the game, according to a friend who was there…

        The Bears have to shut opponents down on the road, as it’s the only place they’ve lost this season.

    • A. Biggers says:


      Schmidt says how team needs to improve on road. I mention Tubbs’ great shot as time expires.

      The blame is on the Bears for the loss, as they ran into a great team on the road.

      I quote Schmidt saying so. OK, I’m done. Just thought the comment was a little “out there,” so I felt the need to respond.

  3. derrick says:

    dang its amazing because if mott wouldve won then it would be a 3 page essay on how mott won and how doug anderson had18 pts off of 9 dunks! but seeing that they lost there is a 2 paragraph summary! come on stop being biased towards mott and tell people what really happen! disucss there lows too! because you say mott is this mott is that! but they aint made it out the state in 2 or 3 years! so whats up wit the almight mott bears? yea they beat schoolcrafts and grand rapids but what about the big teams? aint looking to good in that department

    • Jared Field says:

      I didn’t get home from the game until 11 p.m. last night and I had to be back up by 7 a.m. It’s an hour and 10 minute drive. There will be more to come.

      My JUCO player rankings are coming out soon. We will see how biased I am.

      And by the way, would you be so needlessly critical if you couldn’t hide behind a screen name? I mean, I know who you are … so perhaps I understand the context of your criticism.

  4. This is a Flint-based site. I don’t understand why people have an expectation to cover non-Flint JUCO teams as thoroughly as the local team gets covered. Henry Ford is a great program. There are a couple other really good programs in the state that deserve coverage in their local areas. Perhaps the vocal people who show up here to complain about this Flint site covering a Flint JUCO team should stop complaining and go start their own blog. Just go to WordPress.com. Takes two minutes to set up and it’s free. Get to work folks!

  5. Jared Field says:

    If you weren’t online for the live updates, here are a few impressions;

    HFCC did a great job being physical in the first half and making entry passes to the post very difficult. HFCC also hit several 3-pointers over Mott’s zone in the first half.

    Mott led by one at the half thanks to the play of sophomore guard Demetrius Miller who scored 19 in the first 20 minutes.

    Jamie Stewart had a decent game overall, but hit an amazing shot in the paint (and drew the foul) late in the game that was second only to the game-winner in its importance.

    Mott’s leading scorer, Doug Anderson, was completely MIA and it probably cost the Bears a huge road win. Anderson had three points and fouled out with eight minutes left. He hasn’t been less of a factor in any game this season.

    Terrance Tubbs is really impressive. HFCC’s sophomore big man is nimble and finishes soft at the basket. He also hit a couple 3-pointers, as he always seems to do against Mott.

    Freshman Tyrell Taylor is on his way to being the highest-impact freshman in the eastern conference. He’s always in attack mode for Henry Ford.

    Sophomores Mike Brigham and Leviante Davis put Mott in a position to win, but it wasn’t enough. HFCC, down seven with three or four minutes left, kept attacking and getting to the line.

    One last thing, for a game of this magnitude, I thought there were way too many free throw attempts: HFCC had 37 and Mott 20 for a total of 57. Let the guys play.

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