Delta College’s Jody Hill to join former Pioneer at Livingstone College; two from Oakland CC also head south

Posted: June 27, 2012 by Jared Field in College, JUCO

Several Michigan JUCO players are on the move, and they are all headed in the same direction.

Jody Hill, one of the top players in the MCCAA at Delta College near Saginaw, will a few Saginaw-area players at Livingstone College in Salisbury, North Carolina this fall. Hill, a 6-0 scoring guard, was a one-man wrecking crew at Delta, scoring more than 25 points per game as a sophomore and being named to the All-American team.

Hill will join former Saginaw Heritage and Delta College point guard AJ Thomas in the backcourt. Thomas spent one season at Delta before transferring.

Also in the mix is former Saginaw Heritage and Jackson CC wing, 6-4 James Johnson. There’s potential for Livingstone to have three players with ties to Saginaw in its starting lineup.

Two former Oakland CC Raiders will also make the trek to North Carolina.  Darius and Anthony Welch, a nice guard-forward tandem from Chicagoland, will also contribute to a major JUCO overhaul at the school.

Former Flint Northern High School head basketball coach Tony Holiday is an assistant coach at LC and, hopefully, will continue mining Mid-Michigan for talent.

  1. Freddie McCoy says:

    another Div-II, I am happy for these guy’s good fortune but Nate Duhon is getting no respect on this website, he is playing Div-I and got his degree from LCC. Furthermore, he was rated higher than Hill in their conference and NJCCA. i do realize that this website is more for Flint area or Saginaw area but Nate Duhon was born in Flint and left Flint when he was 6 year old

    • Stephen Jones says:

      It must have been grade issues with Hill also, He was in my opinion the best player in the NJCAA this season and was easily a D1 player. I Think Hill and Those Livingstone Guys will do great this season watch out CIAA, and for any NBA scouts Hill is the player to watch. He has Been Slept own his entire career but is an outstanding Player and someone who looks for raw talent and dedication will see that in him.

      • Freddie McCoy says:

        maybe but a great individual player don’t win championship but a great team does like Mott and Lansing had the best second half because Duhon got the message on how to win and probably would have beat Mott in the MCCAA championship game if he didn’t get injured in the beginning of the second half. I like Duhon’s potential to become great player, some player reach their full potential and hit a wall. Too bad that Delta and Lansing didn’t play each other this season.

      • Jared Field says:

        Freddie —

        Were you at that game? Mott was up double figures when he started cramping. Not sure how you can even put those two teams in the same sentence. In three games versus Lansing, Mott won all three by a combined 96 points. You can’t be serious.

        After losing to Mott, Lansing got rocked by Jackson in the very next game. Typically the better team wins. Mott beat Lansing three times and won the national title. Not sure how you can make any claim to Lansing “probably” being able to beat Mott when they failed three straight times.

  2. Freddie McCoy says:

    wrong, Jared, I watch the game online, Duhon starting cramping up when Mott had took a four point led and he went out of the game. Duhon was out for 4 minutes and went back in the game after Mott took a 10 pts led and Duhon went out for good after 1 min and there was nearly 12 minutes remaining in the game which is a lot of time.Watch the tape, Jared and that Jackson district game,the reason why they lost that game because they lost Sanchez and Wilson due to eligibility, if you are missing your floor leader and best defense player who avg 20pts a game against Jackson and beat them twice in the regular season and Wilson, who was their best defender off the bench, it was obvious that they was going to lose that game. Get your facts straight, Jared, yes, Mott got them bad the first two games but that championship game if you remember, Lansing had 2pts led at the half, 47-45 which they on the play of year in MCCAA when Duhon slam dunk on Mott’s 6 foot 8 center and 1 with 10 sec before the half. Jared, you have to look at each game different and be unbiased , you know good in well that Duhon hit 14 pts in the first half of that game and only play less than four minutes in the 2nd half when he got injured and then Mott blew then out after he went out, get real

    • Jared Field says:

      I was at the game, not watching on a computer screen. Lansing led at the half because they hit a barrage of 3-pointers. Taylor had 40 points in the game and it wasn’t close in the second half. Again, three wins by a combined 96 points. A win on Lansing’s home floor and Mott moves on to win another national title.

      LCC has one win in four years against Mott, and Duhon never beat Mott in his career there. That’s pretty real.

  3. Freddie McCoy says:

    It really doesn’t matter how I saw the game but you failed to admit that Duhon went out very earlier in the second half and his team fell apart.By watching the game, it was very obvious that Duhon was heading for 30 pts and the game would have been a lot closer but we will never know you would have won that game if Duhon would had played the whole game and you are wrong again,Jared, Lansing did beat Mott in Duhon;s First season in the first game and lost by 6 in the second game but in January of 2011 they had to forfeit their win against Mott along 7 wins because eligibility issues with two players. So you get that one and I guess you forgot that one and Let’s be serious, Jared, you know the Lansing team was full of freshmen and if you know anything about basketball, it is about chemistry to go with the talent and we know that Lansing play crappy the first of the season because they had no chemistry and no leader and nearly unbeatable the second half because of their chemistry gotten better and had two leaders in Duhon and Sanchez. Mott had a magical season this year but you are crazy to think that Mott will beat or blow Lansing out again for this up coming season.

    • Jared Field says:

      You’re embarrassing yourself. If you keep talking the way you’re talking, the Stars will have to change their mascot to the Asterisks*.

      Championship programs don’t make excuses.

      Lansing has a good program and you’re not doing them any favors.

    • Jared Field says:

      Lansing hit nine 3-pointers in the first have including four from a player who didn’t even score in the second half. The better team won.

  4. Mike B. says:

    Nate Duhon or Lansing, Will never amount to a John Taylor or Mott. Lansing=Almost Regional Champs. Smacked by Jackson. Mott= National Champs, John Taylor-NATIONAL Player of the year. This shouldn’t even be a debate.

  5. Freddie McCoy says:

    oh, I forgot, Duhon was voted player of the year in his conference just like Taylor was in his conference which as mean that Duhon was the second best player in MCCAA.. I wonder if Duhon had a great supporting cast like Taylor did at Mott, his team would have went undefeated. Maybe this guy, Foster is better than Taylor, will we see

    • Jared Field says:

      Actually, it doesn’t mean that at all. It means that he was voted the best player in the western conference which, as anyone will tell you, is inferior to the eastern conference in every conceivable way.

  6. Freddie McCoy says:

    Wow, I knew that this would trigger a firestorm,I hope that someone will read your comments from Western Conference to inspired them to prove you wrong and plus you are WRONG again, Jared. Lansing had quality wins over Henry Ford, Oakland, St, Clair, and Macomb which are the top 5 teams in the Eastern Conference along with Mott and Jackson only lost by 6pts to Mott and Grand Rapids soundly beat Delta and only lost by 5 to Mott. Jared, you are embarrassing yourself by making inane comments based on your opinion and unproven facts, plus the book is still out on Duhon, Mike B, we will see who is better at the next level and Jared, you still don’t want to admitted the truth about the championship game, Duhon was the leading scorer at half and he only hit one 3-pointer out of 14 pts and he got injured very earlier in second half when they was only down by 4 pts, Man, you are you so bias and blind to realize that fact. Jared, there is no embarrassment from me, all I am saying give every program in MCCAA respect instead of being a Mott’s lap dog all the time.

    • Jared Field says:

      The World according to Freddie “The Asterisk” McCoy:

      Lansing won the state title with a huge win at home over Mott*
      Lansing had big wins over the top teams in the MCCAA Eastern Conference**
      Lansing made an impressive run to the national tournament***
      Lansing lost four games by 25+ points and finished with a 17-12 record****

      * Well, we were up two at halftime before one of our players got cramps and we lost by 20.
      ** Well, I mean a couple of them we had to forfeit.
      *** Well, we would have but we lost a starter and an important role player and got bounced by Jackson by 20+ in our first game.
      **** Well, Duhon was the leading scorer at the half in one of the games versus Mott though.

      Hey Fred, you know “Hurricane” Peter McNeeley almost knocked out Mike Tyson in 1995 before his manager stepped in after about 90 seconds of the “Hurricane” getting pummeled.

      • Freddie McCoy says:

        sarcasm get you nowhere, Jared, If you want to misinformed your readers, so be it. I had already point out these facts and all I did was corrected you on your mistakes and are you really comparing Duhon to McNeeley, how insulting, so you are saying that Taylor can beat Duhon one on one, get real, Jared “Lapdog” Fields or the World according to Jared(sigh)

      • Jared Field says:

        Nope. I actually like Duhon and think he’s a good player. That comparison was for you.

  7. Freddie McCoy says:

    really, I insure you, i was never an McNeeley but that was funny

  8. Horace says:

    Jody Hill in my opinion was better than John Taylor, Taylor turned the ball over too muach for my liking and was wayy too flashy at times.

    Whats your take Jared? Who was better Jody or John and why?

    • Jared Field says:

      Let’s keep in mind that Taylor has been a legit D-1 prospect since he was in high school, playing at the highest level in Chicago. I think Hill was the second best JUCO player I saw last season, behind Taylor. Taylor took a team that no one, not even the most ardent fans in Flint, thought could win it all and did just that. 35-1 with a national title and the national player of the year award. I wish Taylor had been as committed to winning in the classroom as he was to winning on the court. He’s at minimum a mid-major impact player.

      • Freddie McCoy says:

        Really, the best player I saw behind Taylor was Karvel Anderson of Glen Oak, he is a real good shooter, he shot 42% for 3-pointer which is way better than Taylor-28% and Hill-30%,just horrid and Anderson’s FT at 82% plus Anderson put up 45 pts in a game this season which was the highest in the Conference. I think Taylor’s major flaws will come out at the next level, turnovers and 3-point shooting, Taylor is better going to the basket and drawing fouls. I have give credit to Coach Schmidt’s system at Mott is to hide the flaws and get the maximum use out the player he give the green light and his defensive scheme of his team, just plain genius

      • Jared Field says:

        Taylor’s biggest flaw is not his 3-point shooting per se, but 3-point shot selection. He’s actually a very good spot-up shooter, but his shot selection makes you cringe. He takes 3-pointers routinely from 5-10 beyond the arc, off-balance, with a hand in his face, etc. But his ballhandling and ability to get to the basket are second to none. Maybe the best I’ve seen at the JC level since Rashi Johnson, who was actually built to take the punishment.

  9. Freddie McCoy says:

    yes and that would make him easy to defend by letting take those 3 pointers but like I said before his real strength is getting to the rim, I went to Free throw line more than anyone in NJCAA

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