Fenton is the real deal, but can they knock off Clarkston?

Posted: March 6, 2012 by Jared Field in High School

I probably should feel guilty for just gifting Fenton a win over Ortonville-Brandon Wednesday night, but I’ve seen Brandon play — it should be a lopsided victory. After the Tigers dispatch O-B, they will clash with the winner of the Clarkston-Holly game Wednesday.

Barring a major upset, Fenton will meet Clarkston Friday night in the final of one of the top districts in the state (in my humble opinion).

Coach Fife at Clarkston wins district titles in his sleep, but is this year going to be different? I’ve seen the Tigers on four different occasions this year and I’m confident Fenton is the real deal.

Last night, Fenton unloaded on a scrappy Swartz Creek team in the first half and managed to stave off a late-game resurgence by the Dragons. In the first half, Fenton showed why they are going to be a tough out in this year’s tournament. They are well-coached, they take care of the ball and the get in your face defensively. The Tigers also move the ball about as well as I’ve seen at the high school level.

They have the big three (Dylan Hickoff, Ryan Hickoff and Cory Cox) to go along with a roster chock-full of complimentary players who almost never force the issue.

I guess the question is this: Do you take Fenton seriously as a class A contender? Do you think they can beat Clarkston? I, for one, do and I’ve certainly not been willing to concede that in the past. This is a team that deserves more respect.

I hope both Fenton and Beecher will represent the Flint area this season with a deep run into the playoffs.

  1. Flintmetrofan says:

    Fenton is very good… but Brandon was up 15-11 at the end of the 1st and only down six at halftime…. Clarkston waxed Holly 71-19… we’ll see.. should be a good one…

  2. Joe Seitz says:

    Nice Call Jared, one of the most exciting games I’ve ever seen in SC’s gym and I’ve seen a lot of them. Fenton in double OT on a Readman 3 point shot buzzer beater 68-66. It was a great game to be a fan of neither school, just a great high school game.

  3. Joe Seitz says:

    Jared, just curious what your thoughts are on Fenton vs. Saginaw?

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