Several Michigan JUCOs in NJCAA national poll, Mott at no. 1

Posted: October 26, 2012 by Jared Field in JUCO, Mott

Mott Community College is once again the no. 1 ranked team in the preseason NJCAA national poll. A few other Michigan teams also cracked the top 20, including Oakland Community College led by sophomore guard Aaron Hayes.

Mott will take on no. 19-ranked Grand Rapids at home on November 3rd to open the 2012-13 season. The game tips at 7 p.m.

Here’s the top 20 (with 2011-12 records):
1 Mott Community College 35-1 0 0 0
2 South Mountain Community College 26-9 0 0 0
3 Community College of Rhode Island 31-5 0 0 0
4 Louisburg College 30-6 0 0 0
5 Lakeland Community College 27-9 0 0 0
6 South Suburban College 33-4 0 0 0
7 Kirkwood Community College 27-5 0 0 0
8 Erie Community College 27-5 0 0 0
9 Cecil College 27-6 0 0 0
10 Oakland Community College 27-5 0 0 0
11 Moraine Valley Community College 27-9 0 0 0
12 Dakota County Technical College 24-7 0 0 0
13 Danville Area Community College 21-15 0 0 0
14 Triton College 28-5 0 0 0
15 Phoenix College 21-11 0 0 0
16 Lansing Community College 19-13 0 0 0
17 Owens Community College 24-8 0 0 0
18 Iowa Central Community College 25-11 0 0 0
19 Grand Rapids Community College 21-10 0 0 0
20 John Wood Community College 22-8 0 0 0
  1. Freddie McCoy says:

    Jared, what ever happen to Tim Bates of Lake Michigan

    • Jared Field says:

      He’s at D-2 Kentucky State. They open up with Xavier this season.

      • Freddie McCoy says:

        Thanks, I see that they have a lot of Michigan players on their rosters, so Ralph Eason and Jacob Perry is both playing at a Div 1 junior college. Eason is at Cleveland Community College in Cleveland, Tennessee and Perry at Shelton State Community college in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

      • Jared Field says:

        Both should be contributors, especially Eason. He’s an excellent player.

  2. Freddie McCoy says:

    yes, I consider him better than Taylor because of his all-around play. I believe that Eason and Perry got homesick and want to be closer to home

    • Mark says:

      Not better than Taylor, Taylor’s ceiling is higher in the long run because of his quickness and deep shooting ability.

    • Jared Field says:

      You could make the argument that he’s a better all-around JUCO player than Taylor. However, there’s no chance he’s a better player at the next level than Taylor.

      • Freddie McCoy says:

        Really, I was never impressed with Taylor’s shooting ability, he missed more than made when he shot the ball at 30ft or more , it was funny how teams became unhinged when he make three in a row, I was more impressed with his ball handing and his quickness which was unmatched by any team they play this year except Henry Ford. Eason just lack a outside shot but his all-around play on the offense and defense was excellent for Mott and fit their style of play, Taylor’s next level will be overseas, a few years from the NBA. Coach Schmidt’s system always find the right players to carry them over the top

      • Jared Field says:

        There’s no way he plays in the NBA. No chance.

        As for Eason, he’s just not a guard at the D-1 level. He’s an extremely undersized small forward.

      • Freddie McCoy says:

        Exactly, I was just being nice to Taylor, I just want someone acknowledged this fact and Eason is a great defender who made more of his points off turnovers and rebounds.

  3. Kelvin says:

    I don’t think Taylor plays in the NBA either, but Jared….you never know!

    I still truly believe Jeremie Simmons was the best player/guard to ever put on a mott uniform. As Freddie said Taylor has range but he missed more than he made, while Simmons made 40%+ of his 3’s.

    Eason is pretty good but he won’t have a shot at the D1 level his quickness just isn’t enough for that level.

    • Jared Field says:

      Quickness? I don’t think quickness keeps Eason out of D-1. His problem is he’s a small forward in a point guard’s body. He’s not a particularly strong ballhandler or shooter. He’s a playmaker on D and in transition. That’s his game.

      He could be a D-1 cornerback.

      • Freddie McCoy says:

        Jared, Eason is way too light for Football at D-1, 165 or 170lbs,he will get killed. He would at least have to put on 25lbs to be effective at cornerback at that level.

      • Jared Field says:

        There’s absolutely no way he’s 165. He’s really strong in the upper body.

  4. Freddie McCoy says:

    well, I did said 165 or 170 but his profile said 180.

  5. Gerald A. says:

    John Taylor may have a shot at the NBA, he may have to go thru Europe or D-League to get their, but he played pretty well last night against Fresno(D1) had 20pts(24 shot attempts) and seems to be in a situation where he’s going to be able to play his game and put up numbers.

    I wouldn’t bank on him not playing in the NBA just yet Jared,

  6. DG says:

    Time to put a rest to the John Taylor and the NBA talk…..

    I watched last night Fresno Pacific against Cal State San Marcos as Fresno Pacific broadcasted the game, Taylor is good he had 27 points and hit some deep deeeeep 3’s, but he’s not explosive or quick enough for the NBA, may sound crazy but it’s the truth, he had trouble blowing by guys on an NAIA team last night.

    Will be a big time player at the D2 level, but I honestly think that was the best route for him, he could have made a D1 team, but him starting for a team wouldn’t have been a walk in the park unless it was a Low Major team.

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