Is Steve Schmidt the man to ‘fire up’ Central Michigan’s basketball program?

Posted: March 15, 2012 by Jared Field in JUCO

Mott's Steve Schmidt was a finalist for the head coaching vacancy at CMU in 2006. Will his alma mater give him a fresh look in 2012?

The e-mails and texts came in like a flood on Wednesday afternoon. The word of Ernie Zeigler’s ouster as head coach at Central Michigan University was received in Flint with both fear and excitement — fear of losing an institution in the city and excitement about the possibility of Steve Schmidt building a mid-major powerhouse at his alma mater.

This morning, I had a meeting in downtown Flint and once again heard talk about CMU’s search and how Flint’s guy might just be the right guy (he was born in Lansing, but we claim him now). A friend of mine and acquaintance of Coach Schmidt heard the news and reacted in the same way many others have: It’s time to take it to the next level.

The “it” is the basketball tradition at Mott that folks around here believe can be replicated just about anywhere.

Over the course of the last six years, I’ve had the closest view possible of Schmidt’s basketball program at Mott without actually putting on a jersey. I know the program inside and out, I’ve seen the blueprint and I know why he wins. This man’s world isn’t bounded by lines of latitude and longitude, just laces. His life has been devoted to the game we all love and, for this devotion, he’s earned the respect and admiration of fans, fellow coaches and an entire city that identifies with the game perhaps more than any other.

The man I spoke to early this morning put it best: “Coach Schmidt is married to the game.”

In the summer of 2007, I was working as a reporter for the Flint Journal and I was with the team in the locker room after they secured Schmidt’s second national championship. That summer, Schmidt was a finalist for the Central Michigan job that ultimately went to Zeigler, a promising assistant who coached with Ben Howland at UCLA. It was very clear at that time that Schmidt had struggled over the course of the summer with the idea of leaving Mott, and he told his team as much. He was never comfortable with the prospect of saying goodbye to a team he knew was destined for greatness. The Bears won the title and nine of those players, kids from Detroit, Chicago, Brooklyn and Flint, went on to play D-1 basketball.

Coach Schmidt is a great recruiter who has had a tremendous amount of success in the Midwest and has even branched out to find players in the South. He has graduated players to high-major conferences including the Big Ten, Big East, SEC and ACC. Many of his players have found success at the mid-major level over the years including in the MAC.

During his career he has coached 15 All-Americans and three National Player of the Year Award winners. Sophomore John Taylor, a guard from the west side of Chicago, has a great chance to be his fourth.

I could tell you a lot of stories that would outline the above mentioned blueprint in words, knowing that the mark of a great coach is more than just about wins and losses; but, I also know that coaching at a high level is a bottom-line business and winning championships is the difference between good and great.

Here’s what Schmidt has done since his last interview with CMU:

  • 2012 — Conference, State, Regional, National Champions (35-1)
  • 2011 — Conference, State, Regional, National Runner-up (33-3)
  • 2010 — Conference, State Champions (26-4)
  • 2009 — Conference Champions (29-5)
  • 2008 — Conference, Regional, State and National Champions (35-2)
  • 2007 — Conference, Regional and National Champions (35-3)

That’s 19 championship trophies.

There’s nothing more he can do at this level. A couple years back I remember hearing his longtime assistant respond to a question about when Schmidt would get his opportunity at the D-1 level.

“When some program gets tired of losing,” he said.

It takes a winner to make a winner, and the boldness demonstrated by CMU earlier this month tells me the Chips are tired of losing.

  1. Adam says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Jared.

  2. APCoggins says:

    Jared, would you PLEASE quit making sense.

  3. hoopsguru says:

    Does Steve graduate players? I ask that because EZ did not have one player graduate the whole 6 years he was coach!

    • Jared Field says:

      He runs a tight ship at Mott. Graduating players is a strength of the program. One of the other strengths that many people don’t talk about has been his ability to keep players in the sports section of the newspaper and not the news section.

  4. Kim thompson says:

    Steve is a great guy and a good coach, and has done a tremendous job at Mott .He should absolutely be under consideration. My question is ? Where are the other offers D1 coaching jobs coming from if he is so good. Let’s keep things in check here .

    CMU doesn’t need a CMU guy , to run it’s program, we have done that ,they just got serious about providing a first class facility. Now they have to get serious about paying a first class coach.
    And yes that can be a up and coming coach! . Who it shouldnt be is the up an coming coach at Mott CC. At least not yet. I’m from Flint , I played with Steve , I graduated from CMU. I would like to see Steve take a job somewhere else first then , come back to CMU. I want to our basketball program, built inside out, Roundfield , Troph, Grauzer, Poquette,Kelso, that era was CMU greatest national reconiton. Under coach Parfitt, then the second chapter under Charlie Coles , with Flint connection ‘ Levy , Johnson , (Thunder Dan Majerle) Traverse City

    Simply put ,we need the very best candidate for the job.”… And it’s not the very fine coach at Mott community college, with all due respect

    Proud to be a chippewa
    Kim Thompson,Sr

    • Jared Field says:

      With all due respect, there was a time when you could have said the same thing about Brian Kelly at GVSU or Jim Tressel at Youngstown State. You really haven’t presented a strong argument. How many D-1 offers did Nolan Richardson have before Tulsa took a shot with him straight out of JUCO?

    • APCoggins says:

      Up and coming coach at Mott CC? Umm, Kim, with all due respect you have obviously not watched the last – 20 years? Schmidt has won 25 or more games the last 18 – yes you read that right – 18 years. He has well over 500 career wins, 3 national titles, 3 national runner-up finishes, 7 national final fours, multiple district, conference, and state titles. If he hasn’t proven himself to you, he never will.

      Steve Schmidt runs a clean program, graduates his players, disciplines those who do not follow the rules (regardless of the consequences to him or the team – remember losing a player last year who would have helped immensely in Danville), and (most importantly for many people) WINS! He has done all he can do – the reason he has not been hired is he is Steve Schmidt is a throwback to (if I may use a football analogy) Bo Schembechler. He won’t kiss the rear end of donors or alumni who think they know everything. He runs his program his way – and SUCCEEDS!

      I don’t want him to leave – unless it would someday be for Ann Arbor. That is the selfish side of me coming out. However, he is an outstanding choice, and Central Michigan screwed up in 2006 by not giving him a shot.

      Steve Schmidt is the ideal candidate to rebuild CMU. I hope he stays – for me and for the city of Flint and Mott Community College. But, I hope he gets a shot to lead the maroon and gold – for him. He has earned it, and if you don’t see that, you are simply blind.

      • Kim thompson says:

        Yes up and coming , I think you are missing something here? Steve has nothing to prove to me or any of us. On another note I have seen Mott play about 40 times over the years. Steve and i both wore the maroon and gold as teamates. I like Steve , as a person, I liked him as a teamate,
        (shhh) don’t tell Freddie we played together):)

        We were both tough hard nosed competitors , he is a proven winner ! I think Steve will get a shot at a head coaching Job it might be CMU , it might not? He is a good coach. In my opinion which we all have one , because this is America, I don’t think this is the time for CMU to Hire Steve?

        I appreciate the dialogue

        Proud to be a Chippewa
        Kim Thompson,Sr

  5. Wiliie Walton jr says:

    You tell em’ Jared….Sounds like a case of Hateration to me!

  6. Freddie McCoy says:

    I don’t even remembering you playing for CMU but with all due respect, Steve Schmidt is a winner and he will be just the man to bring CMU out of their funk.

  7. Kim thompson says:

    Freddie, you got one thing correct in your post . Steve is a winner! It’s all good man, I love the dialogue . But let me help you remember , you ever heard of this new technology called Internet , I know how important that is to you . Neither of us know if Steve is the right candidate , all we know is he is worthy of consideration on based on his on merit.

    Proud to be a Chippewa
    Kim Thompson,Sr

  8. creekhoops says:

    Mr. Proud to be a Chippewa……

    The fact that you played with coach Schmidt and know he is a winner and a ” tough hard nosed competitor” but yet you do not want him to get the job with his winning percentage and national titles tells me that you are either #1 not a very bright guy or #2 jealous. Real competitors don’t get on websites bashing their former teammates and then give them a back handed compliment. It’s a good thing that you are not the one making decisions in mt. Pleasant, and the fact that you have to tell people that you were a ” tough hard nosed competitor” tells me that you probably were not. I played for Coach Schmidt and have known him for 20 years and I can guarantee you that he doesn’t have to tell people he is a competitor and would feel silly doing so. Coach Schmidt deserved the job in 2006 and he will turn the program around if given the opportunity.

    Jeremy Trent

  9. Kim thompson says:

    Coach, We can agree to disagree , I’m really sorry that you are getting so upset over simple dialogue . Your a coach , details and facts are important, that’s what I deal in. Im very direct and candid in my communication . So to insinuate that , I have made any type of back handed compliments, and that , I’m jealous , is actually ridicules .

    You can’t guarantee anything, but you use words like that, you have know idea what your talking about. You know nothing about CMU basketball program , or the university budget , or buy out or search committe or the process . Or other candidates.

    And quite frankly i wouldnt expect you to i respect your passion for your coach. , it’s funny how Flint has changed. I won’t even get into the basketball stuff.But Since you went there. I’m glad your coaching at the creek , I’m sure your doing a fine job., I’m not sure where you played HS ball

    What I know, is you couldn’t walk down my street in Flint on the North Side, or anybody that you knew… You would have be eaten a live, on and off the court. You better go ask somebody before you make the comments your making coach .,its all good, honestly just having dialogue . You get a couple of city kids out in the creek and now it’s different , come on man ! And this has nothing to do with race . I have a right to my opinion , you have a right to yours . Unless you went to CMU , stay in your lane, you can’t talk crap about my university

    Get your facts right coach, don’t be so angry ,

    • Jared Field says:

      I don’t think anyone on this board is “talking crap” about Central Michigan. People on this board have been supportive of Coach Schmidt and Mott’s program for a long time. We know Coach Schmidt is a great coach and this sounds like a great opportunity.

      If you truly had been a frequent visitor to Mott during Schmidt’s tenure, you’d probably agree with us that he has done all he can do at this level.

      Are you the Kim Thompson who was an all-stater at Powers? When was the last time you spoke to your former teammate?

      My issue with your original post was that you didn’t attempt to quantify the reasons for your belief that he’s not qualified for the job.

      • Kim thompson says:

        Im confused, guys what ever happened to just having healthy dialogue , I never said Steve wasn’t qualified , he is more than qualified… , Again This is not about anything other than, my opinion. As you are giving me yours. He will probally get the job. That doesn’t mean he was the best candidate. Many factors will go into that. Was EZ the best candidate? Many factors went into that?

        We are simply having healthy dialogue ,yes I was All State at Powers Catholic , back in that other century. When we played I tough Big 9 and Saginaw valley Schedule when Flint was the hotbed of hoops, Dean Howe wrote a great article on the top 25 players to come out of Flint

        Look, smitty has done a tremendous job at Mott , CMU really needs to change its course I care very deeply about the university not just the basketball program. I’m from Flint I don’t say I’m from Detroit .. I follow Mott, I live in The DC area now in Alexandria Va. I want the best candidate hired if that’s smitty than they will hire him. I appreciate the dialogue

  10. creekhoops says:

    You are right, that was my first post on this site and this one will be my last. I would never post anything about high school basketball because I am a high school coach and that wouldn’t be right. I wrote about that because it has to do with college basketball and a person I support. You do have the right to your opinion, However, if my opinion was that coach Schmidt should get the Knicks job that would be a silly comment but that would be supporting my ” friend” and former coach. I am bothered by the fact a ” friend” and former teammate would not be in support on a public forum of coach Schmidt getting a job he very well deserves. If you truly are a friend you would keep your negative comments on the streets. Yes you are right……I was ” eaten alive on the city courts” as a player….My teammates and I were so intimidated that we beat flint central in the district championship and Saginaw in the regionals. I was scared but good thing we had a couple players that weren’t.

    Jeremy Trent

    • Kim thompson says:

      Just as I thought coach ‘ put a litte pressure defense on, and those turnovers start happening …
      Hey, coach it’s all good, I love the dialogue , i respect your opinion , next time im in Flint, I hope we get a chance to meet . We are both adults .I want to see your team play . Dave Ginsberg actually speaks well of you , he was also coached steve ,take care coach, for the record

      Steve is a good coach, fine person, deserving of the opportunity, I have always said that.
      I don’t have to hide behind words. Anybody including Steve. Knows me knows that I’m a stand up guy even if that means standing up alone..

      Proud to bea Chippewa
      Kim Thompson, Sr
      Flint Powers Catholic ,1980

  11. creekhoops says:


    Was your ” street on the north side of flint” the reason you went to the hardcore hallways of powers catholic?


    • Kim thompson says:

      Yea, I’m. Catholic, my parents worked 3 jobs , I walked to school everyday about 3 Miles, with the rest of the neighborhood kids , all of are dads worked in the shop. I had 6 brothers , 3 sister. (same father ) I know that’s a shock to you in you in your vanilla world. Out there in the burbs The burkes had 15 kids ,
      The stefankski had 10 kids, The Richardson ,had 8,

      As you can see quite a diversed neighborhood , another shocker to you, but it’s all good, I wouldnt change a thing… The hard core hall ways at Flint Powers Catholic, taught me a lot
      It also taught me how we never lost to the creek, i think I might have had 25 10 and 5 every time we played you guys and was doubled team all nights ,and played 3 Qtrs your point again….

      Terry furlow Wayman Britt, Trent, Tucker, Craig Tucker, Eric, Turner, Arnold Scott, Carl Banks,, John Wiley , Scott Timmons, Lapeer East, Dave Bush, Marty Embry, Arnold Scott,, Jeff Grayer Kevin strozier
      Hebler kid the creek just a few also taught me a lot, Jack Pratt, ,Dick Parfitt , Dave Ginsberg CMU also taught me a lot

      So your point is…. It’s all good coach.. I still love you man nothing personal

  12. creekhoops says:

    That’s funny to say all those things. I told my buddy after I wrote that you would write back and say #1 what a tough life you had and #2 how great you were.


    • Kim Thompson says:

      Coach, I was good , not great , and proud to be from a working class family from Flint.
      You can have the last word coach , I appreciate the dialouge.

      Proud To be A Chippewa
      Kim Thompson,Sr

  13. Freddie McCoy says:

    lol, Jared, you pick a good topic here, you got everyone fired up but Kim, i do remember you at Flint Powers, you are a little older than me. I grew up in Flint Northwestern and Flint Powers area and the reasons why Flint Powers stay long in that area because it was a decent area with lot of home owners in the 80’s and early 90’s but it started to go down in the mid-90’s. Kim, you are right about one thing, Flint was the hotbed of hoops but best players in my era came out of the Northwest side of Flint. We had so many good players on that side of town, they had to go to other schools in Flint like Keith Gray-Flint Central and Andre “Moon” Wiley-Flint Southwestern. The level of competition was very intense and you didn’t get pick on playground games unless you was good at Gundry ,people like Glen Rice, Jeff Grayer, Andre Rison, Anthony Pendleton, etc have to step up their game against those older cats, local legends. I still remember a guy name Skip Franklin in a pickup game slammed dunk on Jeff Grayer and Glen Rice and what made it more sweet was that Skip was only 6 feet tall. Kim, you failed to mention Berry Stevens, Bruce Bolden, Pie Walker and Bill Harris who was all great players. Kim, do you stay in touch with CMU. I still know a lot of players that I played against when I younger like Ervin Levey, I just recently had him do a scouting report on my Nephew, Nate Duhon for CMU after my nephew did a recruiting visit at CMU two week ago. Kim, my step-daughter was on the Class B Girl’s State championship team in 2002 and that team was Flint Powers. By the way, Kim, the best players that I ever seen in Flint and they didn’t even play college basketball, Mark Harris and Tim Looney and Tim’s younger brother was a star player in the 90’s at Flint Powers.

    • Kim thompson says:

      Freddie I did leave out some of the great Flint players ,by accident only I’m getting old man ( lol) You have a good memory . We had so many good/ great players coming out of Flint it makes you even more proud to be from Flint.

      Which Looney went to Powers ? Is I think I know who you talking about the little guard rozier
      Keep me posted on Nate I appreciate the dialogue

      • Freddie McCoy says:

        Thanks Kim, I play against all those guys except Mark Harris. I was a good player myself but joined Army instead of going to Mott to basketball and was ask to play at EMU when I got out of the Army due to personal problems and I ditch basketball and college and got a good playing job but made sure I pass my love for basketball to my Nephew, Nate and he said that the CMU recruiting trip was lackluster,probably because they knew their pending demise and he took the full ride at Chicago St. You got Rozier right on the money, his brother Tim played at Flint Academy in the early 80’s.

  14. Willie Walton says:

    Freddie and all other readers,Kim stated that he is not from Flint..He’s from the D.c. area………disregard any hoops comments he has made because he’s from another country!

  15. Very interesting commentary…First thing I want to say is somehow we got way off the subject here. The fact remains that Coach Schmidt has done MORE than enough to prove worthy of a shot at the CMU post. The details of his accomplishments were laid out in another post on this site by Jared Field. I suggest all take a look at the staggering numbers. If he is “more than qualified”, it would seem that a chance is well deserved here. Second, to answer another question, I cannot see Trey staying there. He went there pretty much because of his dad and without that, I’m sure he will likely go elsewhere. In fact, the rumor mill has it that freshman Austin McBroom (Starting PG) will also leave. Although I will say that John Taylor would seeming fit right in if Trey does leave. There may be a college that looks at father and son as a nice package deal. Third, as someone who attended Swartz Creek’s dismantling of Flint Central in the district final in perhaps the game that signaled the coming end of Stan Gooch’s coaching career there (he stayed about 3 years too long), Coach Trent has his tongue FIRMLY planted in his cheek when he talks of being afraid. He pretty much single-handedly whooped Central with a barrage of 3-pointers and gutsy play after breaking a hand during the game. I just wanted to clear that up a bit because he won’t tell it himself.

  16. Jared Field says:

    I don’t think this this little debate would have ensued had Kim been a little more forthright with his initial comments. He stated as a matter of fact that Coach Schmidt was not the best candidate for the job without providing any compelling reasons for his opinion.

    Further, I’d be shocked if Kim has actually been to Mott for a game once, let alone “40 times.” Anyone who has followed this program closely knows what Coach Schmidt has built at Mott and would not try to diminish it in any way.

    Just curious: At any point during your 40 visits to Mott have you ever been talked to your old friend and teammate?

    • APCoggins says:

      Of course he hasn’t Jared – he is too busy in Washington DC working for some “convention” group and coaching 9-10-11 year olds in AAU. He has “coaching” experience. *eye roll*

  17. creekhoops says:


    I appreciate the kind words. Biting my tongue talking about myself isn’t necessary, there are to many ” me” people and not enough ” we” people these days. Talking positively about my former teammates, players and coaches is fun and easy. Beating FC that night was fun and the reason is that we had a tough undersized front line that did a great job against a much more talented central team loaded with players like judson Anderson, Cory Blake, and George miller. We also had a tough soph named brad Trent that held the best pt guard in the area ( max Scott) to 3 points. Those guys are the reason a good team beat a great team that night. Now can we get back to talking about why a GREAT coach and his hard working players deserve another national title and then see the best coach around go north to mt. Pleasant!

    Jeremy Trent

  18. hoopsguru says:

    Folks – please keep in mind Kim Thompson Sr. has more influence in who gets the job than anyone else in this thread. He is one of a number of $ucce$$ful CMU basketball alumni that CMU has reached out to in an effort to get good input on the subject. I know that factually.

    I do not know Kim personally but grew up in the burbs and attended a Big 9 school when he did and a couple of years later followed him to CMU and watched him play there as well.

    Wright / Wrong / Indifferent Kim’s opinion carries weight. I personaly like Steve Schmidt for the job, but the AD and search committee are not calling me up because frankly my $100 per year does not compare to others nor did I play at CMU. Reading this thread closely and trying to listen to Kim’s opninion, makes me conclude that the CMU basketball program is sooooooooo far down the toilet right now that Kim feels a jump from JUCO to D1 head coach is too risky. Just his opinion.

    Again I like Steve Schmidt for the job – only one other alumni I’d like more for the job – Thunder Dan. However due to a divorce with young kids, I believe it is currently not feasible for him to move back to Michigan.

    Question to Kim – what was the name of the other inner-city Flint 7 footer who became Catholic when you did?

  19. Freddie McCoy says:

    well, hoopguru clean that matter up but I somewhat agree with you that JUCO to D1 would be risky. Steve Schmidt remind me of a successful JUCO that made big jump to D1 25 years ago and is still coaching today, Ronnie Arrow at University of South Alabama, he was a great recruiter and his JUCO teams was averaging 101pts per game. Steve Schmidt knows him good because he sent some Mott players his way for 20 years. The way the Schmidt recruits and his basketball scheme, he should have no problem making that adjustment. I thinking bring in someone with no head coaching experience would be a big risk like Thunder Dan and remember this was Coach Zeigler very first head coaching job. Ronnie Arrow’s experience as a head coach at JUCO made him ready for D1, he won couple of conference championship, coach of the year and even got his team in the NCAA Tournament who lost to eventual National champion Michigan in the second round in 1989 and that was only his third year in D1. I strongly believe Schmidt can do the same thing as Arrow has proven that it can be done.

    • Jared Field says:

      Coach Schmidt has had opportunities to coach at lower levels of basketball than D-1 over the years. Years ago when I was a reporter for the Flint Journal I asked him why he wasn’t interested in pursuing those opportunities. His response: “I want to coach division one players.”

      He has coached a lot of them over the years.

  20. JucoJunkie says:

    When I was growing up in Moberly, MO I had the opportunity to see some great JUCO coaches move on to D-1 colleges and do quite well. Cotton Fitzsimmons, Charlie Spoonhour, Dana Altman and others were very successful at Moberly and continued their success at various colleges. Coach Schmidt’s resume is just as good, if not better, than the names I mentioned, so I think he would do quite well at CMU or any other 4-year college.

  21. Chris Matheson says:

    Just a couple of notes:

    1. A healthy dialogue consists of mutual respect, not veiled references to person’s ethinicity
    2. Passive-aggressive statements do not foster healthy dialogue
    3. Flip the script, what would the response have been had Jeremy made reference to Mr. Thompson’s ethnicity?
    4. Personally, I loved the discussion until it devolved into passive-aggressive insults
    5. Kim Thompson is too modest–he was a great player at Powers (one of the best in their illustrious athletic history), as was Jeremy Trent at Swartz Creek. The best thing you can say about a player and a leader in athletics is the following: he won the games he should have and plenty he probably he should not have–this describes Jeremy perfectly. His SC teams punched far above their weight and that group has a great deal to be proud of when they reflect upon their time as student-athletes at SC.

    • Jared Field says:

      Great points Chris.

      I enjoy healthy dialogue as well. I think for many of us Kim went off the rails as soon as he left the station. I don’t know how you could call yourself a friend of Coach Schmidt’s and then immediately diminish what he has done at Mott by saying that he’s not ready for a D-1 job. If he’s not ready, with his resume, then who exactly is?

      Before arriving at “it’s not his time,” I think I would have made a compelling argument or two.

      I mean, I tend to think Dane Fife is a pretty good coach. That being said, what exactly am I basing my assessment on? Probably little more than my memory of him as a player. His record as a head coach certainly doesn’t jump off the page.

      If someone thinks the JUCO to D-1 jump is too far of a leap, I don’t have a problem with that as long as the opinion is accompanied by something that resembles a meaningful argument. To me, a high-level JUCO has more in common with D-1 than, for instance, the D-3 or NAIA level. I mean, I’ve seen way more D-1 caliber players at Mott over the last six years than I would have seen at programs in the MIAA. And, as my friends who are in coaching tell me, there’s a big difference between coaching D-1 versus D-3 players.

      Further, is recruiting at the D-1 level more akin to high-level JUCO recruiting or lower levels like D-3 and NAIA?

  22. Stewart Sorenson says:

    Greg Kampe would be the IDEAL candidate to take over at CMU but he’s going nowhere, not with the outstanding program he has built at Oakland University. Central needs a proven winner and Schmidt’s record speaks for itself. Fact is Central has had something like 4 winning seasons over the past 30 plus years and haven’t had any substained success since Kjolhede and Parfitt coached here. I also think that Schmidt may also help bring in some players from the Flint and Lansing areas too. Well over 500 wins plus four JUCO national championships. That’s enough for me.

  23. Kim thompson says:

    It’s always interesting, to look back on some of the comments made, including mine, now that all is setteled . Central Michigan University hired the best candidate for the job Keno Davis

    Steve Schmidit and Mott community college won another National Championship

    The fact of matter is we wanted to protect what was important to us, and we it’s really simple , we can agree to disagree. It’s amazing how , some folks wanted to spin my comments into a personal attack on coach Schmidit.

    I clearly acknowledged coach Schmidt’s success , and recognize that he is a fine coach , and was absolutely qualified to be considered and hired for the CMU job. Steve can flat out coach, his day will come, you might not like my delivery, I can respect that, however I respect steve schmidit,always have beacuse he earned that respect , as a player , and a coach.

    I’m proud to be from Flint, and my experience at Flint Powers Catholic had a great impact on my life .I happen to live in Alexandria Virginia, I will always be from Flint and proud of it

    And yes still coaching those 10u AAU Team
    Maret School head JV coach Asst varsity coach
    President, The TraMar Group LLC

  24. […] would add that Eastern doesn’t have to be as hard-up as Sussman suggests. There is a certain four-time national champion JUCO coach about an hour away who just hauled in another in a long line of impressive recruiting classes who […]

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