Another basketball brawl: It’s time to grow up, young people

Posted: January 6, 2011 by Jared Field in High School

Last night, watching the 11 o’clock news, I was disgusted to find that the very first mention of the Saginaw High versus Saginaw Arthur Hill game was not about basketball. Nope, it was about a brawl in the stands:

From WNEM 5:

It was suppose to be a basketball showdown between Saginaw High and Arthur Hill at Saginaw Valley State University in the Ryder Center Wednesday, but a melee between several people in the fourth quarter is what most will remember.WNEM TV5 cameras were rolling when the action between the rival high schools stopped on the court and escalated in the crowd.

This is the second high-profile fight in the stands this season in Mid-Michigan, and we’re just more than a month in. Honestly, everyone involved in this melee should be embarrassed. Sadly, I’m convinced by experience that many are not. Here’s a stark truth for you, young person: If you think that fighting in the stands at a basketball game makes you tough, your chances of ending up in jail at some point in your adult life are better than a coin flip.

What would you rather have, the admiration of morons now, or the pity of the powerful later? Think about it. It’s time to grow up.

(If you watch the video, listen closely for the P.A. announcer to refer to “idiots trying to mess up something good.”)

— Jared Field | Great Lakes Hoops

  1. gregjohnson says:

    How sad. It’s always fun to attend or be a part of those High School Rivalry games. These people just don’t seem to get it. Things like this ruin it for everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if SVSU says “no thank you” to the next opportunity. Then instead of 3500 fans you get about 1000 crammed into the High or the Hill gym for more chaos.

  2. Hoopsguru says:

    You mentioned in your first sentence that you were disgusted that the first mention on the 11pm news last night about the Hill / High game was not about basketball but instead about a brawl in the stands, but yet you did the same thing and even posted a link to the WNEM article which includes a link to video of the brawl. I cannot prove it nor do I have the tme to but I believe there is a correlation between the number of brawls and the amount of news coverage the brawls get.

    Do you plan to post an article / column about the game?

    • Jared Field says:

      Nope. I wasn’t there.

      And by the way, I wasn’t disgusted that it was the first thing that was mentioned on the news. I WAS DISGUSTED THAT IT HAPPENED!

    • @Hoopsguru:

      How could the news not cover it?

      I mean, yeah, I hate when morons at a basketball game ruin it by fighting in the stands. But sorry, it’s news. It happened as much as people wish it wouldn’t, and it’s their job to cover it.

  3. CoachT says:

    There is no correlation on news coverage and fights at basketball games. The fights would take place whether there was a camera there or not. People that get into fights do not open up the newspaper the next day to see what was said about them. Nor do they turn on the 11 o’clock news to see if it was covered.

    The fight happens for a variety of reasons. The athletic event is just the social mechanism to bring people in the same place where disagreements turn into fights.

  4. Hoopsguru says:

    Yeap – I too am disgusted that it happened but I’m also disgusted that a day after it happened it is difficult to find an article about the game but it’s easy to find articles about the brawl!

  5. Hoopsguru says:

    And not one comment about the brawl!!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. Don Mathews says:

    I’ve seen a few of these incidents and you’d probably would be surprised that most of the time it is girls that are fighting.

  7. IMO, there was not nearly the coverage this time that the previous brawl got and this was much worse in sheer numbers and male combatants. But, the police did a good job of executing their responsibilities to not take away the game.

    • Marcellus:

      That’s a really good point. And there wasn’t even a reporter present at the Beecher-Northern game when the fight happened. It was all based on things people told the reporter after the fact which, to me, is way worse. And you’re right, there was more coverage of that. I think the Journal did two or three stories.

      The fight at the High-Hill game happened with a TV crew right there. Also, the Saginaw News had a reporter there. Yeah, it sucks that that overshadowed the game in the TV report, but I think if anyone understands anything about the job of a photojournalist/videographer, if his producer found out that a pretty big fight happened at any event he/she was covering and he didn’t turn the camera towards it, he would be fired. Sometimes being a journalist means you have to cover stuff about humanity that is really lousy and no one wants to have reported.

      Also, this was interesting. Saginaw News guy covered the game without a mention of the fight whatsoever:

      Again, I’m not an advocate of making the fight more than it was — people acting like fools. But police were called, people were arrested … that’s a news story and the Saginaw News reporter just flatly ignored it even though he presumably witnessed it.

      I find the coverage approaches of the two newspapers, both owned by the same company, interesting. Flint paper went out of its way to get something after the fact even though they didn’t have a staff member present covering the game who had seen anything and could figure out who necessarily was telling the truth and the Saginaw newspaper just flat out ignored it despite the fact that they had a guy in the building when it happened.

      • Patrick Pulley says:

        Patrick, FYI: There is a Saginaw News article devoted entirely to this news, and the Saginaw News Reporter reports the news as it happened via live chat at mlive. Slow down brother.

      • Patrick Pulley:

        Do you have a link to the story? I couldn’t find it yesterday when I looked. I’ll gladly post that if they did do one.

        My main point was just that the Flint Journal did I believe three or four stories about the incident at Flint Northern, a lot of coverage for a fight between two girls. They made it a bigger issue than it was, and the incident in Saginaw seemed to be bigger, certainly more arrests were made, and it there appeared to be less coverage of that.

      • Patrick Pulley says:

        Ans I’m a source for the Live Chat news Hugh Bernreuter announced the fight as it happened, and he even quoted the game announcer’s “idiots trying to mess up something good” comment, too, though Hugh typed “idots” – doh! We forgave him.

      • Patrick Pulley says:

        “They made it a bigger issue than it was, and the incident in Saginaw seemed to be bigger,”

        Hugh said the fight was interrupted quickly by security. The live chat was back to the game quickly. No big deal-No gore fest of blood or anything like this.

        I’m just surprised to hear people ‘fight’, these days – I mean, with the UFC and fighting championships and all that why fight on the streets? Sibling rivalry, wayyy too far.

  8. Hoopsguru says:

    Well this time the game was able to be finished so that may have factored into making it less “newsworthy”

  9. Jared Field says:

    Here’s the bottom line: If you go to a game like that and a brawl breaks out in the stands, you have to cover it. If you fail to do that, you’re not a journalist.

  10. Kelly Fields says:

    Agreed, Jared. The media has a responsibility to report on the good and the bad in the world. What would of happened if the holocaust in Germany, or the genocide in Rawanda or Hurricane Katrina was not covered. You can’t turn a blind eye to the atrocities of the world. If you do, you are negligent.
    And believe it or not, the brawls at a basketball game are just a glimpse of what we see in 180 days at school in an urban district. Imagine trying to teach in that same chaotic, adverse environment.

    Be part of the solution. Each one of us has to be the best example and model of human being that we can be.

  11. Alright, I found the link:

    They didn’t actually cover it with the reporter on-site, although the photographer got photos. There was no story when I was looking, so my apologies, a reporter did do a story, even if it was the next day.

    • Patrick Pulley says:

      Hugh Bernreuter announced the fight AS it happened, tell me, if someone with a chainsaw chopped a person’s arm off at the game, would the live chat reflect that damage? Okay. The story is reported.

      Apology Accepted

      • Patrick Pulley says:

        And for clarity (Then I’m gladly done with this) ‘AS’ ‘While’ ‘During’ choose your language. ‘Realtime’ ‘Speed of sound and sight’

  12. Patrick Pulley says:

    This is something to teach your kids Greatlakeshoops: Not Everything is a Competition.

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