WOTS: MSU-bound Dwaun Anderson wins Mr. Basketball

Posted: March 20, 2011 by Jared Field in High School

Steve Bell posted on his message board at Bankhoops.com that Dwaun Anderson of Suttons Bay has been named Mr. Basketball. This is another decision by the BCAM coaches that will test the integrity of the award, historically given to the state’s best senior.

Personally, I don’t know anyone who believes that Anderson was the best senior in Michigan this year. Further, there aren’t too many who will tell you that he was the best senior in class C. Bell actually named Saginaw BV’s George Goodman as class C player of the year based on both his head-to-head performance against Anderson as well as his performance against top competition.

I figured Anderson would finish 4th based largely upon his scholarship offer to MSU, not because I believe he had the fourth best year among seniors in Michigan.

It’s clear that the voters simply do not take the award very seriously. I would have voted for either Amir Williams or LaDontae Henton, just for the record. Of course I’ve seen all five candidates play. I wonder how many of the BCAM coaches have.

  1. eric says:

    where will goodman be playing next year?

  2. WEH says:

    Wow…… it just keeps getting worse doesn’t it?
    Can we now find out who the AP player is for the real winner please?

  3. Honestly, I would have oted for Kearney…He was only a couple boards and assists shy of triple double regularity….He just does it all and does it so smoothly. I know Williams is good, but I saw him not be able to dominate a 6’6″ string bean at home. Henton would be number 2 for me….but Anderson winning? Not this year…well, shouldn’t be at least…

    • Mark says:

      Kearny that laughable, he didn’t even deserve Mr.PSL. Kid constantly disappears in close games. Gibson carried the team when they played top comp. Kearny was the 2nd best player on his team and 3rd best player in the PSL. Zedric Sadler played better and had a bigger impact. Kearny might have the most potential but these awards shouldn’t be based on potential.

    • Agree 100 percent on Kearney. Not sure how he’s still underrated, but he’s a great all-around high school player. I would’ve voted for him.

  4. Anthony Coggins says:

    Once again, the award goes to the highest ranked Michigan State recruit…sorry, but this was Henton or Williams award. It shows the people vote regionally. I will bet Anderson swept the northern part of the state, leaving the other four candidates to split the south.

    Anderson is a good player, but Mr. Basketball? Sorry, not buying it…

    • Jared Field says:

      I’m less annoyed by coaches who vote regionally. I am more annoyed by coaches who vote out of ignorance. Common sense dictates that the second-best player in class C is probably not the best senior in the state.

      I think we should all bear in mind, however, that this is not Anderson’s fault. My criticism is of the BCAM coaches who have made a mockery out of this award two of the last three years.

      • Anthony Coggins says:

        100% agree…Dwaun Anderson has no fault at all in this. I wouldn’t doubt he is a hell of a kid. I just think the vote is a sham and the coaches are at fault.

  5. Flintdog says:

    The most talented player in the state is from Suttons Bay. Live with it.

    • Jared Field says:

      Make a case that he had the best senior season in 2010-2011. If you can’t do that, then you’re just blowing smoke.

      I could make a case for Appling. I could make a case for Brad Redford. I could make a case for Manny Harris.

      Make a case for Dwaun Anderson.

      • Flintdog says:

        click link and read the last sentence of the second reply.


      • Jared Field says:

        I was hoping you could formulate a case on your own.

        Let’s face it, if this award were simply about athletic talent, Doug Anderson or Jamie Stewart would have won it instead of Derrick Nix two years ago. When Brad Redford won it, he was pretty average with respect to talent. It was his skill and production that was through the roof.

        I thought Anderson lost himself this award after his last three performances at Breslin were all duds. If memory serves, he was 16-for-54 from the field in those three games including a 30-point loss to Goodman’s Saginaw BV squad. In those games, he shot 2-for-16 from 3-point range.

        So, enlighten us. What do you know about it?

      • Flintdog says:

        If it were about the most athletic player 75% of the past candidates would not have won. Name me a Mr. Basketball winner from Michigan or any state that went the juco route.

        The BCAM voted for Dwaun and they feel he deserves it…let it be.

        Congrats Dwaun!

      • Jared Field says:

        When you talk about talent, what are you talking about if not athleticism?

        Just for the record, you haven’t even been in the neighborhood of anything that resembles a thoughtful opinion.

    • Anthony Coggins says:

      He isn’t even the most talented player in his class…live with it!

  6. Jared Field says:

    As long as I’m asking people to make a case for Dwaun, I’ll make one for Buckets:

    27.5 points (64% from the field), 16 rebounds, 4 assists and 3blocked shots per game.

    He totally dominated opponents at the class A level in one of the state’s toughest conferences. If you can put up video game numbers in the CAAC, you’re a player. Period.

    This is not an award for who can jump the highest or run the fastest. This award is meant to honor the best basketball player in the senior class.

    It’s not like he’s going to a barber college next year, either. He’s going to a really solid mid-major.

    Steve Bell, who some people think is totally biased toward Anderson (which he is not) named Buckets his player of the year, regardless of grade or class. Anderson even lost out to George Goodman for class C player of the year.

    Bell’s criteria for these lists is largely about production, as evidenced by his decision to give Goodman the honor of top player in C. No one really knows the criteria for Mr. B anymore, and that’s a shame.

  7. Dantana says:

    What were Dwaun’s stats for the year?

  8. Gavin says:

    Another misfire. I’ve never seen a dominant Anderson [only saw him at the Breslin and in the summer], but it is hard not to be impressed with his athleticism, but he’s not Doug Anderson so I wouldn’t get carried away with the talent thing.

    Kearney was my darkhorse pick for the award at the start of the year, but his antics towards the end of the year left a bad taste in my mouth. I believe he jumped on the scorer’s table after winning the PSL and held up a WWE belt, a win he had very little to do with after a horrible shooting night.

    Henton should have been the run-away pick for every coach that cared to know. Was dominant, like none before him, in probably the state’s toughest division.

    Amir Williams would have been another solid choice, but I expect 6’11” guys to dominate, Henton probably did it better and at 6’6″.

    Don’t know a ton about Carlton. Never seen him play.

  9. Gavin says:

    And for the record, Paul Davis, nor Anthony Roberson deserved the award. It was Lester Abram that won two straight state titles, went to Michigan and had an awesome high school career and senior year.

  10. muthguy1 says:

    I like LaDontae, too. He was amazing with the athletic talent and soft hands.
    I only saw Mr. Basketball play once, and that was on TV, but Michael Talley was by far the best player in that game.

  11. […] players the state of Michigan has produced in the last decade or two. He was also a finalist in one of the most contentious (of many recently contentious, incidentally) Mr. Basketball votes in 2011, when he finished second […]

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