Former Notre Dame standout getting tough at Saginaw BV

Posted: December 26, 2012 by Jared Field in High School
  1. ToryJ23
    Morning my ppl. Headed to the gym to help these kids get better on the court. Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! Always giving God thanks!
  2. ToryJ23
    It’s sad to see how some parents make excuses for their children nowadays. Your kid doesn’t wanna work hard so you excuse them 4m practice?
  3. ToryJ23
    Since its that easy to make an excuse to not practice or make it to practice, it’s gonna be even easier to cancel the games.
  4. ToryJ23
    @RisRob22 crazy bro. But it’s gonna be fixed today. Each game will be cancelled until these parents n players get on the same page I’m on.

If this goes down as described, there are going to be same angry parents at BV. To me, it just sounds like coaching.

  1. Jody says:

    Wow I tried to run practice for my 7th grade team during Christmas break years ago and only four of 16 kids showed up. I rewarded the four who showed up everyday by taking them to lunch and the Holiday Hoops tournament at the Breslin. But man kids not showing up and parents not teaching them the importance of honoring their commitment is sad.

  2. Freddie McCoy says:

    hey, Jared, why don’t you talk about Jon Lee from Carmen- Ainsworth, he is having the best season of any Flint area player right now

    • eyesb10 says:

      jon lee’s team is 5-7… stats dont matter if you aint winning

      • Freddie McCoy says:

        hey , Jon Lee’s team is 8-7 and 3-0 in their conference, the season is early, his team just might make the NCAA tournment, so hold your judgement, Mr Lee has been a big boost on his team, a leader, much more than stats

  3. Don says:

    thumbs up to Coach Jackson. Hope he sticks to his guns and don’t bend to the pressure that is sure to come from parents that don’t understand or care about accountability.

  4. leroy says:

    Why not take the players that showed up and leave the slakers home? You mess over the opposing school. Most likely the best players that skipped. Also goes to show that BV kids don’t respect anybody even a former DI player and a 2 time state champion.

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