Flint’s best 2012 prospect, Javontae Hawkins, leaving Flint Powers

Posted: May 26, 2011 by Jared Field in High School

The Flint Journal today confirmed something we wrote about back in March, the impending departure of Flint’s top prospect for the class of 2012. Javontae Hawkins will be leaving Flint Powers to attend Huntington Prep in West Virginia.

From the Flint Journal:

The thrill of competition drives Javontae Hawkins.

The 17-year-old Powers Catholic junior has never settled for tackling a tough situation with a mediocre response or taking the “easy” way out of any legitimate challenge.

That desire ultimately led him to make a big decision.

Hawkins plans to transfer from Powers to Huntington Prep High School in Huntington, W. Va., to finish his final year of eligibility.

Since it was founded in 2009, Huntington Prep has helped nine players land Division I scholarships.

I’m having a hard time understanding this. If you go and read the full article, he’s quoted as saying that he wants to prove to people that he can play at the D-1 level. I don’t know who else he needs to prove. He’s already convinced 21 D-1 coaches, many of whom are high major. I’m not certain how that is going to change. He was already at a high school that is consistently ranked among the top in Michigan and, at times, in the nation.

I wish him the best of luck because, as many of you know, he’s really a quality kid. I just really hope he doesn’t regret the change of scenery.

  1. Ty says:

    The national schedule may be the draw to the school. I also heard that Ray Lee is transferring there also. Does not really make since, unless his grades are slipping. But good luck to him.

  2. Marcellus Miller says:

    Don’t underestimate how much the violence of the area has ushered this in as well…He will do well wherever he is because he is a good player with a good head on his shoulder and most importantly works his butt off.

  3. Ty says:

    Got you now! I forgot about the fact that he may be living in Flint and the violence in the area. Makes sense then. He can just focus on school and basketball and not all the extra stuff.

  4. Cinderella says:

    prep school is the way to go for many of these guys! better coaching and more discipline. He’ll be a good D-1 player

    • Ty says:

      Have you seen a prep school game? Not necessarily. Better coaching? Questionable. More discipline? Not exactly. A lot of prep school players are older than 19 and still don’t qualify for D-1’s. He sounds like a player that already would have gone D-1 if he would of stayed at Powers, but to say that prep school is the way to go is not exactly the way for everyone. If a player has baggage, it just follow. The environment is more confined and the players probably can focus more. But it does not always pan out.

      • Ty says:

        Have you ever heard of Jonathan Haggert or Cory Hightower? No pun intended to Hightower, but he went to Mt. Zion and still didn’t qualify for a D-1. Or the guy from Flint Northern than ended up at Mt. Zion and still ended up at Mott. So to say prep school is the way is not correct. But what do I know.

      • Ty says:

        By the way some preps school are just glorified AAU teams. Look at Findlay Prep, they stay in a house and go to school at Findlay International high school and the high school is composed of the basketball team only. No prom, no socializing with people your age, and an unrealistic school atmosphere. Really this does not help in term of normal development (socially) for a high school kid. Hope it works out for him and he can make some All Star games. If not, he will regret leaving the normal high school environment for a non traditional high school.

      • Cinderella says:

        yes seen a lot of prep school games. my son went to prep school then played. D-2 powers is not the answer it’s a good move! he’ll do well at the next level.

  5. Rumor says:

    Off topic, but just heard a rumor that Chris Harrison-Docks was expelled from Okemos High School. Any truth to this or just a rumor?

    • muthguy1 says:

      I would be surprised. I’ve met him and he does not seem like a rowdy young man. I’ve also heard only good things about him and his behavior, etc.
      He can be feisty on the basketball court, but I would be shocked if this was true.

  6. kevin says:

    wow just heard theres is a kid from canada by the name of andrew wiggin transferring to GOODRICH!!1 KIDS RAWlook up him on youtube…….crazy they will be a favorite to win states

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