The Cage in Swartz Creek hosting player development clinic

Posted: July 7, 2011 by Jared Field in High School

SWARTZ CREEK, Michigan — Think of all the different ways to spend 10 bucks these days. Now, of the things you’re thinking of right now consider how many can actually be considered an investment in the future?

On Thursday, July 14 from 6-8 p.m. at The Cage in Swartz Creek, you can trade 10 bucks for two hours with one of the top skill development coaches I’ve seen.

Swartz Creek head coach Jeremy Trent will host the individual player development clinic for players, parents and coaches of all levels. There will be many new drills that were highlighted at a recent Xavier University coaching camp in Cincinnati. The drills will be demonstrated by players from different levels of the game.

The Cage Fieldhouse is located at 4110 Morrish Road in Swartz Creek, just off I-69.

  1. Dean Oakwood says:

    Have you guys at GLH checked out Creek’s team this summer? Whats with all the new players? I thought the program at The Cage was called the Proving Grounds, not the Recruiting Grounds. Marcellus coaches in Flint. Doesn’t he know anything about the robbery of some of Northern’s best players to the SC roster?

  2. Dean Oakwood says:

    Jared….it doesn’t alarm you when multiple players jump ship from one high school team to another? Why would players go to a school that already has a pretty solid group of juniors-to-be coming up?

    I don’t know if you played ball in high school, but if you wanted to leave your school and go to another one, how would you know that somebody doesn’t already play your position and is better? How would you know if you would start or not? If you don’t think that somebody isn’t talking to these Flint kids and promising spots on the SC team, then you’re not as sharp of a writer as I thought you were.

    Whether these kids jumped over during AAU, the Proving Grounds last year, or at the college coach showcases, someone talked to those Flint kids and assured them that they have a spot waiting for them at SC. I feel bad for those SC kids who are going to be juniors, who have enjoyed successfull freshmen and JV seasons, who bought into the program, who workout in the offseason, only to start summer ball and be pushed to the B team while transfer players mesh on the team that will mostly resemble SC’s rotation next winter.

  3. Chris Matheson says:

    Jeremy Trent is a man of high character with an incredible passion for the game of basketball; I don’t blame kids for wanting to go to Creek and play for him. Dean, I understand your concern for the student-athletes who have come up through the program, but I don’t think you can blame a kid for wanting to play for one of the top two coaches in the area. In addition, I would stake my last dollar that Jeremy was, is, and will remain completely above board when it comes to the issue of transfers–I trust him.

    • SCFan says:

      In addition, the potential transfer has a chance to be a special player, D-1 talent. Would you rather play for a coach with a passion to make you a better player and prepare you for the next level, plus do everything you can to make sure the kid qualifies to play D-1? Or do you continue to play at the city school where a community college is the likely option? Although this helps Creek, this helps the player more than anything in reaching his ultimate goal.

  4. Fanhooper says:

    I heard Denzel Watts was transferring to Creek… any true to this?

  5. hoopsguru says:

    Speaking of the Cage – over tre weekend someone was telling me that the Swartz Creek Schools have recently purchased the Cage. Is there any truth to that?

  6. hoopsguru says:

    That is leading edge stuff right there – pretty impressive deal. Will be interesting to keep an eye on this to see how it works out in the mid to long term.

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