Some highlights of Swartz Creek’s JD Tisdale from BankHoops Camp

Posted: September 25, 2012 by Jared Field in High School, Metro League

Hat tip to Prep Hoops TV:

  1. Nick Dominguez says:

    this kid aint shit

  2. I’ve heard the “he doesn’t shoot many jumpers” knock on him. My answer to that is always, so what? Look at the highlights. With the skill he has driving and finishing why would he take a lot of jump shots? That would show a LOW basketball IQ in my book. He can get to the rim at will (or pass it there).

    • Ty says:

      Hey Sean,
      Sorry for my LOW basketball IQ. I just wondered. He looks like a good prospect (with his height, ball skill, and fluid motions) in my opinion. It was just a question, that’s all. I just noticed he didn’t shoot many jumpers (and I know he is not a finished product, he still has a lot of time to develop more weapons). That’s why I said I will check him out in person. No harm, no foul. Jared, Sean, and Marcellus; I respect your opinions, like the site, and keep up the good work with the post.

  3. myrvtalk says:

    That comment wasn’t directed at YOU, Ty. It is what I would say if the kid DID shoot the jump shot all the time. I have heard the comment about his shooting ten times if I’ve heard it once. I don’t think it is a valid argument at this point. His competition isn’t able to stop him from getting to the rim or passing the ball inside. He does that and is offensively efficient doing it. That shows he has an understanding of his strengths and how he can help a team.

    • Ty says:

      Ooops! My fault. I am just high school basketball fan. I just need to check more of these kids outside of Flint and Saginaw that don’t get as much pub, but are D-1 prospect.

      I will make a trip to his high school to see him in person.

      P.S. Keep putting out quality articles and keep up the great work!

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