Former Mott All-American John Taylor scores 44 points for Fresno Pacific

Posted: February 17, 2013 by Jared Field in Mott

JTFormer Mott Community College All-American guard John Taylor has become a dominant force at Fresno Pacific University in California. The 6-foot-1 junior is leading the PacWest Conference in scoring by an unbelievable seven points per game (25 ppg).

Taylor is the best pure scorer I’ve ever seen at the JUCO level.

On Saturday afternoon, Taylor poured in his season-high to lead his team to an easy win. The shocking thing to me is that Taylor is lighting up the NCAA D-2 ranks at a more feverish pace than he did at the JUCO level.

From the Fresno Bee:

Fresno Pacific beat Academy of Art 116-80 Saturday in a men’s basketball game that included a 44-point performance for one player and a triple-double for another.

The Sunbirds were led by junior point guard John Taylor, who scored a career-high 44 points, hitting four 3-pointers, and also going 18 for 20 from the free-throw line.

Taylor fell two points shy of the school record for points in a game. set by Don Jones against Vanguard in 1969.

  1. Freddie McCoy says:

    The guy know how to score on less talented players and do it very well, Taylor is going get a shot in NBA Training camp. Taylor will be declaring himself for pro and giving up his senior season for the NBA Draft

  2. Terrance says:


    Taylor is very good obviously, and we all knew he would do this at the D2 level easily, the guy is clearly an High Major D1 guard.

    But if you think he’s going to forgo his senior year for the NBA, you got another thing coming, I guarantee you most NBA scouts don’t even know who he is, he will have to go back next year and tear it up again, to get NBA looks.

    • Freddie McCoy says:

      I will remember your comment and revisit it in May. I only predicting this outcome because Taylor don’t do well in academic and the patterns of college players that is not good on hitting the books always give up their senior year to enter the NBA Draft and only 20% of them get drafted

  3. Marvin's College says:

    If he does go pro, I should hope that Mott’s Wikipedia page get’s modified to reflect it.

  4. Terrance says:


    I understand what you are saying, but I don’t think Taylor will get much of a shot at the NBA, if he comes out this year, what NBA tools does he have? I don’t even think he’s quick enough for the NBA, he’s quick but NBA quick? I don’t think so. He needs another year to refine his game, he’s good for sure, but were talking about the NBA.

    • Jared Field says:

      I agree. The NBA talk is a little much.

    • Freddie McCoy says:

      I guess I need to clarify my comments, I never said that he will make it in the NBA if he decide to forgo his senior year. I said that I won’t be surprise if he forgo his senior year and go pro. Will he get draft, 50-50 shot. I see him playing overseas. Terrance, never underestimate NBA Scouts, they know about Mr Taylor and they are probably saying the same thing you are, he not quick enough, poor shot selection,etc. There is an aspect of Mr Taylor’s game which is something that put you over the top and most so called experts miss all the time, STAMINA and Endurance. Thanks to Mr.Taylor’s cross country training in High School

  5. Terrance says:


    Taylor is 6’1(If that) him getting drafted a 50-50 shot? More like 1-99 shot, we have to be realistic here:

    Eric Green who leads NCAA Division 1 in scoring at 25.3 PPG, is barely getting any looks for the first round NBA draft this summer, he’s mostly pegged in the secound round at the 45-50 spots, Taylor isn’t even leading the nation in scoring for the D2 ranks, he’s top 5, but not #1, so that should already tell you the odds are really against Taylor already, mix in the fact he’s not athletic enough, isn’t a pure PG and has terrible shot selection and we have an solid-good overseas player, but not an NBA player.

    Taylor reminds me a little of Jeff Teague when he was at Wake Forest, just not nearly as quick or explosive, or as efficent, is Taylor good? Yes. Could he play his way to the NBA with alot of hardwork and killing overseas? Maybe. But the chances of Taylor getting to the NBA are slim to none, he’s just not quick enough at 6’0 and that’s going to be his biggest knock.

    • Freddie McCoy says:

      Terrance, I already said that I see him playing overseas, there is a lot of players that is not quick but stamina and endurance is what get you in the NBA,Coaches look for players that has a non stop motor, someone who can start and finish the game strong. Who knows if Taylor will make it or not,You are right, at his height, you have to be a good shooter like Jason Terry,a good passer like John Stockton or good defender like Earl Watson

    • Jared Field says:

      To be fair, you won’t find JT in any of the D-2 statistics because (I believe) Fresno-Pacific is still in its probationary stage before full acceptance. They do play in a D-2 conference (PAC West) and as of right now Taylor would be second in the nation at that level in scoring.

  6. Terrence says:


    But Taylor is neither of those 3, he has range but he is a poor shooter, he’s not a great playmaker, and his defense is lacking, stamina is cool, but at 6’0 what else can Taylor bring to the floor?

  7. Terrence says:


    Yea I said he would be top 5 in the country in scoring as I couldn’t find him on the D2 national scoring list, but still even if he is 2nd, that’s not going to draw much attention to him, and it’s guys in D1 averaging just as much or more, but playing against much more competition.

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