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Darius Wilson has excelled because of his work ethic and through allowing himself to be coached.

FLINT, Michigan — They simply don’t exist for him.

The thought of Darius Wilson having a bad practice seems foreign to his longtime coach at International Academy of Flint, on the city’s south side.

And, to be sure, a city coach knows what one looks like. (more…)


Eric Mowery had 15 points and 12 assists vs. Holly.

FENTON, Michigan — The so-called basketball purists out there who lament the loss of pass-first point guard are not getting out to enough Fenton games.

Fenton senior Eric Mowery might be the best game-manager in the Flint area, and although the Fenton coaching staff knew his importance to their team, the point was driven home when they had to play a game without Mowery last week against Lapeer West. Minus Mowery, who missed the game because of a concussion, Fenton played disjointed, they struggled to get into their offense and their defense couldn’t stay in front of Lapeer West point guard Cullen Turczyn. The result was a 15-point loss that dropped Fenton into a tie for first place in the league standings heading into a pivotal week where they had to play both Holly and Swartz Creek, the two teams challenging Fenton for the league title. (more…)

Vince Adams is making the most of his senior year.

Vincent “Blake” Adams Jr. certainly had to wait his turn to hit the floor at Flint Powers High School.  The difference between him and most other kids these days is that he remained patient and stayed put, not that it was easy to do. Those that know him, also know that he bounced the idea around that transferring would be a good move; however, he ultimately decided that his opportunity would come and he wouldn’t waste it when it did.  2010-2011 is that opportunity and he is definitely taking advantage of it.  I took some time to find out who this young man really is so that everybody can get to know him.