Flint area top ten: Beecher, Fenton and pick’em

Posted: February 4, 2012 by Jared Field in High School

This is uncharted water for me. I’ve been following the high school basketball scene in the area for many years, and I’ve never had much difficulty getting a gauge of the top local teams. And then there’s this season:

1.) Beecher (14-0)

2.) Fenton (13-1)

3-10: Pick ’em

Honestly, where do you go with the rest of these teams? Hamady is 13-1, but they’ve played one good team this season (Bridgeport) and lost. Holly had a great start to the season, but was handled in their games versus the top two teams in the Flint Metro League (Fenton and Swartz Creek); Creek (10-4), for its part, had a great run going after a heartbreaking late-game loss to Fenton and the big win over Holly. Then they lost to Linden at home, probably the worst loss for any of my previously-ranked teams this season.

Grand Blanc (8-5) has a solid season going, having given Milford (the top team in the KLAA) its only loss of the season. But the Bobcats did lose in their last meeting against an up-and-down Carman-Ainsworth (8-5) squad that lost to Clarkston (by 36) and to a mediocre Flint Northern.

Speaking of Northern, the Flint city schools have all struggled season. Northern, Northwestern and Southwestern are a combined 19-21. Southwestern is coming off an awful 35-point loss to Saginaw High. Northern lost to Flint Powers 37-35 last week, a team that’s been losing to just about everybody this season. Northwestern is the best team in the City Series, but they have some puzzling losses in their 8-5 record (including to Powers).

And then there’s Goodrich (one of the teams that beat NW). Sadly, beating Northwestern is Martians’ signature win. They’ve been beaten soundly by Beecher twice and also lost early in the season to Grand Blanc.

Kearsley had a great start to the season with wins over Swartz Creek and Fenton, but the Hornets have fallen like a rock since.

Is this just mediocre basketball or do we just have more parity than is typical?

  1. Jay says:

    Flint is down – the Saginaw area has taken on the title of basketball city lately. Flint Beecher seems legitimate but looking at Class A all Saginaw (High and Hill) with no change any time soon,

    • John Hope says:

      You writers are so full of it, last year you talked about how the coaches couldnt coach and people didnt know what they where doing. This year it’s basketball in Flint is down. How about you guys just dont know what your talking about. The best teams in the area is Beecher, Hamady Girls and Goodrich Girls, Face guys I havent read where it’s been coaching all year. My point is basketball is down and this isnt the first year it was down. Look at the schools in genesee county most are down, chalk it up to coaching chalk it up to playesr or whatever you want. But just like they are down you writers are down and bias. Look in the mirror because we all have shortcomings,

      • Jared Field says:

        Coaching has been a serious issue in the city for quite some time. Who wants to coach in the city these days? I don’t know very many who are interested.

        Basketball is down across the board and a number of factors are to blame, including the city’s fall from basketball grace.

        Yes. The best team in the Flint area is Beecher. For some reason, I chose not to rank girls’ teams in a boys’ basketball ranking. Go figure.

  2. Skywalker says:

    I have a #3 for you… the Goodrich GIRLS team. I haven’t seen Beecher or Fenton play, but I have watched a lot of the teams you talked about on here. I guarantee not 1 of them would want to play them. Actually just saw they are in the top 25 USA Today poll. It was amazing how quick they get up and down the court.

  3. prepfan says:

    skywalker, they maybe a really good team but lets not forget size. Take a team with a couple guys at 6’4 and they are not even going to get a rebound. I have seen this year how size alone can win a game with the other team having more talent. Whitney Young out of Chicago had a ton of size and beat Lexington SC by 10 and did not come close in the talent pool

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