Video: JD Tisdale, class of 2013, highlights

Posted: June 18, 2012 by Jared Field in High School

Check out one of the state’s best 2013 prospects, Swartz Creek’s JD Tisdale. He’s a solid mid-major prospect with tremendous upside potential.

  1. Jabreon bird. says:

    Why don’t we name this site “Jd& Kid is very overrated, has no kind of jumpshot period, but at least it has improved. Can’t tell how good of an player he is playing in the flint metro league & in all MI AAU tournaments. Very weak competition. Oh wow anybody with some skill can get off vs. camp Darryl, parallel 45, & grand rapids storm! He would be able to get half the pub he gets while playing with one of michigans elite teams (mustangs, family, pride, etc.) shoot he may not even make one of those teams. In this video, the games that I see he is playing against poor teams. Brandon, Clio, linden? Oh yeah he must of didn’t do anything against Fenton, kearsley, Davison, & CA. <- not the best teams but still worthy except for Fenton that was pretty solid this yr.

    • Jared Field says:

      You must be smarter than the D-1 coaches who think he can play in the MAC.

    • I could spend a lot of time pointing out all of the pieces of the video that showed CA, Fenton, Kearsley, etc, but that’s both too easy and pointless. The more prudent thing is to point out the air of jealousy in your post as if it was really personal. Even more pointed is the fact that all of the “Elite” MI AAU teams you mentioned came after him recruiting him (as well as many others)…oh yeah,one of those three came to his school and tried recruiting him.

    • But all of that means nothing…what means more is the D1 offer that was there before the season started last year (b4 he played a single game for Creek btw) and the number of D1coaches calling. Hmmm perhaps we should reward the many disloyal aau players around the state for jumping ship to the first team that offers new shoes.

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