Steve Finamore on talent versus teamwork

Posted: April 6, 2011 by Jared Field in College

Here’s an interesting blog coming out of Monday night’s national championship game between UConn and Butler. Steve Finamore, former Jackson CC head coach now at East Lansing, questions the value many place on talent over teamwork.

He writes in Coach’s Chronicle:

Recruiting will get better for Butler, no doubt. Brad Stevens, Butler’s head coach can now walk in any high school gym or attend any AAU tournament and right away the players and parents will know who the guy standing in the corner is and where he’s from. The players will not have to squint to get a closer look at his logo on his polo shirt.

But make no mistake, we watched many talented teams fall the past few weeks in the NCAA tournament (shoot, we even witnessed it on the women’s side with UConn and Stanford falling). I still think it’s teamwork that’s important. Sure talent is necessary; but with hard work, you can put yourself in position to be the champ and to be a more talented team.

Former basketball coach Bob Knight once said, “Good players make themselves good; great players make the players around them better.”


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