Mott’s Doug Anderson verbals to University of Detroit

Posted: April 13, 2011 by Jared Field in JUCO

Mott Community College sophomore Doug Anderson, without a doubt the most electrifying athlete I’ve ever seen on a basketball court, will play for the University of Detroit next season.

Anderson, who prepped at Kalamazoo Central, had two very solid seasons at Mott. Anderson led the team in scoring both seasons and has improved his overall skillset, even mixing in a fairly reliable outside shot.

With Anderson, Detroit will have arguably the most athletic starting five in the nation — Ray McCallum Jr. and Nick Minnerath are both tremendous athletes.

  1. Mike Helms says:

    Congrats to Dougie…….

    Can you give us updates on all of the other sophomores(Burton,Norris,Miller,Brigham,Rodgers) as well?

  2. Ty says:

    Are you sure he will start?

  3. Flintdog says:

    Starting five? Eli, Minerath, Simon, Ray, jr., Jason Calliste

  4. Mike Helms says:

    Yea…..I dont think Doug will start there either.

    No way he starts over Simon

    No way he starts over Minnerath.

    He can’t play the 2.

    Back up 3/4

    • hoopsguru says:

      Have to admit I HAVE NEVER SEEN HIM PLAY but some folks seem to think that he is “just” a dunker and not a basketball player. Now if that is true, yeah he probably does not start. But hey he is using his God given talent to continue going to college.

  5. Mike Helms says:

    There is no probably…..Minnerath was the MVP of the team and Chase’s skill level is 30x higher than Anderson’s….Anderson will be 6th/7th man

  6. A. Biggers says:

    Personally, I would be shocked if Anderson started. He’s a great player to provide momentum, but didn’t really show me (I covered the Bears this season) that he’s built for 30-plus minutes of playing time. I will say this: I think he’s one of the most athletic guys I’ve ever seen on a court.

    Hands down.
    He’ll have success at UDM as a offensive spark plug, in my opinion.

  7. Ty says:

    I just wondered based on what the article started. From the clips that I have watched, he looked to be only 6’4″ with really broad shoulders but he looks like he could be a heck of a sixth man that rebounds, blocks shots, and changes the games momentum with his death defying dunks. But I didn’t think he would start because everyone from U of D’s team is coming back, but he may be able help U of D on defense more than anything.

  8. Jared Field says:

    As a general rule, he doesn’t play defense. He can do the other things you mentioned, however. He’s really good in transition.

    Best athlete I’ve ever seen. A once-in-a-decade type of athlete.

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