Northwestern grad Jeff Grayer, Lansing Everett grad Desmond Ferguson talk about their high school days

Posted: January 27, 2011 by patrickhayes13 in Citybeat, High School, Professional
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Jeff Grayer talked about the importance of basketball to Flint's history.

I have a series running at SLAM currently that attempts to rank the top 30  NBA/ABA-producing high schools of all-time, and two Michigan schools are in this week, Flint Northwestern at No. 23 and Lansing Everett at No. 21.

For the series, I talked to alums from some of the schools. Jeff Grayer had this to say about Northwestern:

“When I was growing up, there were two things Flint was known for. One was General Motors, of course, and the other was sports. Basketball has always been a history, a tradition in our community. It’s meant so much to the area. High school basketball has been just a pillar of the community and something that everyone looked forward to, just going and seeing the young talent grow and see some of the greats who have come out of here today.”

Here’s Desmond Ferguson on the tradition at Everett:

“That reputation [that Everett has] does the same thing that Magic (Johnson) did for my generation and generations before and after me … it provided hope. It sounds cliché, but it’s so true. So many young boys and girls fail to reach their dreams because they do not feel any sense of hope. When you have individuals that come from the same background, environment and communities as you, and they are successful, you tend to feel that you may be able to reach that same type of success as well.”

The series is called ‘High School Hierarchy‘, so check out the link to scroll through the schools SLAM has unveiled so far. There will be five more listed each Thursday until we get to No. 1, and without giving too much away, there will be at least one more Michigan school to look for on the list.

— By Patrick Hayes | Great Lakes Hoops

  1. Watching Desmond always reminded me of Jalen Rose. Central used to play Everett as the first game of the season every year in the early 90’s. He was always an underratd player to me…just thought I would throw that thought in.

  2. SBell says:

    Assume Pershing will be the last one — Spencer Haywood, Steve Smith, Mel Daniels, Kevin Willis, Ralph Simpson … Derrick Nix.

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