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Prospect Rankings: 2010 Centers

Posted: January 8, 2010 by Gavin Raath in Rankings

I know it has taken some time, too much in fact, but the first installment of the state-wide GLH rankings are here.  We start off with the bigs.

1. Corey Petros [right] 6’10”  Utica Eisenhower – Oakland

It’s probably a down-year for centers in Michigan, but incredibly strong everywhere else.  But after looking over the list of next-level guys, my number one center prospect is Petros.  Long, with size for the position, plus he’s productive right now.  Oakland nabbed Michigan’s best center prospect and may have gotten a steal.

2. Nate VanArendonk  6’10”  Grand Haven – Central Michigan

He’s a big bodied guy that will be able to play some minutes at CMU.  Knows how to use his frame and isn’t exactly a stiff at the position the way so many are at this age.  When I first heard he got a mid-major scholarship, I thought it was a misfire for Zeigler, but then when I looked around at what was available, it actually sounds about right.

3. Brandon Crane  7’0”  Midland

He’s the tallest recruit so that’s vaults him up the charts alone.  Definitely a long-term prospect over a guy that can make a difference right away, but Crane is a hard worker so expect the long-term gamble to pay off.  Not a bad athlete for 7’0” and exceptional grades.


ColeDarling.jpg Cole Darling image by BigDWSU

Holt's Cole Darling

By Gavin Raath

Last year, the CAAC-Blue felt off.  Okemos outpaced everyone to run away with the conference, while everyone else fought for a distant second.

This year things get back to normal, and by normal I mean Holt and Okemos will again be fighting for the conference crown.  This rivalry will be as heated as ever as both of these teams should run roughshod over the rest of the conference.  (more…)

Here’s my list of top 15 players in the Flint area for 2009-10. I had decided to do 10 players, but there’s too much talent here for so few.

It’s early, but these are my guys:

1.) Patrick O’Brien, Senior, Flint Powers: All-around, he’s just the best.
2.) Patrick Lucas-Perry, Junior, Flint Powers: Great floor general.
3.) Glenn Cosey, Senior, Flint Carman-Ainsworth: Tough lead guard hampered by stodgy C-A offense.
4.) Shaq Smith, junior, Flint Northern: Mostly unguardable.
5.) William Sams, Senior, Montrose (transfer): Gets better every time I see him. I could see him scoring 20+ per game in the GAC Blue.
The Metro's best player?

The Metro's best? Or will his new teammates outshine him?

The Flint Metro League has always been a bit of a wasteland for subpar class A schools.  If you can’t hack it in a regular conference, then move to the Metro like Swartz Creek, Clio and Kearsley [and for heaven’s sake don’t let competitive teams like Grand Blanc and Davison follow].

What develops is some of the worst basketball you can imagine.  Point guards that look down when they dribble, undersized posts, and disastrous open court situations.  I’ve often been to Metro games, asking myself could this really be A basketball?  This is the way it has always seemed: subtract any team’s best player, and you may as well be watching a team from the GAC or class D.