Top 10: Ranking the Flint area’s best for 2011-12

Posted: December 5, 2011 by Jared Field in High School

Buctown's Monte Morris

As you know, every basketball season we try to rank the top players in the Flint area as a counterpoint to the Flint Journal’s rankings. I’m not saying our rankings are better, but we tend to be a little more connected to what’s going on out there (my old friend Bill hates AAU basketball). So yeah, I guess in a roundabout way I just said our rankings are better. Oh well.

1.) Monte Morris, Flint Buctown (junior guard): He’s a high-major guard with a brain for the game like we haven’t seen in a long time. Hard to find many deficiencies in his game. He needs to get stronger, but you could say that about pretty much everyone this list.

2.) Denzel Watts, Flint C-A (junior guard): Everyone except for Denzel. If Watts gets any stronger, he’ll be playing the post. Pretty much unguardable in one-on-one situations and a reliable shooter. Being at C-A probably hurts him as a prospect (see Glenn Cosey). He may be sidelined to start the season due to a disciplinary issue, but hopefully he gets back on track.

3.) J.D. Tisdale, Swartz Creek (junior guard): Throw him into the “something to prove” category this season. He’s probably the best pure prospect on this list. He’s closing in on 6-foot-5 and will be Creek’s primary ballhandler. He’s also the best athlete on this list. Recently received his first division offer from Bowling Green, a strong program in the MAC.

4.) Nic Stoll, Holly (senior forward): The Michigan Tech commit has the highest-revving motor in the Flint area. He can be a dominant force on both ends of the floor, if he can stay out of foul trouble. At 6-5, he should have his way in the Flint Metro League.

5.) Nathan Landsgaard, Goodrich (senior guard): A four-year varsity player, Landsgaard is the prototype power guard. He is at his best playing the PG, but will have success at three positions. Great finisher.

6.) Dylan Hickoff, Fenton (senior forward): Great size for a wing, Hickoff can run the floor and finish. With the green light at Fenton, Hickoff will score 18+ points per game again this season. Hickoff and his brother Ryan will play at Notre Dame College in Ohio, an NAIA school that is in the process of being received into the NCAA. Has to play harder on the defensive end.

7.) Antuan Burks, Beecher (senior guard): Not as much fanfare as his teammate, Morris, but Burks is an excellent player in his own right. Has lock-down potential as a defender. I’d love to have Mike Williams’ stable of guards with Morris, Burks and junior Eric Cooper. This team will be Breslin-bound once again.

8.) Richie Lewis, Flint Northern (junior guard): Lewis is a very good ballhandler and shooter who actually made a name for himself as a defender (mainly for stopping Patrick Lucas-Perry) in his first year on varsity as a freshman. Played AAU ball with Morris and Watts earlier this year. His little brother, sophomore Ray-Ray, will probably be starting alongside him for the Vikings.

9.) Quin Langston, Flint Powers (senior forward): The former Hamady Hawk is now thrust into the role of primary scorer at one of the state’s best programs. Langston is a sneaky-quick undersized forward that can score around the basket. I always thought he could turn out to be a better player than his former teammate, Dominez Burnett. He, like Dominez did, must extend his game to the perimeter.

10.) Bart Williams, Grand Blanc (junior forward): Williams is the best outside shooter in the area. I saw him in a scrimmage last week and he’s still a little rusty from Grand Blanc’s playoff run (he’s the quarterback). He needs to be more assertive offensively. He’s about 6-foot-4 and is too easily tempted to float around the wing. I guess I can understand why, though. You simply cannot leave him open and he has the guards to get him the rock.


Zeshawn Jones-Parker, Lapeer West (junior forward): ZJP is probably the most talented athlete at Lapeer West since, well, long before I started paying attention. The all-area wide receiver has tremendous hands around the basket and is getting his sea legs athletically.

Holly freshmen trio: (Casillas, Rowse and Baylist) Holly has a nice crop of incoming freshmen that will, I’m told, play varsity. Suffice it to say, Coach Lance Baylis won’t have to worry about shooters for quite some time. We may see a couple of those names on this list in the future.

  1. Rick Rowse says:

    looks like a great season starting tonight!

  2. hoopsguru says:

    How does Flint C-A hurt someone as a prospect?

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