Former BV and Notre Dame standout returns to coach at alma mater

Posted: September 28, 2012 by Jared Field in College

Tory Jackson, a tough-as-nails power guard who has been lighting up scoreboards in Flint recently, will return to his alma mater as head basketball coach this year.


For more than 20 years, Tory Jackson found joy on the basketball court.

This year, however, he hopes to find some peace on the sidelines.
Jackson, the former Buena Vista High School and Notre Dame standout, announced Monday that he is retiring from basketball and will take over as the head coach for the Buena Vista boys basketball team.
Jackson is 24.
I had the opportunity to see Tory play in high school on numerous occasions before he ultimately graduated and starred at the University of Notre Dame. Trust me when I say this kid had the heart of a lion and the mouth of a hyena. He’s one of the best scoring guards I’ve seen in high school, though he didn’t beef up into the player you see today until college.
The article’s author wrote about Tory’s struggles with the death of his mother not long after his graduation from college. I actually remember sitting near his mother in the stands at a couple games, and I can’t imagine Tory had a more vocal supporter.
I wish Tory nothing but the best at Buena Vista, a school with a great tradition of quality basketball.

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