Tonight: Debut of Quin Langston for Flint Powers versus Swartz Creek

Posted: January 18, 2011 by Jared Field in Big Nine, High School, Metro League

SWARTZ CREEK, MichiganQuin Langston will begin his career at Flint Powers tonight at 7 p.m. in a non-conference game at Swartz Creek. Langston, a 6-4 junior forward, transferred from Flint Hamady to Powers after two successful seasons under former head coach Archie Robinson.

Langston joins what, on the surface, looks like an all-star team at the high school level, with talent at every position. Langston may just be the perfect addition to the rotation for the Chargers because of his versatility.

Swartz Creek comes into the game brimming with confidence after Friday night’s drubbing of previously unbeaten Fenton. Give the Creekers credit for even scheduling this game against arguably the state’s best team, in any class.

— By Jared Field | Great Lakes Hoops

  1. Skywalker says:

    Powers is certainly a local All Star team…. I can’t believe they will continue to schedule local teams like a Swartz Creek as they tune for a State run. Though I can appreciate what they have built, it does take some of the fun away because it is not an even playing field for the local public schools in the area. Oh well, I do wish them well and certainly pull for them to represent Flint well in the State Tourney.

    • SC Fan says:

      Actually give SC credit for wanting to play Powers. A team gets better by playing the best. Just got home from the game and Creek gave them every bit of a battle through 3. SC Fan is a believer that Powers has to be one of the best around as they turned a Creek 49-43 lead into a 92-69 win.

  2. Ty says:

    The got beat by an average Cass Tech team the other day too. Cass had more size but I thought the guards at Powers would win the game for them.

    • Jared Field says:

      I think the addition of Langston probably makes Powers the best team in class B and arguably the best in the state. I don’t know how much people know about him, but I’ve seen him on several occasions and he should be an impact player.

      I’m quite impressed by a couple of Powers’ wins this season. They put a beatdown on Flint Northwestern and beat Okemos in what was, in all reality, a home game for the Chieftans. Okemos actually beat Lansing Eastern, a team many believed (myself included) would be the state’s best in class A.

      Of course when Eastern gets Haney, it could be a different story.

  3. Ty says:

    What happened against Cass Tech? I don’t understand how they lost to that team with all the talent they have. Maybe just a bad game?

    By the way, who is recruiting Lucas-Perry? OU? MAC schools?

    Just wondered?

  4. SO WHAT says:

    I hope swartz creek was mentally prepared and focused for this game bcuz even i dont’ believe they can beat powers.Hopefully they stay focused all game because i really think this is gonna be a blowout for them.BUT we’ll never know because anyone can be beaten

  5. WEH says:

    High-school transferring is out of control… Go to your local high-school, lead them as far as you can. That is high school basketball. Save the transferring for college if you’re unhappy…

    I normally don’t have a problem with this because I understand when players would transfer to teams like Oak Hill or schools of the sort, which I realize is contradicting, but for just random teams in the city of Flint, and Saginaw… I mean just go where you originally were going to go. It’s high school, you’re not supposed to be on your AAU team.

  6. SO WHAT says:

    you are exactly right.Like i said unless its prep schools like oak hill or findlay prep,you shouldn’t transfer HIGHSCHOOLS just for basketball. Reemember you still got aau to back you up and its really about the academics not the sports.

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