Flint Powers gets its man: Jeremy Trent to leave Lake Fenton

Posted: July 31, 2012 by Jared Field in High School

Jeremy Trent, right, coached Swartz Creek to a Flint Metro League championship in 2010.

It was just a short stint of summer ball at Lake Fenton High School between coaching stops for Jeremy Trent. The former head coach of Swartz Creek, who resigned in the winter shortly after the Dragons lost in district play to rival Fenton, will be the new head coach of Flint Powers Catholic.

Trent took the Lake Fenton job this spring and coached the Blue Devils in summer ball including a trip to team camp at Hope College. He answered the call from Powers and, after what he described as a very difficult decision, chose to take the reins of one of the state’s best high school basketball programs. Trent replaces veteran head coach Tim Herman who left Powers after amassing a record of 120-34 and winning a state championship in 2009.

Trent’s career record is 119-58 and is probably best-known for his resurrection of the program at Bentley, a longtime laughingstock in the sport prior to compiling a 76-38 record in five seasons with the Bulldogs.

Powers will, as is tradition, start their season in early December against Flint Northwestern.

  1. […] Powers Catholic, probably the highest profile high school coaching job that was still open, filled that vacancy by hiring former Bentley and Swartz Creek coach Jeremy Trent, according to Jared Field of Great Lakes Hoops. […]

  2. Kim thompson says:

    Jeremy Congrats!, on your new opportunity at Flint Powers Catholic. 🙂

  3. Don says:

    am I the only one who finds this slightly unethical and shady on all parties’ part?

    • Jared Field says:

      Not sure you can reasonably say that this is shady or unethical. He left a job that he was no longer happy with, took another job and was offered a much better one a short time later. Personally, I don’t know how I would have handled the situation. It’s a tough one: Do you honor your commitment and do what’s best for Lake Fenton or do you do what’s best for your family and coaching career? It’s easy for us to say we’d stick it out at Lake Fenton, but it’s not our choice to make — it may well be a choice that we’ll never have to make.

      I think, and I’m sure Trent would agree, that Lake Fenton folks have every reason to be upset. They should be upset. That doesn’t mean it was wrong or unethical for him to leave. I don’t care what program you support; if your coach wants to move up in this business, he’s going to answer the phone when a big program calls. He’s going to do what he thinks is best for his family and his career, whether he’s been there five years over five minutes. If honoring your commitment means sacrificing those two things, I’m not sure there are too many of us that would stay.

  4. Bdhn says:

    Would have been nice if Coach Trent could have met in person with the Lake Fenton kids. Maybe then he could have explained just exactly what he meant by “commitment and character.” Win Everyday, Coach Trent! I guess those Christian values are only applicable when convenient. What a joke.

  5. Don says:

    so now there is two schools that wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire lol.

  6. Tim Tenneriello says:

    Maybe I am a little out of bounds here, but I’m curious why these two schools wouldn’t “spit on him if he was on fire.” He gave 3 years of his life to one school and 2.5 months to another. The amount of time he spent in the gym at Lake Fenton over the last 2.5 months would rival what other programs would do in a years time. He sacrificed his time with his wife and son to spend 2 hrs a night Monday-Thursday for the last 2.5 months helping kids become better basketball players. He sacrificed his vacation time at work from his family to take kids to summer basketball camps that they had never had the opportunity to go. You would be hard pressed to find anyone that would say the LF Basketball program was worse off for Coach Trent’s 2.5 month stay. In both situations, Coach Trent gave everything he had to both communities, but in the end he put his family(son) first. I can understand disappointment from both schools, but I struggle to see were the anger can come from?

  7. maslik says:

    awesome coach, hope he can bring powers to where there were a few years ago

  8. Ellie says:

    Lake Fenton should be glad he left and as for talking to the kids–if he talked to them like he talked to the kids at Swartz Creek–they should be thankful he didn’t tell them goodbye.

  9. hoopsguru says:

    To me it does not seem very “catholic” of Powers to offer someone a job who just started a job elsewhere. Ok – that happens in Corporate America all the time – but in this case, kids are involved. However, obviously I (and everyone else) do not know all the facts regarding this.

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