On the Tube: Flint Northern sophomore JD Tisdale

Posted: May 4, 2011 by Jared Field in High School
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  1. WEH says:

    For anyone who has ever looked at anything that I’ve really taken the time to “comment” on here, it’s no secret that I am a Bay City Western alum, and that was who I knew about, and knew from early on that they would be a good team this past season… with that said (which I don’t really know why I needed to make that clear haha) but I honestly feel like Flint Northern, Saginaw Heritage, The High and somehow, someway, Midland Dow will be the top teams in the Valley next year. FN lost Shaq, but I think that they are young enough, and explosive enough to really be #1 if they get and stay focused on the big prize, and play as a team.

  2. WEH says:

    and really… I almost didn’t even put the High in there.

  3. I like Heritage’s talent base as long as they didn’t lose their two bigs. Don’t forget that the Hill will boast the only true legit “big” in the conference that I know of which could be problems for the rest. Costello will give coaches and opponents nightmares of course. Northern will need aan attitude adjustment and like you mentioned, focus. Midland Dow…now you’re pushing it…lol. Oh yeah, and I believe the High will struggle.

  4. WEH says:

    Lol Dow was pushing it. I’m not a fan of them by any means, but their backup PG was a freshman this year, and he was quick, and looked comfortable out there, but you’re right, they are still Dow at the end of the day. Heritage is still gonna have PJ Walker, and I think he’ll be one of the better guards easily in the SVL next season. The thing with Costello is, he’ll be phenomenal, but he is going to literally have to score 50+ a game to win against the tougher teams, and possibly even bring the ball up court… run a press on BCW next year and it’s not going to be pretty. Jordan Hare needs to step up for the Hill… to me he is nowhere near as good as he was made out to be as a sophomore… anybody can look good when you have Maurice Jones throwin you lobs lol. Northern is my pick to win it though… I thought they were going to be better this season tho and I was wrong, but I just feel like they are more athletic than any teams at least that I can tell right now… you never know tho, Saginaw always brings kids out of the wood work. Dominic Jackson is gonna be a good one.

  5. hoopsguru says:

    Valley went down alot from 2010 to 2011 and looks like it will again this year from 2011 to 2012. The new valley cannot get here quick enough

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