Former Flint C-A and St. Clair CC standout Kieon Arkwright featured in video

Posted: July 22, 2011 by Jared Field in College
  1. Shooter1987 says:

    Shoutout to LifeAfterSportz! Follow a company on the rise @LifeAfterSportz

  2. Great Lakes Hoops,
    Thank you for featuring LifeAfterSportz newest video on your website. LifeAfterSportz is a powerful movement that helps athletes aid their community when they’re not playing sports, and use their free time away from sports productively. With this particular video, we focused on active athletes using their LifeAfterSportz or free time to get ready for the upcoming season, by preparing for their sport. Kieon Arkwright represented athletes all over the world who use their LifeAfterSportz to continue to prepare for their sport. Once again thank you Great Lakes Hoops for helping LifeAfterSportz get our message out. There will always be LifeAfterSportz, What will you do when the game is done?
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  3. Thanks for the Shoutout!! LifeAfterSportz appreciates all the support, Best Future Success Great Lakes Hoops!! keep LifeAfterSportz updated on all the great things your organization is doing.


  4. big9champ91 says:

    What 4yr Did He end up at?

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