Powers’ Patrick Lucas-Perry picks Penn

Posted: April 13, 2011 by Jared Field in High School

One of the state’s top point guards in the 2011 class finally put to rest the speculation about his future today. Flint Powers’ Patrick Lucas-Perry announced that he will be a student-athlete at the University of Pennsylvania next season. Penn is considered to be among the top schools in the country, with arguably the finest business program anywhere.

Here’s an excerpt from Mlive:

“To me I thought it was the all-around best fit for me as an individual,” Lucas-Perry said. “It was the complete package academically and athletically and I see myself doing great things there just being who I am.”

Lucas-Perry said that his choices came down to Oakland University and Penn but ultimately Penn presented the best package.

“I can’t speak enough about Oakland and Coach (Greg) Kampe, he’s just turned that program upside down and of course my brother’s there,” Lucas-Perry added. “But like I said I just feel like Penn is the all all-around better fit for me, for my goal in life and my future endeavors.”


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