Help wanted: I need someone to make sense of these district pairings

Posted: February 28, 2011 by Jared Field in High School

How can this be possible? These two local class A districts are the most lopsided I’ve ever seen. Flint Northwestern gets to stumble blind-folded to a district championship, while a team like Flushing, which actually beat Northwestern, is the second-worst team in its district. Honestly, is any attention paid to parity anymore?

No. 9-A Flint Northwestern
A-Flint-Kearsley vs    Flint Northwestern  3/7 – 6 pm
B-Clio  vs  Davison  3/7 – 7:30 pm
Lapeer West   vs A 3/9 – 6 pm
B vs Lapeer East  3/9 – 7:30 pm
Final 3/11 – 7 pm

No. 10-A Saginaw-Arthur Hill
A-Flushing  vs  Saginaw-Arthur Hill  3/7 – 5:30 pm
B-Flint-Carman-Ainsworth vs   Owosso  3/7 – 7 pm
Flint Northern   vs A 3/9 – 5:30 pm
B vs Saginaw 3/9 – 7 pm
Final 3/11 – 6 pm

  1. Anthony Coggins says:

    Yours is a question that has plagued our state for years…

  2. HS Hoops says:

    Whoever comes out of District 10A will have earned it. Wow. That’s a tough district. 9A? Not so much.

  3. prepfan says:

    the district line do look a little funny but team do not cross the line. To tell the true the lines are really hard to explain. Yet the funny lines have always been in this state. How many times did BV and Beecher play a state final? it is not just basketball but all sports. I wish the MHSAA would share the lines with all of us or at least the bar there are at when making them.

  4. hoopsguru says:

    Flint teams traveling to Saginaw – that is too far to go. District implies location – Flint and Saginaw are almost 50 miles apart. What happened to Heritage? Where are they at?

  5. Ty says:

    The fair and just way to do things is to have seeds. That way your season really does mean something in terms of who you play in the tournament and you would have better matchups later in the tourney. Just an opinion.

    • Jared Field says:

      I think it is an opinion shared by pretty much everyone in this state. Everyone except the folks who could change it.

    • muthguy1 says:

      I honestly disagree with the seeding. I think the random thing, while it’s not “fair” does provide a lot of extra excitement. Also, who would decide how teams are seeded?

      The district at St. Johns has four teams who are listed in Steve Bell’s class A top 25. (Lansing Eastern, Waverly, East Lansing and Okemos.)

      Sometimes, that’s just how things work out. I don’t think most people would have thought Waverly, Okemos or East Lansing would be top 25 caliber teams at the start of the season. I would think that just for logistics, they need to decide where these districts are going to be at least 90 days in advance.

  6. prepfan says:

    I agree but who is going to do the seeding? MHSAA who does not have a clue and should not have a word to say about it. Coach’s? how much time do they have to look at other teams. Media? how many out of area teams do they see first hand? It would be nice but I do not see it being done.

  7. hoopsguru says:

    IMO seeding would be a disaster – way too much subjectivity in rankings to keep everyone from griping. A change I’d like to see is basically no districts with less than 8 teams. There are too many 6 team districts where two teams get a bye – that is pretty weak. I do agree with the logistics comment made above. Districts are meant to be territorial – often times just a bit further reaching than your conference. If you have a year in which you have 4 top 25 teams in your district, just wait a year or two and you will have no team even in the top 100 – that’s just how high school athletics go – each year you get what you get – but actually not so much anymore due to all of the transferring of athletes for pure “academic reasons!” 🙂

    • muthguy1 says:

      Districts are the best place to have differing numbers of teams. That way, the only “byes” are in the first round of the district.

      If they changed the number of districts, it would distort the math for the regionals. Right now, there are four teams in the regional and logically, that is the fairest way to conduct that stage of the tournament.

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