Some standouts from 2012 Camp Darryl/Bankhoops Classic

Posted: May 23, 2012 by Jared Field in High School

Lapeer West’s Cullen Turczyn was among the top performers at the Camp Darryl/Bankhoops Classic in Lansing over the weekend.

I will readily admit that I did not see every team and consequently not every player, but I can tell you that some left an impression on me in the games I saw.  No disrespect to those not mentioned; I may have just missed you…

Malik Garner– So.  C.M.A.S. Elite 16u
I had heard about this young man, but this was my first opportunity to watch him play.  Although not flashy, his poise and control at the point guard position for this team made me understand why they had won 25 straight games this spring/summer.  They came up a bit short, surprisingly losing in the finals to Camp Darryl- North, but Malik impressed me.

Amariontez Ivory-Thomas– So. Mid Michigan Lakers 16u
I have seen this kid a bunch this summer and he has left impressions several times.  This past weekend though, he showed me some ability to carry his team.  His offensive motor runs very high, but he will need to improve it on the defensive end.  Offensively, he will knock down the three and beat his guy off the dribble finishing in traffic.  I’m sure there are bigger and better things to come.

Jalon Plummer– Jr. Michigan Warriors 17u
Without their big man that had been playing all summer, Jalon stepped up big time.  Scoring 24 in their toughest pool game (and it wasn’t that tough) versus the Mid Michigan Lakers and 34 in the championship game versus Camp Darryl told the tale.  He is what I describe as someone who is not a shooter, but can shoot.  When he gets hot, look out!  Just ask Camp Darryl…He was named MVP and all tournament team as well.

Max Cummings– Jr. Tri-County Tigers 17u
Unlike his coach for TCT, I am not going to downplay great game play because of personal issue (more later).  That said, Max was great when TCT took down Camp Darryl in pool play and for all intents and purposes has been solid all summer.  Another streaky shooter, the streak was on fire in that close matchup and likely is what pushed them over the top.  Cummings is also an underrated athlete and will be tough next year for Swartz Creek.

Matt Falls– Mid Michigan Lakers 17u
Despite literally breaking the sole on his shoe during a game, Matt surprised a lot of people.  After getting used to playing against this level of competition (class D in high school), Matt has blossomed into a reliable force.  He has a deadly, quick release jumper and good guard post moves.  He also rebounded well on the weak side and will likely tear his conference up in the winter.  I am still not sure how he found Flint for AAU all the way from Carsonville.

Tyler Conklin– Jr.  BBC Select 17u
This guy is just good.  He featured a game that included quite a deadly pull up mid range jumper and a decent touch from deep as well.  He was the clear leader for his team and carried them throughout the event.  He, like Cummings, is surprisingly athletic as well.  Opponents will have all kinds of trouble with him moving forward.

Abe Barwegen– Jr. ACB Black 17u
Honestly, I don’t know much about this kid…but what I do know is he had BBC Select’s coach going nuts because he was lighting them up en route to 45 points in pool play.

Bishop Robinson– Jr. Camp Darryl 17u
I saw him healthy and I saw him cramping up; what else I saw was him still pretty much scoring in bunches going hard to the basket.  He didn’t shoot as well as I normally see him, but I saw an aggressiveness that displayed his desire to win.  After posting a 40 spot on Parallel 45, he lit up TEAM Basketball and dropped 26 on the Mid Michigan Lakers leading his team to the championship game.  The back-to-back nature of the games and the cramps finally caught to him in the championship games, but his all tournament team selection spoke for itself.

Simeun McGee– So. Mid Michigan Lakers 16u
Just as important as his teammate mentioned above, Simeun absolutely killed the very good CMAS Elite 16u team.  He hit 3’s, drove to the basket, blocked shots, and even showed an ability to finish above the rim.  He may be the sleeper of sleepers…

Malachi Satterlee– Jr. Camp Darryl 17u
Malachi may be the nicest big man I have met on the court, but this weekend he showed an aggressive streak not seen before.  The Warriors literally had no answer for him in the championship game until the long minutes slowed him some.  He was rewarded with an all tournament team selection as well.

Cullen Turczyn– Jr. Mid Michigan Lakers 17u
The 5’8” PG makes some coaches cringe after the game after he lights them up with his quickness and shooting ability.  16 versus Jackson Grizzlies, 21 versus Common Band, and 23 versus Camp Darryl almost propelled him to an all tourney bid.  It did, however; show many again that height is not all that matters to performance. Some coach on the next level will love his heart.

Reece Dils– Jr. Common Bond 17u
This was a player that gave me fits as a coach.  He has an uncanny ability to shoot his pull up jumper from anywhere on the court with great ease, especially over a smaller defender.  He doesn’t seem to have many, if any, tells either so you just don’t know when he is going to shoot.  I don’t know how many he scored, but I know he lit the Mid Michigan Lakers up in a loss in the quarterfinals.

Jaleel Hogan– So. C.M.A.S. Elite 16u
What can I say about this young man other than he was absolutely huge!  Literally!  I watched him very intently versus the Lakers and he looked like he was playing with his little brothers at times.  The Lakers had some success pulling him out on the perimeter to guard, but they had no answer for him catching the ball under the rim and coming up on the other side with the big dunk!  As he continues to work on footwork, he will continue to deliver more dunks on more teams.

J.D. Tisdale– Jr. Mid Michigan Lakers 17u
TCT coach called him “overrated” and “not in his top 100”…to that, JD answered with tournament averages of 24 points, 6 assists , and 5 rebounds.  On championship Sunday, they were even higher.  This tournament continued a spring/summer of remarkably consistent play that has opened the eyes of many, including several D1 coaches that are new to the recruiting trail.  The difference this tournament was that he did not get a chance to show as much of his athleticism because teams were packing it in against him.  What did he do?  Started knocking down the jumper, that’s what.  If he continues that, there will be no stopping him as he also averaged 10+ free throw attempts per contest even with the packed lane.  An all tournament team selection, JD carried his team to the semifinals versus Camp Darryl before bowing out.

Sidenote:  I have said it before, but the officiating in AAU basketball is atrocious!  I saw an official try to end a game with 1:20 on the clock because he didn’t like what a player said to him.  I saw an official call a scorekeeper a “punk b****” during the first 2 minutes of a game.  I saw an official tell a player he can take some fouls.  I saw an official try to talk about a coach during the game to the fans and the coach.  I heard an official say a player was hard to officiate because they moved the ball around a lot when they went to the basket and created a lot of contact (isn’t that they are supposed to do?).  I could go on and on and on.  As a guy who has also officiated many games since I was 14-15 years old, I get the difficulty.  What I don’t get is the personal chip on the shoulder some seem to carry.  Just call a fair game without all the other stuff and games would be a lot smoother.  Trying to remember what you did as a young player does not work.

Marcellus C. Miller – Great Lakes Hoops


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