The HIGH-erarchy: Local author ranks high school basketball factories, Flint in the mix

Posted: August 10, 2011 by Jared Field in High School
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Flint, known as Michigan’s “Basketball City” since the Flintstones burst on the scene at Michigan State, was actually a factory town long before Mateen Cleaves and company entered the national spotlight. Many factories produced Buicks and Chevys, true, but for now we’re talking about some other names: Trent Tucker, Glen Rice, Jeff Grayer, Roy Marble and more. Those players walked the hallways of our local high school before making it to the best basketball league in the world — The NBA.

Flint has probably produced more professional athletes than any other city its size in the country. We have a tremendous athletic heritage here, and one local writer has finally put Flint in its rightful place among the hottest basketball hotbeds in the country. Find out where Flint is ranked in the HIGH-erarchy of NBA factory towns.

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From CreateSpace:

In ‘The HIGH-erarchy: Ranking the top 30 NBA talent producing high schools in history,’ Patrick Hayes attempts to come up with a system that rates which schools stand out above the others when it comes to sending impactful players to the NBA ranks.

With a yearly influx of talent as well as a growing number of new basketball hotspots around the country, its likely that the top 30 won’t remain static for long, but this book attempts to give a brief snapshot of the conditions that have led these schools to become such basketball powerhouses.

  1. muthguy1 says:

    Good luck, Patrick!! I hope your book does really well!

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