Fresno Bee interview of John Taylor: ‘Nobody, no one, can guard me…’

Posted: March 7, 2013 by Jared Field in JUCO, Mott

Former Mott All-American John Taylor is actually scoring more points per game at the NCAA D-II level than he did in the MCCAA last season.

Check out this interview published in the Fresno Bee with John Taylor, the former Mott Community College National Player of the Year who is now carving up the NCAA D-II ranks at Fresno Pacific University.

Taylor is averaging nearly 26 points per game, a hefty eight points more than the next best scorer in the PAC West conference.

On Wednesday, Taylor scored 39 points with six assists, five steals and one turnover in a win over Azusa Pacific in the West Regional Championship game.

From the Bee:

Question: Things seem pretty easy for you in the Pacific West Conference.

Answer: I wouldn’t say easy. The competition is a lot different. My JUCO year had a lot more competition for me. A lot of players came at me and here I’m just too much for the other team to handle.

Q:So, you set the single-season record. Were you aware of that beforehand?

A:I didn’t know until a couple of games ago. I was just playing and didn’t come here to set records. Now that I set the record, I want to keep at it and add more to it so no one can touch it.

Q: This is probably nothing new to you. I mean at Mott you scored 40 points in at least three games and led your team to a title. What gives? You obviously like shooting the ball.

A: Scoring is a gift that God gave me and can’t no one stop me from playing my game. I have to be confident and be aggressive and try to help my team win.

Q: How did you end up at Fresno Pacific?

A:I got a call from (teammate) Malcolm Griffin and he was asking which school I was going to and he told me he’s coming to Fresno Pacific and that they were going to be in Division II. Then I decided to come here because I like to be at a program that’s up and coming. And I was familiar with assistant Dexter Young.

Q:What is most important to you?

A:Winning. It’s all I think about. When you win, everyone comes together. When you win, no one can say anything. I’m confident enough to know we’ll be champions.

Q: Playing at Mott, did that help you prepare for your transition to D-II?

A: It helped a lot. (Mott coach) Steve Schmidt has a lot to do with my success and how I play. He tells me to keep working and push it and stay consistent and efficient.

Q: You’ve been dominating D-II play. With that in mind, how would you have done in D-I?

A: If I’m in D-I right now, I’m the best player in the country. Nobody, no one, can guard me and stop me.

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  1. Marv says:

    He’s getting good exposure there. I’m not sure what basketball player’s biography I checked out at Flint Public Library(probably a Laker) but he’s playing some of the exact same teams.

  2. Ty says:

    He has the right attitude to be successful in basketball.

    • Jared Field says:

      I tend to agree. I think it is off-putting for some people, but I think part of his success is due to his confidence. You have to be confident when you are barely six feet tall going at the basket all game.

  3. Kendrick says:

    I like Taylor’s confidence, actually I love it, but he wouldn’t be the best player playing D1 basketball, Trey Burke,Marcus Smart,Shabazz Napier, Pierre Jackson, Phil Pressy, Michael Carter-Williams, are all better PG’s than him, let alone who knows how many other players are better than him.

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