Stat, stat, everywhere a stat: Does Glen Oaks cook the books?

Posted: January 11, 2011 by Jared Field in College, JUCO

There’s been some talk in the comments section about Glen Oaks and possible stat-padding. Now, this ultimately comes down to common sense. Like, for instance, can you explain any of what you will read here without stat-padding? (Editor’s note: I understand that stat-padding happens at every level of basketball. This, however, seem more brazen than what is expected.)

What follows is a list the MCCAA’s leaders in steals per game. Four of the top 10 are from Glen Oaks (that’s raises one eyebrow). Further, according to stats provided to the NJCAA, Glen Oaks averages 22 steals per game as a team. Anyone who knows anything about basketball also knows that this is basically impossible, since many turnovers are not as a result of a steal.

Currently, Mott Community College has the highest-ranked team defense in the state (measured by points against) and third-highest in the country at this level. According to the stats, they average 15 steals per game — that’s really good but, again, they are the third-ranked defense nationally.

Steal leaders:

1 Ernest McCoy, GOCC 12 83 6.917

2 Kurklin Bohanon, GOCC 12 44 3.667

3 Chaquarius Adams, JAC 10 36 3.600

4 Austin Harper, GOCC 12 42 3.500

5 Jalen Jarrett, JAC 11 32 2.909

6 AJ Thomas, Delta 14 37 2.643

7 Darryl Marshall, Mott 15 37 2.467

8 Taurean Villolovos, SC4 9 22 2.444

9 Zachary Newsome, GOCC 12 29 2.417

10 steve roper, Kell 12 29 2.417

Now, let’s take a look at assists. Obviously there are fewer assists at lower levels of basketball, and a great many baskets go unassisted (this isn’t hockey) even at the highest level. According to the NJCAA, Glen Oaks averages 27 assists per game (324 over 12 games) and 31.6 field goals per game (380 over 12 games). According to those numbers, Glen Oaks gets assists on 85 percent of its field goals.

The top offensive team in the MCCAA (also top 10 in the nation measured by ppg) is Lansing. On there 398 field goals this season, they have garnered 176 assists (44% of field goals come by way of an assist). According to Patrick Hayes, the best passing team on planet earth (Boston Celtics) gets an assist on 64% percent of field goals. The Celtics average 25 assists per game with probably around 20 more possessions a game. (I promise, this is the last time I use an NBA comparison for a JUCO team.)

Clearly, something is rotten in Centreville.

— Jared Field | Great Lakes Hoops

  1. Muthguy1 says:

    I wonder if anyone from Glen Oaks will try to respond. You certainly make a strong case that the padding is happening.

  2. […] *Great Lakes Hoops alleges, fairly convincingly, that Glen Oaks CC has reported padded stats for seve…. […]

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