Delta College has strong class for 2011

Posted: June 23, 2011 by Jared Field in JUCO

After turning a mediocre season into a solid run into the NJCAA playoffs this past season, Delta College is building on its run with a strong recruiting class for 2011:

Jaylen Magee, Flint Northwestern

Derrick Washington, Saginaw BV

Jakob Holland, USA

Travon Cotton, Saginaw Heritage

George Smithers, Saginaw BV

Tyler Ellis, Bay City Western

William Sams, Montrose (via LSSU)

Obviously Magee is the best player in this class, but I think Washington is a big-time sleeper. The best athletes in this group are Cotton and Sams, who played at both Grand Blanc and Montrose in high school.

  1. WEH says:

    Tyler Ellis, Bay City Western, not Central.

  2. Taron Boose as well I hear?

  3. hoopsguru says:

    OK – What school would Boose be from Beecher or Saginaw High?
    What’s up with Sams leaving LSSU?

  4. basketballjunkie says:

    Ta’ron boose will not be at delta his rights are still at sc4 and i garentee coach vos will not realse him to a league school.and i heard he doesn’t even go to class so he would only be there for a semester……..the holland kid from usa is soft as well idk the kind of impact he can even bring to the table at this level. if sum how delta does get boose then watch out delta will be tuff

  5. WEH says:

    Not that everyone on here is having a huge debate or probably were wondering, but Tyler Ellis of Bay City Western has decided not to go to Delta CC and instead go play for Davenport in Grand Rapids.

  6. American Civilian says:

    Good school, Davenport — your coach will do your homework for you!

  7. Ty says:

    Where is George Goodman going to college?

  8. WEH says:

    George Goodman, SVSU.

    And false alarm on Tyler, they want him to go there, but he will make up his mind after this Saturday’s All-Star game at the Palace.

    Delta vs Davenport… what would you do?

  9. Josh says:

    Talked to tyler ellis he is not going to davenport he’s still going to delta

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