Two former MCCAA standouts lead Fresno Pacific

Posted: November 5, 2012 by Jared Field in JUCO, Mott

Check out this game story from an exhibition over the weekend. Two former MCCAA standouts made instant impacts at Fresno Pacific over the weekend:

From FPU Athletics:

John Taylor scored 27 points and Antonio Credit added 19 points and 12 rebounds as Fresno Pacific defeated former head coach Jim Saia and the NAIA #20 Cal State San Marcos Cougars in an exhibition in Fresno on Saturday night.

The Sunbirds, fresh off a hard-fought 77-68 loss at Fresno State last night, took on a talented and athletic Cougar team that had just suffered a similar hard-fought setback against #20 San Diego State.

The night before, Taylor scored 20 points in a loss to D-1 Fresno State. Admittedly, he didn’t play all that well. In that game, Credit added three points and eight rebounds.

  1. Freddie McCoy says:

    read it two days ago, their roster also include Matt Samuels, a transfer from Oakland University and Chicago St

  2. Freddie McCoy says:

    Jared, I am surprise at you only keeping up with Taylor, you know he had help winning the title, Boo Marshall is starting at Mississippi Valley State, a Div-1 school and Jerry Rice, Alma mater but I can’t find Robert Littlejohn, I am thinking a NAIA school

  3. Jerry M says:

    @ BIG H:

    Taylor isn’t an NBA player we all knew that, but I will say this….he’s more talented than Mateen Cleaves was….go figure.

    @ Freddie:

    Littlejohn is supposed to join Taylor at Fresno Pacific once he gets his grades up……

    • Jared Field says:

      Slow down. Listen, there’s not a bigger supporter of Mott basketball than yours truly, but the train is coming off the tracks.

      He’s more talented than Mateen Cleaves, a player who in high school had high-major offers for both basketball and football? A three-time all-american at MSU, a national champion and a first round NBA draft pick? How quickly we forget how dominant Cleaves was at the PG position.

      • Freddie McCoy says:

        I am sorry, Jared, i agree with Jerry M, Cleaves was greatly overrated, Peterson and Bell was better player. Cleaves was coached by my cousin in elementary school and this is what he told me about Cleaves when he was 10, his basketball knowledge and the feel of the game was out of this world and went undefeated with Cleaves for three years straight playing better than 6 graders when his was nine but he always felt Cleaves was a better football player than basketball player which also went undefeated at Civic Park. Cleaves was great coach on the floor and knew his strength, running the plays and defense and his weakness, outside shooting.

  4. Jerry M says:

    Yes, I believe Taylor is more talented than Cleaves, Let’s not forget Taylor was rated as high as #3 overall in Chicago his SR year and had offers from Purdue,Illinois, etc….

    I’m not saying Taylor is the better player, but far as pure talent Taylor wins in my book Jared.

  5. Robert says:

    John Taylor with 34 points tonight in a one point loss 14-27 shooting…..NBA could very well be in his future he’s a BIG TIME player at the D2 level.

  6. Freddie McCoy says:

    2, for right now, John Lucas lll and Lou Williams the rest is are PG like Chris Paul, Collision for Mav,etc

  7. Freddie McCoy says:

    Taylor’s future is overseas, which he will be a star

  8. Jerry M says:


    Lou Williams is 6-0

    Eric Bledsoe is 6-0

    John Lucas III is 6-0

    It’s possible Jared, John will get a shot at the NBA if he handles his buisness at the D2 level, which he is by already averaging 25.7 PPG 3apg 3rpg…..wait until mid season, or even next year, he’s only going to get better Jared,

  9. Jerry M says:

    He’s quick enough, he’s not a great leaper, but neither is CP3, is he explosive enough…idk, but you don’t have to be an elite athlete to be in the NBA, JT has skills and that comes first and foremost in my opinion.

  10. Jerry M says:

    Taylor’s ballhandling is possibly elite, Taylor would just have to find his niche if he made it at that level, that would be the key and be consistent at whatever it is that got him there.

    • Jared Field says:

      I think people are underselling how hard it is to make it to the League. Taylor is maybe the fourth or fifth best player Mott has ever had, but they’ve never had a player make it.

  11. Freddie McCoy says:


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