Favorites in class C shot themselves out of the tournament

Posted: March 25, 2011 by Jared Field in High School

In case you missed it yesterday, the top two teams in class C basically shot themselves out of the tournament from 3-point range. Look at these numbers:

Flint Beecher: 2-for-20 (10%)

Detroit Consortium: 3-for-27 (11%)

What’s worse is that Consortium didn’t need overtime to hoist up 27 3-point attempts. DC had two players with 10 attempts apiece.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t imagine why these two teams would rely so heavily on outside shots. I think both are athletic enough to attack a zone.

Should be a great day in East Lansing.

  1. gregjohnson says:

    Man, It was tough to watch Beecher give that game away. I said at the end of the 3rd if Beecher let’s these guys hang around they’re gonna have a hard time winning in the end.
    I thought Monte should have held the ball for 5 more seconds on the last drive to go up 2 in regulation, and then they had two fouls to give in the last .07 seconds and didn’t use them to waste time. Tough loss, the better team went home for sure.

    • Marcellus Miller says:

      I have to disagree to a point. While it is good to take what is available to you for easiest shots, it is detrimental if that is all you do and you have just allowed a team to impose their will on you. At some point every coach looks to play “their game” and impose their own will…unless the defense is giving you exactly what you want, and they would fools for doing that, you must find a way to TAKE it.

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