49, 20, 7, 6: Matt Costello absolutely dominates Flint Southwestern

Posted: January 21, 2012 by Jared Field in High School

Matt Costello is a flat-out beast. The Bay City Western senior will be in East Lansing next year, but for now he’s just about as dominant a player at the high school level as you’ll ever see.

Witness his performance last night against Flint Southwestern. Costello, in an 80-75 double overtime victory, scored 49 points with 20 rebounds, seven blocks and six assists. That’s just sinful; and trust me, I’m not out here acting like it’s easy to put a cramp in Costello’s production — it’s not. But how can you let one player go all Wilt Chamberlain on you knowing that limiting his touches is job number one?

Honestly, I think Costello is the best player in the state and should be the Mr. Basketball winner. I think one could have made a legitimate claim that he was the most skilled player in the state last year as well.

I have to borrow a phrase from Keyshawn Johnson: “C’mon man.” 49 and 20?

  1. Those numbers are ridiculous in two ways: 1. Because he put them up and 2. Because they let him. Here’s something for all coaches out there….DOUBLE TEAM! Get the ball out of his hands. He is killing you! Reminded me of 2006 when SWA wouldn’t double Kalin Lucas and he went off for 18 in the 4th quarter alone. Different regime, same coaching.

  2. muthguy1 says:

    Quite the dominant game, but Marcellus is right.

  3. G-town says:

    Sounds like Redford a few years back as well. 47 against SWA with no overtime.

  4. hoopsguru says:

    Definitely Mr. Basketball for sure.

    As for double teaming him, that would likely leave his twin brother open who has gotten his fair share of double doubles. If I were to coach against BCW, I would pressure the ball very hard all over the court trying to severly disrupt BCW’s ability to get much even started offensively. BCW’s guard play is down this year compared to last year so that is probably your best option. Another obvious thing to do is to keep rotating a fresh strong agressive body on him – use 12-15 fouls on hi if you have to – perhaps he will get flustered.

    • They barely won in double-OT with his huge game…having coached against him three times, I would take my chance double-teaming him if he got that hot….but that’s just me. Other strategies certainly can work.

  5. hoopsguru says:

    very good point – also another thing to do would be to get off to a very good and quick start against them and perhaps just hang on. They have been starting very slow sll season thus far.

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