Spotlight: Vince Adams Shocks the Flint-area hoop scene…well, except for me!

Posted: January 29, 2011 by Marcellus Miller in Big Nine, High School, Spotlight

Vince Adams is making the most of his senior year.

Vincent “Blake” Adams Jr. certainly had to wait his turn to hit the floor at Flint Powers High School.  The difference between him and most other kids these days is that he remained patient and stayed put, not that it was easy to do. Those that know him, also know that he bounced the idea around that transferring would be a good move; however, he ultimately decided that his opportunity would come and he wouldn’t waste it when it did.  2010-2011 is that opportunity and he is definitely taking advantage of it.  I took some time to find out who this young man really is so that everybody can get to know him.

Vincent is the son of Vincent Adams Sr. and Paulette Adams.  He has an older sister who dominated at Powers on the court, Brianca, so the basketball prowess runs in the family.  Although he’s a left-handed hooper with a sweet stroke, he wanted to share that he throws a football with his right.  I imagine that ability comes in handy in passing on the court as well.

I asked him how it was to sit and wait his turn and what his goals were this year.  He said, “It was hard a lot of times, but i just knew that i had to keep working hard and getting better each day by doing the little things.”  He also listed as his goals to improve athletically, go undefeated, win a state championship (again), and earn an athletic scholarship for college.  In fact, to do that he even gave up his second sport of football for this year to focus on making his basketball game as strong as possible.

Vince went on to explain why he thinks he is effective this year and what he would say to younger players in the same situation who have to wait their turn to shine.: “I think that I’m able to excel thus far this season by getting up and down the floor after a miss or made basket, and also by being patient and just taking what the defense gives me.  And trying not to force shots.  I would say to younger players the key to getting better is to work harder than your opponents, and try to do as much as you can each and every day, even when things aren’t going your way. You just have to work on your mistakes, and not to get discouraged.

My parents have always taught me to not worry about the doubters, because if God’s for you, then it doesn’t matter who doubts you.”  That is sound advice to all.  Chase your dream, not the competition around or in front of you and keep believing.”

I wanted to know what he thought about the team in general and the idea of playing with two guys that garner so much attention from defenses, among other things:

MM: What do you think of Powers’ chances this year and are you looking to forward to any games down the line?

Vince: I see our team looking real good. I really think that we have another chance of going to Breslin to compete for another state championship. We have an outstanding coaching staff that makes us work hard at practice each and every day to get us ready for our games. We also have great players, and new transfer, Quin Langston, which will also be a great help to our team.
No, I don’t look forward to playing teams deeper into our schedule. I just try to take each game one step at a time, and not overlook any team we play against.

MM: How do you feed off of the attention paid to Javontae Hawkins and Patrick Lucas-Perry and how do you adjust when teams start game-planning for you?

Vince: Well, Patrick and Javontae are both outstanding players, and much attention is given to them, so I just try to take that to my full advantage, and capitalize on every opportunity the defense gives me. Whether it’s driving it all the way for the open shot, or driving it and dishing it off to a teammate when the help comes.  I don’t think that teams have (game-planned for me), but you know if they do, that’s also fine.  I will just try to use that to my advantage.

MM: I know that more colleges are taking notice of what you are doing, but which ones have shown the most interest so far?

Vince: So far I have Lake Superior State University, Davenport University, Saginaw Valley State , and Northwood showing interest.

MM: One last question and I will let you get back to working on that game of yours…what is your main area(s) of improvement that you look to work on?

Vince: I feel that there’s always room for improvement, but I feel that I need to start working more on my off-hand, so it can be even easier for me to go either way(off the dribble).

The more I speak to this young man and watch him play, the more I am impressed.  Some people thought I was crazy before last season when I said he had D-1 potential after some time spent in JUCO if he chose that route, especially when he was struggling for minutes behind Demarco Sanders.  I know that he hasn’t even reached his peak yet, and he will only get better with time.  Another diamond in the rough has found his way to Powers.

— By Marcellus Miller | Great Lakes Hoops

  1. Jared Field says:

    He’d be a nice player in the GLIAC.

  2. Flitetime says:

    I really enjoyed this article and think that Vincent Adams is a good role model for young student atheletes everywhere!

    • Flintown says:

      What a fine young man from a fine family. My son has played with him and against him since 5th grade. He has always been a special talent. I am so happy for him. That he is doing so well now is not an accident. He truly is, and always has been, a gifted athlete. I felt bad for him last year.

      • I agree in the sense that I have known his family for years and they are good people. Vince has grown into a young man that works hard, stays out of trouble, and one where no one has an evil word to say against him. Yeah, a few of our youth could definitely take a page out of that book and that’s even before we talk about his basketball prowess.

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