Twitter tales: Is Flint’s best 2012 prospect, JaVontae Hawkins, transferring?

Posted: March 25, 2011 by Jared Field in High School

If the Twitter page belonging to Flint Powers’ junior Javontae Hawkins is any indication, the 6-5 junior guard prospect is on his way out of Flint. There’s nothing on there about any other schools, though another Twitter page @alleyesonuhoops has him going to Quality Education Academy in North Carolina for his senior season — that, of course, is not substantiated.

This would be quite a blow to Flint Powers and to the Flint area’s basketball community, if indeed it comes to fruition. Hawkins really came into his own in the second half of his junior season before his team fell short against DCD in the state quarterfinals.

I really hope this is just some youthful exuberance. I have no idea why a player with more D-1 offers than he could fit in a backpack would leave a winning program for one season.

  1. Ty says:

    More exposure. Anthony Fields, previously at Lake Orion and Detroit Southeastern, went to QAE and ended up signing with Wake Forest. Dom Pointer, previously at Roseville, was a five man that to QAE and worked on his game as a fifth year high school senior and got a scholarship to St. Johns. Not saying that Hawkins is in a similar position of needing exposure but QAE plays a national schedule and he would probably play on the wing primarily. Depending on the summer, this could possibly be spring board into one of the high school all american games also. Just an opinion.

    • Jared Field says:

      How many high-major offers does he have? A ton.

      Pointer, if I am not mistaken, was not a known commodity in Michigan when he was here. I mean, I understand it in theory … just not in this particular case.

      • Ty says:

        I get where your coming from and not trying to argue, but maybe he is looking for a larger platform. Maybe he wants to go to a certain college in NC or the East coast? Or he thinks this will enhance he chances of being a McDonald’s All American?

        This does seem shocking since Flint Powers has had a lot success as of late.

    • Skywalker says:

      Why not ask why he left Beecher? I am sure he is leaving Powers for the same reason he is now leaving there to go to QAE. This is what HS basketball has come down to for some reason. He would be playing at the Breslin this weekend if he was still at Beecher… sometimes these moves for more exposure don’t work out.

      • Jared Field says:

        Well, I’m not ready to call him gone just yet. I hope he sticks around for another year.

        Beecher has lost a lot of good ones over the years to transfer, but none better than Hawk.

  2. Loyalty – Team – RIP

  3. If the rumors are true…one possible reason may be to get him away from the violence that devestated his family twice already in the loss of two older siblings…just a thought.

  4. […] Flint Journal today confirmed something we wrote about back in March, the impending departure of Flint’s top prospect for the class of 2012. Javontae Hawkins will […]

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